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Microsoft’s Windows 10 flagship Lumia phones leak

Friday, August 28, 2015 Comments: 0 FontSize:TTT


Sure, Microsoft wrote down most of its $7.6 billion Nokia acquisition. That doesn’t mean they’re done making phones in-house, though. In fact, their next two models may have already been leaked.

Leaker extraordinaire Evan Blass has posted renders of the phones Microsoft has been rumored to be working on, one codenamed Cityman and the other Talkman. That’s the Cityman on the left, in blue. The Talkman is shown in classic black.

Though they’re identically sized in the renders Blass shared, the Cityman is actually a larger phone. It features a 5.7-inch display, while the Talkman’s display measures a half-inch smaller. Their expected model names make the difference clear enough: they’ll hit the streets as the Lumia 950 and 950XL.

Under the hood there will be some other key differences between the phones. The Lumia 950 is expected to be powered by a hexacore Snapdragon 808, while the 950XL runs a beefier Snapdragon 810 with 8 cores. The 950XL also gets a battery boost — to 3300mAh from the 950’s 3000mAh. The 950XL may also feature an active digitizer, allowing you to scribble on it with a Surface Pen.

One way they’re equals is resolution: both the 950 and 950XL will have a native resolution of 2560 x 1440. That makes for a pixel density of 565ppi on the 950 and 515ppi on the 950XL, which puts them right up there with devices like the LG G4 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5. Both phones may also ship with identical cameras: a 5MP front-facing shooter and a 20MP Pureview on the back.


They’ll also come with Windows 10, and they’ll support one of its coolest features: Continuum. You’ll be able to hook the Lumia 950 and 950XL up to a computer — via its wonderful, fully reversible USB Type-C plug — and run compatible apps in full screen on a desktop display.

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