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Picture of The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Treasure Altar Sutra

The Sixth Patriarch's Dharma Treasure Altar Sutra

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At that time, the master came to Baolin, Shaozhou Wei governor and the bureaucrats entered the mountain, and asked them to teach
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Since the first product

At that time, the master came to Baolin, Shaozhou Wei governor and the bureaucrats entered the mountain, and asked them to teach. In the lecture hall of Dafan Temple in the city, open fate for the public. There are more than 30 officials and bureaucrats, more than 30 scholars in Confucianism, and more than 1,000 monks and nuns.

The master told the audience: good knowledge, bodhi self-nature, originally pure, but with this heart, straighten the Buddha. Good knowledge, and listen to Hui can do what you want.

Huineng Yan father, native Fan Yang. Zuo descends in Lingnan as a citizen of NSW. Unfortunately, my father died early, and my mother moved to the South China Sea alone. She was hard and poor and sold firewood in the market. Sometimes a customer bought firewood and sent the order to the inn. The guest accepted it, and Hui Neng got the money, but when he went out, he saw a guest chanting sutras. When Huineng hears the scriptures, his heart is enlightened. Then he asked the guest what scripture to recite? The guest said: "Diamond Sutra". Where did the re-question come from and hold this classic? Ke Yun: I came from Dongchan Temple in Huangmei County, Qizhou. The temple is where Master Nin from the Five Patriarchs is the main one, and there are more than a thousand people. I went to worship there and listened to this sutra. Masters often persuade monks and laymen, but holding the "Diamond Sutra" means self-seeing and becomes a Buddha. Huineng heard that there is a fate in the past, but it is a guest who takes silver ten taels. With Huineng, let the old mother's clothing and food, and teach them to go to Huangmei to pay homage to the five ancestors.

Huineng placed his mother, even if he resigned. In less than 30 days, I went to Huangmei to worship the fifth ancestor.

The ancestor asked: Who are you and what do you want?

Huineng replied: The disciples are the people of Lingnan and Xinzhou. A teacher of rituals from afar, only wanted to be a Buddha, not for anything left.

Ancestral Words: You are from Lingnan, and you are a scorpion. If you can be a Buddha?

Huineng said: Although people have north and south, Buddha nature has no north and south. The body is different from the monk, what is the difference in Buddha nature?

The fifth ancestors want to talk more, and see that the disciples are always at the left and right, so they can do things with them.

Huineng said: Huineng enlightens the monk, the disciple is self-conscious, always engenders wisdom, and does not depart from self-nature, which is Futian. What does the untrial monk teach do?

Zu Yun, this scorpion root is very profitable. Don't say anything, go to the factory.

Hui Neng retreated to the backyard, and there was a group of people, Cha Hui Neng stepped on the firewood. After more than eight months, the ancestors suddenly saw Huineng one day and said: I think what you see is useful, and I fear that wicked people will harm you, so I don’t talk to you, do you know? Huineng said: The disciples also know the teacher's will, and they dare not walk to the front of the hall, which is unconscious.

The ancestors always call the people from all walks of life. I said to you: The world is dead. You only ask for good luck all day long, not for the sea of life and death. If self-nature is lost, how can blessing be saved? You will look at your own wisdom, draw from the nature of your own mind, and make a verse for your own view. If you understand the main idea, Fu Ruyifa is the sixth generation ancestor. The fire goes quickly without delay. Thinking is useless, and those who see the nature have to see after words. If this is the case, the round knife will go into battle and it will also be visible.

When everyone is punished, they retreat and say: I wait for everyone, don't need to clarify the heart and make a verse, and will be presented to the monk. What is the benefit? Shenxiu is here, and he is now a professor. My generation is singularly verses, useless effort. When everyone hears the words, they always rest their hearts, and say that after waiting, I will rely on Xiu Master, so why bother to make memorials.

Shenxiu thought: Those who do not present the verses, for me and him as the professor, I must make the verses, and will be presented to the monk. If I do not present the verse, how can the monk know the depth of my mind? I have expressed the wish that seeking Dharma is good, looking for ancestors is evil, but being united in the same spirit, seizing its holy place and ridicule? If you don't present the verses, you will end up in no way, great difficulty! "

In front of the Five Ancestor Hall, there are three corridors. It is proposed to enshrine Lu Zhen, draw the "Langa Sutra" in disguise, and the blood map of the Five Ancestors, and spread the offerings.

