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gaming VR series VR walker Platform VR glasses headset shooting guns control computer and control desk games

products.sku: FS996523
gaming VR series VR walker Platform VR glasses headset shooting guns control computer and control desk games
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gaming VR series VR walker  Platform VR glasses headset  shooting guns control computer and control desk games

VR walker


Power Rating:600w


Bearing Load:150kg


Immersion helmet:5.5 inch HD 2K Screen │ 1440X2560 │ 534PPI

The first VR walker applying on commercial project all over the country,
it originality mapped the player's true movement(walking,running,standing)
into virtual scene,which really to meld the player's movement and the game
characters into one.

VS.Game fighting+fitness sport,entertainment and fitness at the same time,double benifit.
Player can easily run into the virtual world to master the game characters by running and walking!
Can realize local area network for multiplayers games with more geat fun.
360° view of experience,completely in virtual reality scene.
The first one has commercial function in the country,award a number of patent certification!

9D Immersive Glasses+vr headse

Resolution:1440X2560,60Hz Vision:125° Bionic FOV. 2K screen Built-in 9-axis sensor: Gyroscope,accelerometer Headset Refresh Rate:1000Hz 

Interactive shooting gun

Control System:professional control computer

Control desk:

computer in Control desk with Keyboard and Mouse, and 19inch touch screen

Games:2 games with machine send together,and update 4-6 games within one year