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Picture of Shurangama Sutra

Shurangama Sutra

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For a time, the Buddha was in the Huan Abode in Sriraphat City, with the great bhikkhus of two hundred and fifty people
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Volume One

This is how I heard: For a time, the Buddha was in the Huan Abode in Sriraphat City, with the great bhikkhus of two hundred and fifty people. All are the great Arahant without omission, the abbot of the Buddha, who is good and superior to all beings, can achieve majesty in the land, from the wheel of the Buddha, the will of the will, the cleanness of the Pini, the promotion of the three realms, and the body should be free from all living beings and help the future. , The more dusty and tired. Its name is: Great Wisdom Sariputra, Mahamu Chanlian, Maha Kuwana, Fulou Namitoroni, Subhuti, Uboni Shatuo, etc. are the firsts. If there is no measure, no learning and the original aspiration, come to the Buddha's place together, belong to the monks, and rest in the summer. The ten directions bodhisattvas are determined to be suspicious, be kind and strict, and will seek secret righteousness. Immediately, the Tathagata laid a feast for the banquet, to declare the profoundness in the guilds, and the banquet was so clear that it had never existed. Jialing immortal sounds are everywhere in the ten realms, Hengsha Bodhisattva comes to gather in the dojo, and Manjushri takes the lead.

At that time, the Bosni king was his father, and he invited the Buddhist palace to tuck him in to welcome the Tathagata himself, set up treasures and shame, and revive all the great bodhisattvas. There are elders and lay priests in the city, and the Buddha comes to respond. The Buddha Manjusri, divided into Bodhisattvas and Arahants, should be the lord of the fast. Only Ananda was invited first. He had not yet returned from his far-distance travel, and had no monk order. There was neither the upper seat nor the Ajāli, and he returned alone on the way, and he would have no confession.

Immediately, Ananda held the device, followed the begging in the city where he traveled, and prayed for the last time in his heart. The fullness of mind becomes the immeasurable merit of all sentient beings. Ananda knows that the Tathagata, the Bodhisattva referred to the Great Kassapa as an Arahant, and his heart is uneven. Admire the Tathagata, openly explain without cover, and relieve all doubts and slanders. After passing through the city gods, stepping into the gate of Guo, rigorously rectify the majesty, and solemn the law of the fast.

At that time, Ananda went through an obscene room and suffered a great illusion for begging for food. The modern girl, with the Brahma curse of Savikhara, ingests the prostitution table, and strokes her body with her bow and body, which will destroy the body. The Tathagata knows the addition of lewdness, and returns after the fast. The king, ministers, elders, and lay people all come to follow the Buddha, and they are willing to hear the law.

At that time, the Blessed One put a hundred treasures and fearless light, Qianye Baolian was born in the light, and there was a Buddha incarnation sitting in a knot, and proclaiming a curse. Manjushri put the curse to protect, the evil curse was eliminated, and Ananda and Moderna were rewarded and returned to the Buddha. When Ananda saw the Buddha, he bowed to the Buddha, weeping and weeping. He has always heard of hatred without beginning, and he is not full of power. He diligently enlightens: the ten directions of Tathagata to become Bodhi, Miaosamata, Samatha, and it is convenient at first.

At that time, there will be Hengsha Bodhisattva, as well as the ten great arahants, Pichi Buddha, etc., all willing to listen to it, retreat in silence, and accept the imperial decree.

The Buddha told Ananda: "You and I are in the same spirit, and we are in harmony with each other. At the beginning, I was inspired to see He Shengxiang in my Dharma, and gave up the deep love in the world?"

The White Buddha of Ananda: "I see the Tathagata, the thirty-two phases are superb, the shape is reflected like colored glaze, and I often think to myself: this phase is not born of the desire to love. Why? The blood is messy, and there can be no victories and bright purple gold light gathering. So I thirst and shave off from the Buddha."

