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Picture of Those who study Buddhism are understanding human nature

Those who study Buddhism are understanding human nature

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To learn Buddhism, you must not only understand the human nature, but also the nature of sentient beings, so that you won't be bitten by a snake
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Asking what your human nature is ? It's like asking you what it is to study Buddhism. Very deep and deep is called very deep and very deep !

   To learn Buddhism, you must not only understand the human nature, but also the nature of sentient beings, so that you won't be bitten by a snake .

   Beings are afraid of injury, so they will understand a little bit of human nature and avoid being hurt, but being human is not necessarily human nature, so knowing human nature is a deep lesson . The so-called knowing people, knowing their faces and not knowing their hearts, means that human nature is difficult to know.

   There is a kind of "good guy" that needs to be guarded more than bad guys. This is a fake good guy with a good guy as a mask. The ancients also said that a real villain is easy to watch out for, while a fake gentleman is often hard to guard against.


   We often hear some touching "good people and good things":

   For example, some people do not raise their own children, but adopt other people's children;

   Some people don’t settle well with their parents, but donate a lot of money to charity, and even take care of widowed elderly people.

   We also seem to always feel at ease thinking that in this world, some people will treat you unconditionally.

   So we always look forward to meeting someone who treats ourselves unconditionally.

   For example, many girls think that falling in love is to find a man who is single-minded and unreserved for being kind to them. They think that a woman is to be given forever.

   Indeed, some stories sound moving, and some behaviors seem romantic, but unfortunately these things are often fantasies in an ideal world.

   What happens in the real world often pours cold water on us.

   A person who does not know how to be good to himself must not know how to be good to others .

   If a person does not even love himself, but keeps on loving others, he must have his own plan.

   As the saying goes: If something goes wrong, there must be a demon.

   Volunteering for Buddhism is commendable, but have your parents taken care of it ? This is more important than volunteering. Without this kind of knowledge, you will only go out and volunteer to make people admire and respectful. This is turning the cart before the horse.


    The most powerful person in history is to look at human nature. People in the world look at good people and evil people, while studying Buddhism looks at the nature of the      Bodhisattva. This is a habit that has been cultivated through many lives.

    Let's look at a story about Qi Huangong.

    This story may have been heard by many people, but its lessons are worthy of us repeatedly reminding ourselves that in addition to the apparent behavior for others, the inner human nature is more important.

   Qi Huangong has three favorite ministers, namely Gongzi Prescribed Fang, Sudiao and Yiya. The behavior of these three people is very interesting:

   First look at the prescription. He is a son, but he is not the son of Qi Huangong, but the son of Weiguo. This foreign eldest son gave up his glory and wealth and served Qi Huangong like a servant.

   How filial is it? When his biological father died, he did not go back to the funeral, but stayed in Qi State to accompany Qi Huangong.

   Qi Huan said with a sigh: Prescribe a prescription to love me more than his own father!

   Sudiao was even more touching. He was originally a child from a noble family. When he was a child, he was sent to the palace to serve Qi Huangong. When he grew up, he was taken back home by his parents.

   But in order to be able to return to the palace and continue to serve Qi Huangong, Shu Diao actually castrated himself personally, and then he had the opportunity to return to the palace and continued to honor Qi Huangong as an eunuch.

   So Qi Huangong said with emotion: I love me more than he loves himself!

   The story of Yi Ya is even more terrifying. It's a terrifying behavior. Yi Ya's cooking skills are excellent, and he can be regarded as the ancestor of Chinese chefs. Qi Huangong likes his dishes very much.

   Qi Huangong tasted the delicacies of the mountains and seas in the world, and once thought to him on a whim: I don’t know if baby meat is good or not?

   The speaker has no intention, the listener has the intention. Guess what happened to Yi Ya?

   He actually steamed his son the next day and ate it for Qi Huangong!

   Of course, in order to prevent Qi Huangong from eating so disgusting, he waited for Qi Huangong to finish eating before telling him it was human flesh and his son!


   You may have heard of Guan Zhong, but you don't know where he is so good that he deserves praise from Confucius.

   He is very talented, he is Qi Huangong's prime minister, and he is the one who helped Qi Huangong realize his dream of hegemony in the Spring and Autumn Period.