Shenxiu made the sutra, and wanted to present it several times. When he walked to the hall, he was in a trance, sweating all over his body.

Xiunai thought: It’s better to write to the gallery. From his monk, he saw that if the Tao is good, then go out to worship, and the cloud is a show; if the Tao is unbearable, go to the mountains for several years, and be worshipped by others, and how to cultivate. It is the night watch. It is not known to others. It is self-controlled. The book is scribbled between the walls of the south corridor. The verse says:

The body is a bodhi tree, and the heart is like a mirrored table. Wiping frequently and avoiding dust.

Xiu Shu was chanted, but he returned to the house, people always don't know. Xiufu's thoughts: The five ancestors will be happy tomorrow when they see the sutra, that is, I have a destiny with the Dharma; Thinking in the room, sitting and lying restlessly until five shifts.

The ancestors knew that Shenxiu hadn't gotten a start, and he didn't see his own nature. At dawn, the ancestor called Lu to enshrine, painting pictures on the wall of the south gallery, and suddenly saw his verse. Report, worship without painting, Raul comes from afar. The scripture says: "All appearances are false." But keep this verse and recite it with others. Follow this practice to avoid falling into the evil way. According to this practice, there are great benefits. Let the doorman stick incense and respect, and recite this verse, that is, visibility. The disciples chanted the verses, and all sighed for kindness.

Zu San even called Xiu into the hall, and asked: Is it your work?

Xiuyan: It's really a show, I don't dare to ask for an ancestral position. Hope that the monk is compassionate, and whether the disciple is wise or not?

The ancestor said: When you write this verse, you do not see your nature, you only go outside the door, not inside. Such an insight, to find the supreme bodhi, is unavailable. The supreme bodhi must be understood from one's mind and from one's nature. No birth or death, at all times, mindfulness sees itself. There is no lag, and everything is true. All realms are free, such as the heart, which is true. If you see it in this way, it is the nature of the supreme bodhi. Let me think about it for a day or two, and make a verse. I will see it in the future. If you can enter the door, pay for your clothes.

God show came out. After a few more days, the suicide was unsuccessful, my heart was in a daze, and my mind was restless, just like in a dream, sitting unhappy.

Two days later, a boy lived in Puifang and chanted his verses. As soon as Huineng heard it, he knew that this verse had no true nature, although he had not been taught by the professor, he knew the main idea early. Then he asked the boy: What is the recitation?

The boy said: You don't know this Da Li. The master said that life is deadly, and if you want to pass on the clothes, let the doormen take a look. If you understand the main idea, you will pay the law of clothing and become the sixth ancestor. Shenxiu took the seat, on the wall of the south corridor, the book has no verses. The master is chanted by everyone, and follow this to practice so as not to fall into the evil way. According to this practice, there are great benefits.

Huineng said: I also want to recite this, to form a bond for the next life. Master, I have been here for more than eight months, and I have never walked to the front of the church. Hope the Master will lead to the prayer before the verse.

The boy led to the prayer before the verse. Huineng said: Huineng is illiterate, so please read it.

Sometimes there is Jiangzhou, don’t drive, the surname is Zhang, and the name is daily, so I read it aloud. After hearing this, Huineng said: There is also a verse, please don't drive it for a book.

Don't drive words: You also write a verse, it is rare!

Huineng tells you to say: If you want to learn the supreme bodhi, you must not be lighter than a beginner. The lower people have the upper wisdom, and the upper people have no conscious wisdom. If you are delinquent, you will have countless and boundless sins.

Don't drive words: You Dan recite verses, I am your book. If you get the law, you must save me first, and don't forget these words.

Huineng's verse said: Bodhi does not have a tree, and a bright mirror is not a platform. There is nothing in it, so where does it cause dust.

At this time of the book, the disciples are always shocked, all are shocked, each said: Qi Zai! Don't judge people by their appearance. When will he be a bodhisattva in flesh.

Seeing that everyone was surprised and fearful of damage, the ancestor polished his shoes. Said: No sex was seen either. Everyone agrees.

The next day, the ancestor dived to Puifang, saw Nengyaoshi pounding rice, and said: Those who seek the way, forget the body for the law, should this be the case? Nai asked: The rice is not cooked yet?

Huineng said: The rice has been cooked for a long time, but it is still not enough.