The Buddhist saying: "Goodness! Ananda. You should know that all living beings come from no beginning to life and death. They are all from the ignorance of permanent abiding true mind and nature. They use all delusions. This thinking is not true, so there is rotation. You want to study now. The supreme Bodhi is true and creative, and should be straightforward. The ten directions of the Tathagata come to the same reason, and they all go out of life and death, all with uprightness; the heart speaks straightforwardly, such as the end position, and there will never be any misunderstandings in the middle.

"Ananda, I would like to ask you today: When your heart comes from the thirty-two Tathagata, what will you see? Who is philharmonic?"

Ananda White Buddha said: "Blessed One, if it is love, use my heart. I can see the Tathagata with my eyes, and my heart is love, so I am willing to give up life and death."

The Buddha told Ananda: "As you said, true love is due to your mind. If you don't know where your mind is, you can't get rid of the dust. For example, if the king is invaded by thieves, he will send his troops to fight for them. Where is it. It makes you circulate, and your mind is to blame. I now ask you: Where is your mind and your eyes?"

Ananda White Buddha said: "Blessed One, all ten different beings in the world live in the same body with consciousness. Looking at the green lotus eyes of the Tathagata, they are also on the face of the Buddha. I see this floating root and four dusts, only in my face; If you are conscientious, you live in the body."

The Buddha told Ananda: "You are sitting in the Tathagata lecture hall now, where is the Guanzhi Tuolin now?"

"World Honored One, this clean lecture hall of the great heavy pavilion is for the solitary garden, and today the Tuolin is really outside the hall."

"Ananda, what do you see first in this hall?"

"Master, I am in the hall, seeing the Tathagata first and seeing the public secondly, and if I look out, I will look at the forest garden."

"Ananda, why are you looking at Lin Yuan?"

"Master, this lecture hall is open, so I am in the hall and have a long-term view."

At that time, the Blessed One was in the public, relaxing his golden arms, Mo'ananda top, and announcing to Ananda and all the people: "There are three Moti, the famous Buddha tops the head of the Shurangama king, with all the ways, and the ten directions of Tathagata are beyond the wonderful and solemn road. , You Jin Di listen!"

Ananda bowed in salute and received mercy.

The Buddha told Ananda: "As you said, you are in the lecture hall with open doors and a long-term view of the forest garden. There are also sentient beings. In this hall, do you not see the Tathagata and those outside?"

Ananda replied: "Blessed One, I don't see the Tathagata in the hall, but I can see Lin Quan. There is no merit."

"Ananda, the same is true for you. You know everything in your mind. If you realize that the mind is in your body, then you will know the inner body first. Many beings see the body first and then look at the foreign objects? Even if you can't see the heart, liver, spleen and stomach. The claw grows and grows, the muscles turn and the pulse is sincere and clear. How to know? You must not know from the inside. How can you know the outside? That is why you should know. You have realized that the mind of knowing resides in the body, and there is no good."

The head of Ananda and the White Buddha said: "I hear the Tathagata like the sound of the dharma, and realize that my mind is outside. So what? For example, if the light is burning in the room, the light must be able to light the room first, and from behind the door of the room. In the courtroom. All sentient beings do not see in the body, see outside alone, just like the light living outside and cannot light the room. Righteousness will be clear, and there will be no deceit, and righteousness with the Buddha, and there will be no mistakes?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "It's all monks. It's good to come from me. Shiluophag city is begging to feed, and I return to Dolin. I have stayed in the fast. When you are a monk, when you eat alone, will everyone be full?"

Ananda replied, "No, Lord. Why? It is the monks. Although the Arahants have different bodies, how can one satisfy everyone?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "If you realize that the mind of perceiving is outside the body, the mind and body are different, and they are not related to themselves. Then the mind knows, the body cannot perceive; if you feel in the body, the mind cannot know. I show you here today. Mianshou, when you see it, don’t your hearts separate?"

Ananda replied: "If so, Lord."

The Buddha told Ananda: "If you know each other, where is the cloud? So you should know. You have realized that the mind of knowing resides outside the body, and there is no good."

Ananda White Buddha's words: "Blessed One, as the Buddha said: you don't see the inner cause, don't live in the body; the mind and body know each other and don't dissociate, and you are not outside the body. I think now and know in one place."

