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Eighteen B output type mobile phone charging stationEighteen B output type mobile phone charging station

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Eighteen B output type mobile phone charging station
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Eighteen B output type mobile phone charging station

Total power: ≤ 150W
Input: (1) AC 110 ~ 250V, 50 ~ 60Hz
(2) DC 110 ~ 250V or 12V
Specification: 1120mm * 550mm * 2200mm
Net weight: 70kg
Function: charge, advertising

This series is designed for the airport, railway stations and other places, applied for 4 patents. At the same time as the 18 mobile phone service, can automatically switch machine, LCD specifications can be replaced according to the actual demand. Suitable to install and use the airport, station, wharf, shopping malls and other places.

 "3", "6", "8", "10", "12", "18", "24" represents the rechargeable, discharge line number; "1" represents the coin, "2" represents the non coin; "A" representative with counting function, "D" generation of strap short message receiving function, "K" represents with card function, "II" stands for LCD video playback.