Zu threw away with a stick three times. Huineng immediately understood his ancestral intentions and entered the room with three drums.

The ancestors used cassocks to cover the surroundings, which is not visible. In order to say the "Diamond Sutra", until "the heart should be born without a place to live", Huineng will enlighten all things, not without self-nature. Suiqi ancestor said: when the self-nature is pure; when the self-nature does not arise and die; when the self-nature is self-sufficient; when the self-nature is unshakable; .

The ancestors knew the nature and said that Huineng said: If you don't know the original mind, it is useless to learn the Fa. If one knows from one's own mind and one sees from one's own nature, that is, a husband, a master of heaven and a Buddha, and a Buddha.

Three watchers receive the Dharma, and people do not know it, so they preach and teach. Yun: You are the sixth generation ancestor. Be good at self-care. The breadth is sentimental, and the flow will be in the future without any order. Listen to my verse:

When sentient beings come to plant, cause and effect are still alive. Ruthless and seedless, asexual and without birth.

Zu Fu said: Master Xidamo, who first came to this land, has never believed in him. Therefore, this clothing is passed down, and it is believed that the body will be passed down from generation to generation. The law conveys the heart from the heart, and all makes self-understanding and self-understanding. Since ancient times, Buddhism has passed on the body, and teachers and teachers secretly pay the original mind. Clothing is a dispute, so don’t pass it on. If this clothing is passed on, life is like hanging silk. You must go quickly for fear of harming you.

Huineng said: Where to go?

Zu Yun: When you are pregnant, you will stop, and when you meet, you will hide.

Huineng's three-time watch, leading the mantle. Yun: Nengben is a native of South China. I don’t know how to get out of this mountain road?

Five ancestors said: You don't have to worry, I will send you.

The ancestors sent to Jiujiang Station. The ancestor ordered to board the ship, and the fifth ancestor shook the scull. Huineng said: Ask the monk to sit down, and the disciples will shake the lug together. Zu Yun: Together is my crossing. Huineng said: I am lost in the time, and I have realized my self-satisfaction; although the name of the degree is one, its use is different. Hui Nengsheng is on the side and his voice is not correct. The enlightenment has been achieved by the enlightened teacher, and it is only for one's own nature and self-control. Zu Yun: That is the case. From now on, Buddhism will be carried out by you, and you will die for three years. You are good to go today, and work hard to the south. It is not advisable to say quickly, because the Dharma is hard to get up.

Huineng resigned against his ancestors and sent foot south. In the middle of two months, to Dayu Ling (five ancestors return, not going to the church for a few days, all doubts. I asked: Is the monk less sick and less annoyed? Said: The disease is free, and the clothing method has been south. Question: Who taught it? Said: Those who are able get it. Everyone knows it.) Hundreds of people come afterwards, wanting to seize the mantle.

The surname of a monk is Chen and the name is Huiming. First, the fourth-rank general, with rough sexual behavior, is very eager to find out, to be the first for everyone, and to take advantage of the benefits. Huineng threw down his mantle on the stone, saying: This dress expresses the faith, you can strive for it. Able to hide in the grass, Huiming reaches, and can't move. Nai Huanyun: Walker! Walker! I come for the Fa, not for clothing.

Huineng came out and sat cross-legged on the stone. Huiming made a liyun: The person who looks for the walker speaks for me. Huineng Yun: Since you come for the Dharma, you can hold your breath and all the conditions, don't have a thought, I will speak for you. For a long time, Hui Nengyun: Do not think about kindness, do not think about evil, when you are right and what, that is the original face of the Lord Ming. Hui Ming said that he enlightened. Repeatedly asked: The secret words came up unexpectedly, is there more secret meaning?

Huinengyun: Those who talk to you are not secret. If you return the photo, it is close to you. Ming said: Although Huiming is in Huangmei, he has not saved his face. Now given instructions, like a person drinking water, he knows whether he is cold or warm. Today's traveler is also Master Huiming. Huineng said: If you are like this, I and you will learn from Huangmei. Be good at self-sustaining. Ming asked again: Where will Huiming go in the future? Huineng said: Whenever Yuan comes, you will stop, and when you encounter Meng, you will live. Explicitly remarks. (Back to Lingxia in the Ming Dynasty, the people said: Xiangzhi Cuiwei, there is no trace, so I should look for it by another way. Take advantage of the people's opinion. After Huiming, change to Daoming and avoid the teacher's writing.)