Buddha's words: "Where is the present?"

Ananda said: "Now that I know my heart, I don’t know the inside, but I can see the outside, just like I think, lurking in the roots. Just like a human being, taking a glass bowl and closing his eyes, although there are things together without hindering, the roots will see. Then I parted. But I feel that the mind that can know does not see the inside because of the root cause; the one who is clearly focused on the outside and the obstacles is the underlying cause."

The Buddha told Ananda: "As you said, those who are buried in the roots are like colored glaze. The other person should be surrounded by colored glaze, and when he sees mountains and rivers, should he see colored glaze?"

"If so, World Honored One. People should use colored glaze to catch eyes and see colored glaze."

The Buddha told Ananda: "If your heart is in harmony with the colored glaze, you should see the mountains and rivers, why not see the eyes? If you see the eyes, the eyes are in the same state and cannot be followed; Inside, like colored glaze? So you should know. You have realized that the heart of knowing lurks in the roots, like colored glaze, there is no good."

Ananda White Buddha said: "My Lord, I am thinking like this again today: It is the body of sentient beings, the organs are hidden in it, and the orifice is outside. If there is hidden, it will be dark, and if there is an orifice, it will become clear. Outside; closing your eyes to see the darkness, the name sees the inside. What is Yiyun?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "When you close your eyes and see the darkness, is this dark realm right? Is it right?

"If the eyes are right, and the darkness is in front of your eyes, how can the clouds become inside? If the insiders live in a dark room, there is no sun and moon lights, and this room is full of nerves in the dark.

"If you are not right, how can you prejudice? If you see from the outside, you can see the dark with your eyes, and you are called in the body; if you open your eyes and see, why not meet? If you don’t meet, you can’t agree; The root of the sum and the eye is in the emptiness, why is it inside? If it is in the emptiness, it is not your body; that is, if you should see your face today, it is also your body. If your eyes are known, and your body fits without awareness, you will speak. The body and eyes have two senses, and there should be two knowledges; that is, you should become two buddhas in one body.

"Therefore, you should know, if your words see the dark, and the name sees the inside, there is nothing good."

Ananda said: "I often hear that the Buddha teaches the four beings:'From the heart is born, all kinds of laws are born, and from the law is born, all kinds of hearts are born." Yes, there are no three places inside, outside and in the middle."

The Buddha told Ananda: "If you speak today, all kinds of minds are born from the Dharma, where you can live with you, and the heart can be with you. If the heart has no body, there is no harmony. If there is no body but can be combined, then nineteen. The world is united because of the seven dusts, but righteousness is not the case. If there is a body, like you grasping the body with your hands, you know the heart, to come out from the inside? To come in from the outside? If you come out from the inside, you still see the body; Outside, meet up first."

Ananda said: "Seeing is its eyes, and the mind knows its non-eyes, for seeing non-righteousness."

Buddha said: "If the eyes can see, you are in the room, and the door can see? Then everything is dead, and there are eyes, and all should see things. If those who see things, what is the name of death?

"Ananda, and you have realized that if the knowing mind has a body, it is a complex body? Is it multi-body? It is in your body now, is it a complex body? Is it not a body?

"If you are one body, when you touch a limb with your hand, your limbs should feel. If you feel awake, you should feel nothing. If you have something, you cannot become one body by itself.

"If you have many bodies, you will become many people. What kind of body is you?

"If you are all over the body, the same as before.

"If you are not overwhelmed, when you touch your head, you will also touch your feet, and you will feel your head, and your feet should be ignorant. Today you are not.

"Therefore, you should know, fit wherever you are, and your heart will be where you are, and nothing is good."

Ananda White Buddha said: "Blessed One, I also hear about the Buddha, and when I talked about the truth with Manjusri and other princes of the Dharma, the Blessed One also said: "The heart is not inside, and it is not outside." As I thought: There is nothing inside and nothing outside. Knowing each other. I don’t know it inside, but it’s impossible inside; knowing each other in body and mind is not righteous outside. Knowing each other now, if you don’t see it inside, you should be in the middle."

