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iPad Pro teardown: clever audio limits battery capacity

16 декабря 2015 г. Комментарии: 0 FontSize:TTT


From the outside, the iPad Pro looks an awful lot like the iPad Air and iPad mini. But are the similarities more than just surface deep?

As usual, iFixit was eager to supply an answer. Early on in the teardown process, it was pretty clear that the iPad Pro was a different beast. One of the biggest differences? Its clever self-adjusting, four-speaker audio system. It takes up a significant amount of room — so much that iFixit thinks that Apple could have boosted battery capacity by almost 50%.

That’s not to say the iPad Pro needs that extra power. Apple was able to ensure that their largest iPad ever still offers battery life that’s comparable to its smaller siblings. They did it by cramming in a pair of big batteries that total just over 10,000mAh and provide 38.8Whrs of juice — which iFixit notes is ever so slightly more than what Microsoft crammed into Surface Pro 4.

Though they’ve got a history of making it hard to remove batteries, these ones actually come out rather easily. The secret is that they’re held in place by Command Adhesvie-like strips now. All it takes to free up a cell is a bit of gentle pulling on each of the four tabs underneath. It’s a step in the right direction in terms of repairability.


In the narrow gap between the cells, you’ll find what makes the iPad Pro tick. The logic board is positively packed with components, from the powerful 64-bit A9X processor to the Toshiba-supplied NAND to NFC and fast charging chips.

When the scores were tallied, the iPad Pro was given a repairability score of 3 — not great, but better than the Surface Pro 4. The usual suspects held it back: a panel that’s fused to the LCD and copious amounts of glue to hold various components in place.

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