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Picture of Noise Canceling MFI Ears Relax headphones

Noise Canceling MFI Ears Relax headphones

SKU: FS997226
Noise Canceling MFI Ears Relax headphones

Technical Parameters

Speaker : ∮9mm;
Frequency response : 20HZ- 20KHZ;
Sensitivity : 98 ± 3 Fenbei / MW @ 1KHz of ;
Distortion: <1% @ 94 db , 1KHz 's ;
And a maximum rated power : to 3mW / 10mW of ;
Passive noise performance : up to 25 db

Product Features

Soft and comfortable : American original Comply with special memory foam earmuffs , unique breathable memory characteristics create ultra-soft experience , suitable for long-term wear
Passive Noise Reduction : Comply memory earmuffs , customized high-performance characteristics of the cavernous body temperature trigger memories , perfectly in line with the shape of the ear canal to form a pure sound
Seal channel , effective noise isolation , without the need to increase the volume , reduce the impact on the eardrum .
Quality assurance : Three key intelligent iPhone / iPad remote control, built-in Apple Authorized microphones , allowing you to easily switch between music and calls.
Stylish and convenient : rounded sexy design, full sound , convenient and practical .
Compatible with multi- : designed with iPod / iPad / iPhone, suitable for 3.5mm audio interface , Samsung , HTC, millet, Huawei and other mobile phone