Buddha's words: "In the middle of your words, the middle must not be lost and there is no place. Now you push the middle, what is the middle? For the recovery? For the body?

"If you are in the body, you are in the border and not in the same.

"If you are there, you have something to show? For nothing to show? No expression is the same as nothing, and appearance is indeterminate. Why is it? The body is mixed, but the heart should be messy."

Ananda said: "In what I said, there are not these two. As the Blessed One's words, the eye color is the condition, born from the eye consciousness. The eyes are different, the color dust is ignorant, and the consciousness is born in the heart."

Buddhist saying: "If your heart is in the roots and dust, is this mind and body reconciling two? Is it not combining two?

"If you have both, the objects are messy, the objects are not the body knowing, and the enemy and the two stand together, what is the cloud?

"If you don't have both, you don't know or know, that is, incorporeal. What is phase in it?

"Yes, so you should know, you should be in the middle, there is nothing good."

Ananda White Buddha said: "Blessed One, I saw the Buddha in the past and turned the Dharma wheel with the four major disciples of Damulian, Subhuti, Furuuna, and Sariputta. , Not in the middle, nothing is there.'Everything is not known, and the name is the heart, then I have nothing, and the name is the heart?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "You are aware of words, minds, and minds, and there is nothing in them. All the things that fly in the void, water, and land, are named everything. Those who do not write, are there? For nothing?

"Nothing is the same as a tortoise and a rabbit horn, why don't the clouds catch?

"Anyone who is not known cannot be named or not, if there is no aspect, there is nothing, if there is no aspect, then there is, why is there no cloud?

"Yes, so we should know, nothing is known, name awareness knows the heart, and nothing is good."

At that time, Ananda was in the crowd, that is, standing up from the seat, leaning on his right shoulder, landing on his right knee, pressing his palms together respectfully and the white Buddha said: "I am the youngest brother of the Tathagata, loved by the Buddha. Therefore, I have heard more about it, and I have not found it without leaking. I cannot fold the Savira curse, be turned by him, and drown in lewd houses. It is because I don’t know the truth. I hope the Lord, be merciful, sorrow, and teach me to wait for the way of samadhi. , So that all interpretations mention the car. "As the word is, the five bodies cast the ground, and the public are thirsty and eager to show up.

At that time, the Blessed One shines all kinds of light from his front door, and his light shines like a hundred thousand days, six kinds of vibrations in the universal Buddha world. In this way, the land of the ten directions of small dust appears for a while, and the power of the Buddha makes the worlds into one realm. In his world, all the great bodhisattvas live in their own country, and they hold their hands together to listen.

The Buddha told Ananda: "All sentient beings come from no beginning, all kinds of inversions, karma is natural, like evil crosses. All practitioners cannot become the supreme bodhi, and even do not become the sound, hearing, predestined consciousness, and the outer ways and the heavens. The demon king and the demon family members all do not know the two fundamentals, and they practice disorderly. It is like cooking sand to become a delicacy, and after going through the dust, you will not get it. What are the two kinds of clouds?

"Ananda, one, the foundation of life and death without beginning, then the present and all beings use the ascendant mind as the self. The two, the beginningless bodhi nirvana, the pure body, then the present one knows the essence and can produce all conditions. , The one left by the condition. This is left by all sentient beings, although they walk all day long, they do not consciously enter into all the interests in vain.

"Ananda, if you want to know about Samataru, you are willing to be born and die, and I will ask you again today."

Immediately, the Tathagata raised its golden arms, bent its five fingers, and said to Ananda: "See you today?"

Ananda said: "See you."

Buddhist words: "What do you see?"

Ananda said: "I see the Tathagata raising his arms and flexing his fingers, fisting for the light, and damaging my heart."

Buddhist words: "Who will you see?"

Ananda said: "I will see with the public."

The Buddha told Ananda: "You answer me today, Tathagata's finger is a bright fist, you can see your heart, your eyes can be seen, what is the heart, when I fist?"

Ananda said: "The Tathagata is where the heart is now, and I push for the poor with my heart, that is, the one who can push, I will be the heart."