   The so-called capable person is nothing more than a person who can see the essence of the problem . What is the essence of all world problems ? It is human nature . If you look at the human nature of the weak and self-dominant in power in the United States and the United Kingdom, the human nature that speaks loyalty to the Chinese and speaks of world harmony, their ideas and practices are different, and you know that the gap in human nature is really huge.

   Guan said that before dying of Qihuan: "prescribing, vertical Diao, Yiya this 3 Ge are not good, you have to stay away from them."

   Qi Huan said in a puzzled way: "Prescribed abandoning the position of Master Weiguo to follow me. My parents don't go back to the funeral when my parents die. Isn't he my true love?"

   Guan Zhong said: "A person can abandon even his parents, but who else can't abandon?" Parents are our roots. The first person in the world to take care of themselves unconditionally is their parents. People who don't even love their parents will love the emperor. There must be a ghost in his heart, this ghost is glory and wealth, and can be fascinated. Look at the faces of many of these politicians in the world.

   Qi Huangong said again: "Zhu Diao castrated himself in order to stay by my side."

   Guan Zhong said: "A person doesn't even care about his own body, will he care about others?" The body is his own boss, and we all live on the body. The body suffers from illnesses and sufferings. It is of no use to glory and wealth.

   Qi Huangong finally said: "Yi Ya should really love me, he steamed his son to satisfy my curiosity!"

   Guan Zhong said: "Anyone who even his son has the heart to kill with his own hands will be more cruel to others!" The son is born to his parents, but his son's life is not given to him by his parents, but he has his own source of life. This source is the Tathagata Zang, all beings have his Tathagata Zang, killing lives is the greatest hatred.

    Guan Zhong's greatest strength is not to govern the country, but to understand human nature.

    What happened later in Qi State fully proved Guan Zhong's inference.

    After Qi Huangong fell ill, the most favored people around him began to fight for the crown prince. Of course, these three people are also included.

    The end result: Yi Ya and Shu Diao put Qi Huan in the harem and starved him to death.

    Qi Huangong, the first overlord of the Spring and Autumn Five Hegemony, ended up so miserably because he didn't understand human nature.

    Before Qi Huan was dying, he remembered Guan Zhong's words and wailed: Father Zhong is really a saint. I didn't listen to him and I ended up miserably today!

    What is even more tragic is that on the 67th day after Qi Huan's death , someone collected his body.


   We must not only understand human nature, but also respect human nature .

   Selfishness is the basic attribute of human beings. It is an invisible thing engraved in our genes. But with the increase of life span, this kind of humanity will gradually come out, and the cute little girl will become a tigress. Humanity is revealed. It was then, and now is now. When a tiger was small, it was cute like a cat. When he grows up, he knows that it is not a cat.

    A person can be good to you, but the premise is that he knows to be good to himself, on the basis of not harming his own interests, on the basis of a win-win situation, by helping you to perfect himself.

This is the real logic that is good for you .

   Never expect someone to be kind to you unconditionally, or to be kind to you wholeheartedly .

   Don't overestimate human nature.

   The healthiest and longest relationship between people and people is to make each other perfect , instead of sacrificing one to perfect the other.

   If a person has been unconditionally good to you, either in the name of being good to you, coveting something you have, otherwise it will be distorted.

   Whether in love or friendship, we must understand this truth.

   Especially girls, they must learn to be self-improving and independent, and they must have the ability to love themselves .

   There is no love for no reason, and no hate for no reason.

   All today's results have the current cause.

    Cultivation is to correct your own human nature . When the heart is bright, the outside will be bright, but it does not mean that I will not encounter the wicked when I am bright. This is not necessarily true. From the Buddha, I will also encounter people who will kill the Buddha. It can be known that the human nature of the five turbid worlds is very complicated. Any kind of person will be encountered. Sometimes the Bodhisattva will live in a poor life when he comes to the world, but the lotus flower will come out of the mud and the red lotus will come out of the fire, so that human nature becomes a bodhisattva. This is the cultivation of the world . Don't think that you can only recite Amitabha Buddha when you recite Buddha. Some people like to recite Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, and some people like to recite Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. This is also human nature.