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Firstsing 0.25mm 9H Tempered Glass For iPhone 7 4.7inch iPhone 7 Plus5.5inch Screen Protector Protective Films Smooth anti peeling film

products.sku: FS997935
Surface hardness Up to 9H hardness , anti-scratch, strong impact resistance
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Firstsing 0.25mm 9H Tempered Glass For iPhone 7  4.7inch iPhone 7 Plus5.5inch Screen Protector Protective Films  Smooth anti peeling film

Applicable models: iphone7 (4.7inch)
Color: black, white
0.25MM smooth anti-glare tempered film
Border hardness: 2H
Border Material: PET
AB glue: anti-glare
Water droplets: initial water droplets ≥110 °, after friction test: ≥105

anti-fingerprint, anti-oil and other contaminants
3D Round Edge, comfortable touch feeling ,high touch sensitivity film
Surface hardness Up to 2H hardness , anti-scratch, strong impact resistance
On back side of glass coated with a strong silicone layer to make installation easily
Explosion-proof, shatter-resistant. Even if broken, it will not splash about.