Buddha said: "Duh! Ananda, this is not your heart."

Ananda suddenly avoided his seat and put his palms together, standing up the white Buddha: "This is not my heart, so what is the name?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "This is the illusion of the predecessor, which confuses your true nature. From the beginning of your life to this life, you recognize the thief as your son, and lose your vitality, so you are subject to rotation."

Ananda White Buddha said: "Blessed One, my buddha loves my brother, loves the Buddha, and made me a monk. How can my heart support the Tathagata? In rituals, all use this heart. Even if you slander the law, you will always retreat from the root of goodness, and also because of the heart. If this invention is not the heart, I am unintentional. Like the earth and wood, I have nothing to know without this. I'm really terrified, and all the people are puzzled, but they are sad, and they haven't enlightened them."

At that time, the Blessed One spoke to Ananda and all the people, wanting to make the heart into the inanimate Dharma forbearance, sitting in the seat of the teacher, Moananda, and said: "The Tathagata often says:'Born by all dharmas, what appears only by the mind All the dust of the world of cause and effect, the body is formed by the heart. "Ananda, if everything in the world has everything in it, and even the grass and leaves are knotted, the roots and the roots have physicality, even if the void is also famous, let alone pure, clear and clear mind, sex All heart without body?

"If you are clingy to those who perceive what you know must be your mind, this mind should be free from all forms, fragrances, tastes, and all things that touch the dust, and you should not have the whole nature. If you now listen to my law, this There is a difference because of the sound. In spite of all seeing, hearing and awareness, keeping the leisure inside, it is still the shadow of the law. I am not clinging to the wrong heart, but you in the heart carefully try to figure out: if there is a difference from the previous dust, it is true Your heart; if the separation is free from the dust and no body, then the dust will separate the shadow things. The dust is very abiding, and if it disappears, this mind will be the same as the tortoise-hair-rabbit horn, then the dharmakaya will be broken, and whoever cultivates has no life Fa Nun?"

Immediately, Ananda and the masses lost themselves silently.

The Buddha told Ananda: "Although all scholars in the world have become arhats nine times, they must not miss out to become an Arahant. They are all delusions of life and death, and they are mistaken for truth. That is why you have heard so much today, and have not become a sacred fruit. "

An unpleasant smell, repeating sorrow and tears, throwing his five bodies to the ground, kneeling and clasping his palms together while the white Buddha said: "Self originates from the Buddha to become a monk. The original is not related to generations, and I have lost my original mind. Although I was a monk, my heart is not into the Tao; for example, a poor son, but his father escapes. Today is knowing, although there are many smells, if you don’t practice, you don’t hear, etc.; like people say food, I can’t be full at the end. Blessed One, I’m the one who is waiting for the present, the two obstacles are entangled, the reason does not know the quietness of the mind. I hope the Tathagata mourns the poor, reveals the wonderful heart, and opens my eyes."

Immediately, the Tathagata gushes out the precious light from the swastika on the chest, and its shining light has a thousand colors, and the world of the Buddha in the ten directions is covered with all the treasures such as the top of the ten directions, such as the top, and the Ananda and the public. Tell Ananda: "I am building a great building for you today, and all sentient beings in the ten directions will have a clear mind and a clear eye.

"Ananda, you answer me first, see Guangming Fist, why is this fist bright? Yunhe Chengquan? Who will you see?"

Ananda said: "Born by all the Buddha's Yan Fu Tanjin, like a treasure mountain, pure and clean, so there is light. I look closely, and the five-wheeled fingertips are bent to show people, so there is a fist."

The Buddha told Ananda: "The Tathagata tells you truthfully today that all wise men must use metaphors to achieve enlightenment. Ananda, for example, my fist, if there is no my hand, it will not be my fist; if there is no eye, it will not be your vision. Take the root of your eyes, as an example, do I have no righteousness?"

Ananda said: "Weiran, Blessed One. I have neither my eyes nor my own eyes. The roots of my eyes, such as fisting, are similar in meaning."

