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The new waterproof compass solar mobile power charging treasure 20,000 mA solar charger

products.sku: FS997183
The new waterproof compass solar mobile power charging treasure 20,000 mA solar charger
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Product parameters : Batteries 
Type : Ultra-thin lithium polymer 
batteries Life: > 500 times 
Solar panels : efficient board 5.5V / 1.2W 
Input : 5V1.5A 
Output : 5V-2 × 2A 
Volume : 140 * 75 * 20MM 
Product Weight : 245g 
Color: Black + orange, black + black, black + blue 
Adapter Charging time: 7-9 hours 
Product Features 
1 , super waterproof rating (IP68) the highest water level 
2 , waterproof, dustproof , drop , shock-proof features include flowers ( five anti- upgraded ) 
3 , built-in 8000mAh lithium-ion polymer A product batteries ( explosion-proof )
4 , external 1.2W US SunPower high efficiency solar panels , super conversion efficiency up to 25% 
5 , composite , PC fire-retardant materials , security worries 
6 , the use of military super bright LED dual-lamp design and SOS emergency signal light ( super-light ) 
7 , two USB ports , discharge overcurrent protection ( Safety Equipment ) Short circuit 
8 , import digital chip , high conversion , energy storage superior adult 
9 , after the shell compass design ; configuration carabiner, can be hung on a backpack 
10 , suitable for iPhone, Android smartphone , iPad, GPS grade digital products