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Wireless Smart Mutual Induction Speaker Sound Player For Cell Phone iPhone MP3 MP4 MP5 audio equipment

products.sku: FS4018950003
Wireless Smart Mutual Induction Speaker Sound Player For Cell Phone iPhone MP3 MP4 MP5 audio equipmentSamsung HTC and etc
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- Magically enlarged cell phone, MP3 MP4 MP5 audio equipment.
- No pairing like setting.
- Automatic switch.
- This product is compatible with all have an external speaker phone and music player.
- Output strong: 3W * 2RMS.
- Efficient 5C lithium battery.
- Low power display.
- Including audio input (3.5mm) and DC input (data line) jack.
 Specific actions:
1 mobile phones and other playback devices:
When in standby mode or turned on, the iphone, samsung and other devices with external speakers placed in the right direction, and you can start to realize the product features function when external speakers or stereo sound is playing. Example: Relative to achieve sound feature phone and music player speakers and transformers. Different place different audio devices, keep trying until it visits equipment and transformers consistent (product sensing area in front of the left and right sides three points, two on the left, the right one, as long as your external speakers can be aligned in one place ), the audio device is placed in different areas, the playback volume and sound quality will be different.
2 Volume Adjustment: To adjust the volume, simply change the phone's volume will automatically adjust the output volume.
3 Operating audio: diameter of 3.5mm jack for wired audio most of the phone, enter the settings, the use of wiring can be better bass player.
4 Power: The mini-stereo can be powered by a lithium battery or external input data line jack DC.
5 Power On / Off: When the product is in standby mode, if the music playback device is placed in the correct position, the product will start automatically. After 1 minute the music stops, the product will return to standby mode.
6 Low battery indicator: blue indicator light flashes every four seconds 3 times for lack of electricity. Only in this standby mode only.
7 external 5V DC input: data cable jack for external power supply of 5V DC
 When the external power supply into the lithium battery will not be used!