The Buddha told Ananda: "Your words are similar, but righteousness is not the case. Why? If there is no hand, the fist will be destroyed after all. He who has no eyes, sees nothing. So what? You try to ask the blind on the way:'You What do you see?” The blind people will answer you: “I only see the darkness in front of me now, let alone the darkness.

Ananda said: "All blind people can only see the darkness before their eyes, so why are they prejudiced?"

The Buddha told Ananda: "All blind have no eyes, they are in the dark, and they are in a dark room with the eye-catching people. What is the difference between the two blacks? Is there no difference?"

"If so, Lord, there is no difference between the blind people in this secret and the blind in others, and the two black schools are the same."

"Ananda, if all people without eyes see the front black, they suddenly get their eyes, and they see all kinds of colors in the front dust, the name sees them; in the dark people all see the front black, suddenly get lights, and also see all kinds of colors in the front dust, you should be famous. See. If the person who sees the lamp, the lamp can see, it is not a lamp; and the view of the lamp, what does it matter to you? Therefore, you should know that the lamp can show color, if you see, the eye is not the lamp; the eye can show the color, If you see sex, you are wrong."

Although Ananda could hear and speak again, he was silent with the public, and his heart was not enlightened.

At that time, the Blessed One Shutuluo's hand with a cotton net and bare hands, opened five rounds of fingers, and told Ananda and the people: "I first became Dao, in the deer park, for the five bhikkhus of Arado, etc., and the four congregations, saying : "All living beings who fail to become a Bodhisattva mention an Arahant, and they are all mistaken by the troubles of Kechen." Why did you wait until then, why are you enlightened and become a holy fruit now?"

At that time, Han Chenna stood up to the White Buddha: "My elder today, I am uniquely anonymized among the public, because of the achievement of the word'Kechen'. For example, the Buddha, such as travellers who post to the travel pavilion, or lodging or eating, and lodging is complete, I pretend to have a future, not to live in peace; if he is the owner, he has no future. If he thinks, he will not live in the celebrity, but the host will be named as the “guy”. Also like Xinji, Qingyang ascends to heaven, light enters In the gap, it is discovered that there are dusty aspects in the air, the dust quality is shaking, and the void is silent. In this way, thinking, clearing the name and space, shaking the name and dust, and the person who shakes is called the'chen' righteousness."

Buddha's words: "So it is."

Immediately, the Tathagata came to the masses, bending five rounds of fingers, the bending has reopened, and the open has been bent again, saying that Ananda said: "What do you see today?"

Ananda said: "I see the Tathagata Baibao wheel palm, opening and closing among the crowd."

The Buddha told Ananda: "When you see my hand, the crowd opens and closes, because my hand opens and closes? To restore you see there is open and close?"

Ananda said: "The world-zun treasure opens and closes among the hands. I see the Tathagata hand open and close by itself, but it opens and closes if I see nature."

Buddha's words: "Who moves? Who is still?"

Ananda said: "Buddha's hands can't stay, and I see that there is no tranquility in nature, who is not alive?"

Buddha's words: "So it is."

So the Tathagata flew a light from the palm of the chakra to the right of Ananda, and immediately Ananda looked back to the right; another light was sent to the left of Ananda, and Ananda looked back to the left.

The Buddha told Ananda: "Why is your head shaking today?"

Ananda said: "I saw the Tathagata coming out of the wonderful light coming to my side, so I looked left and right, and my head shook."

"Ananda, do you hope that the Buddha's light will move your head left and right, to move your head? To see you again?"

"Master, my head is automatic, and I see that there is no end to sex, who is shaking?"

Buddha's words: "So it is."

Therefore, the Tathagata tells the public: "If sentient beings are restored, the name of the shaker shall be “dust”, and the name of the uninhabited shall be the “guest”. You see Ananda automatically shakes his head, and sees nothing; The hand opens and closes, and there is no comfort. Yun He Rujin regards movement as the body and movement as the environment, from the beginning to the end, thinking about the birth and death, the distorted nature, the inverted behavior, the distorted temperament, the recognition of the object, the reincarnation is the middle, the self Take circulation?!"