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MFI standard 5V 5.4A 4-port USB charger

products.sku: FS997239
MFI standard 5V 5.4A 4-port USB charger
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1. Security, Stability --- CE, FCC, CCC, ETL certification, security technology design, lightning, anti-surge, automatic pause protection, automatic recovery reset; US Dow PC material (material apple, the United States GE), fire retardant, durable
2. High performance, fast charging --- advanced sync pulse circuit design, low loss, fast charging; unique thermal design patent, low loss, green energy, distribution of current identification
3. Apple MFI certification --- maximum output 5.4A, the current design meets the highest global standards of Apple MiFi
4. convenient for --- to meet the home, office, travel demand applications each scene
3. Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
4. Output: 5V 5.4A (2 USB interfaces total output 2.3A, automatic distribution of current, 1USB MFI standard 5V 1A, 1USB MFI standard 5V 2.1A)
Output voltage DC5V
Line regulation: ± 0.5% max
Ripple and noise (mvp-p) <1% of the output voltage temperature coefficient of ± 0.02% ℃
Start-up time ≦ 1S (AC230V; input, I0 = 100%)
Guard time ≧ 20ms (AC230V input, I0 = 100%)
Overvoltage protection 115% -135% nominal voltage.
Overload protection 105% -150 rated power shutdown.
Dielectric strength: 3000V
Cooling: Self-cooling.
 Which charger designed for all of the output is 5V charging electronic devices, USB charging support MP3, MP4, mobile phones, digital cameras, game consoles, GPS, Bluetooth headset, iPod and iPhone, tablet PCs, digital photo frame, humidifiers, air purifiers , electronic refrigerator, LED lighting, security, massage and electronic cigarette through a USB cable or power adapter connected directly to digital products.