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Image de FirstSing NEW Single Hand Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard with Hand Rest Backlit for PC

FirstSing NEW Single Hand Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard with Hand Rest Backlit for PC

SKU: FS998701
Single Hand Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard Hand Keyboard RGB Keyboard
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Fn combination function:

  • Fn+Esc=Backlight Mode Switching
  • Fn+1=Speed of Light Movement
  • Fn+2=Light speed slows down
  • Fn+3=Light intensity enhancement
  • Fn+4=light brightness weakened
  • Fn+ ~ = normal mode/game mode switching

7 backlight modes to turn off the lights:

  1. Chang Liang
  2. Breathing
  3. Race from top to bottom, row by row
  4. Run the horse from bottom to top
  5. Turns on from top to bottom and turns off after being turned on, turns off from bottom to top, lights up, and turns off.
  6. Singular lines lead from top to bottom, double lines delay 0.5-1 seconds followed by odd lines from top to bottom
  7. Odd and double lines alternately breathe
  8. Light off

The default is: Constant mode
Game mode: The corresponding function is switched as follows
F1/digit 7 F2/digit 8 F3/digit 9 F4/digit 0 F5/= (equal sign key)
Letter G/letter M


  • Product Name:One-hand mechanical keyboard, Suitable for professional gamers.
  • Product Model:J100
  • Key Technology: Mechanical Blue
  • Number of keys: 35 keys (full keys without conflict)
  • Voltage/Current: 5V/100mA
  • Product Size: 22*14.5*3.5cm
  • Product weight: 366g
  • Packing size: 25*18*3.8cm
  • Package Weight: 463g
  • Outer packing size: 59.5*42.5*37cm

Package Included:

  • 1*gaming keyboard(35 keys)
  • 1* English User manual


  • When the normal mode and the game mode are switched: The light flashes 3 or 5 times at the same time, indicating that the switch is successful.