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Image de Intheractive shooting game gun for PS4 xbox one VR glasses Oculus

Intheractive shooting game gun for PS4 xbox one VR glasses Oculus

SKU: FS996512
Intheractive shooting game gun for PS4 xbox one VR glasses Oculus
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 Intheractive shooting game gun for PS4 xbox one VR glasses Oculus

Intheractive shooting game gun is developed to fulfill
the realistic perceptions and expectations of shooting game players. X-Rover is the first game gun to play shooting games across different platforms.
1)Compatible with PC, XBOX360, PS3, XBOX ONE,PS4,ANDROID,VR GLASS
2)Real gun feel, No Need Mouse and Joy Sticks Any More
3)Real Perception and Sharpshooting
4)Detachable Parts available for Transformation
5) High-speed Wireless 2.4GHz Communication 6) with movement of the body then change the directon Unique Experience
1.1.2 USB 2.4GHz Wireless Communication, Easy to Use, Aim and Shoot Quickly
User Friendly Control Button Layout, Quite Similar to PS3 and XBOX360
Real Perception and Impulse Force Simulation
Simulate Advanced Guns, Over 90% Similarity
Creative design with Detachable Structure for Transformation
Design Gun Sight for Shooting Game

All the FPS/TPS games are supported, such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Gears of War, Battle Field , CS, CF etc. The X-Rover Gun can be upgraded by software to support the new FPS/TPS games.


2.4G,  and Bluetooth
Effective communication distance
About 0.6kg