After Huineng arrived at Caoxi, he was chased by the wicked. It is in the Sihui, the refuge hunter team, after 15 years, the time and the hunter will talk at will. Hunters often order to guard the net. Whenever you see life, let it go. Every time a meal is served, boil the meat pot with vegetables. Or ask, the answer is: But eat meat and vegetables.

Contemplate for a day, and then propagate the Dharma, not for the end. Then went to the Fa Xing Temple in Guangzhou. Master Value Yinzong lectured on Nirvana Sutra. The wind blows from time to time. One monk said the wind moves, the other said the flag moves, and there are endless discussions. Huineng Jin said: It is not the wind, not the flag, but the heart of the benevolent. The crowd was shocked.

Yin Zong extended to the upper seat to conquer the profound meaning. See Huineng's words are concise and reasonable, not by words. Zong Yun: Xingzhe must be very human. It has been long heard that Huang Meiyi is coming from the south, is it a traveler? Huineng said: I dare not. Zong then made a ceremonial, calling for the mantle and showing it to the public.

Zong Fu asked: Huang Mei's advice, how to give instructions? Huineng said: Instructing means nothing, only seeing nature, regardless of meditation and liberation. Zong said: Why don't you care about meditation and liberation? Neng said: Because it is the two dharma, not the Buddha dharma. Buddhism is the law of indifference. Zong also asked: How is Buddhism the law of non-duality? Huineng said: The Master teaches Nirvana Sutra, and he understands that the Buddha's nature is the only method of Buddhism. For example, the Noble King Bodhisattva White Buddha said: to commit four-fold prohibition, to commit five sins, and to clarify, etc., should we judge the Buddha's nature at the root of goodness? Buddhist saying: There are two roots of goodness, one is permanence, and the two are impermanent. Buddha nature is very impermanent. One is good, the two are not good, and the Buddha nature is neither good nor bad. The congregation and the realm, ordinary people see two, and the wise have the same nature. The nature of indifference is Buddha nature.

Yinzong heard that he would put his palms together joyfully and say that a certain Jia preached like rubble; the benevolent commented on righteousness like real gold. So she shaved her hair for Huineng and wished things to be a teacher. Huineng then opened the Dongshan Method under the Bodhi tree.

Huineng obtained the Fa in Dongshan, and suffered all his hardships. Today, we have to be with the monarchs, bureaucrats, monks, and nuns. It is because of the fate of suffering, but also because of the same kind of good roots in the past life. The teaching is the preaching of the sanctuary, not the wisdom of Hui Neng. May those who hear the first sages make their hearts pure. Smell it, and dispel doubts, as if the saints of the previous generations are indistinguishable. The crowd rejoiced when they heard the Fa, and retired in courtesy.

Prajna second

The next day, Ambassador Wei asked for help. The teacher was promoted and told the public: Totally pure mind and mind Maha Prajna Paramita. Fuyun: Good knowledge, the wisdom of the Bodhi Prajna, the world has its own, it is only due to the delusion of the heart, and cannot be self-realized. It must fake the knowledge of the great good to show the insight. Knowing fools and sapiens, there is no difference in Buddha nature. Only because of the different understandings, so there is stupidity and wisdom. I am now talking about Maha Prajna Paramita, so that you and others will gain wisdom. Willing to listen, I will speak for you.

Good knowledge, people in the world chant prajna all day long, but do not know the prajna of their own nature, as if they are not full of food. Talking but talking is empty, it is invisible, and it will not be beneficial in the end.

Good knowledge, Maha Prajna Paramita is Sanskrit, and the wisdom reaches the other shore. This must be done in the heart, not in the mouth. Speaking and thinking are not good, like illusion like transformation, like dew like electricity. If you speak your mind and act, your heart will respond accordingly. The nature is a Buddha, and there is no other Buddha than the nature.

What's the name Maha? Maha is big. The mind is vast, like nothingness. There is no edge, no square, no blue, yellow and white, no length up and down, no anger or joy, no right or wrong, no good and no evil, no head and tail. The buddhas and temples are all in the same void. The world's magical nature is empty, and there is no way to get it. The vacuum of self-nature is no different.

Good knowledge, Mo Wenwu said that emptiness means emptiness. The first is not to be empty. If you sit in a hollow mind, you will be empty.

Good knowledge, the emptiness of the world, can contain all things and images. The sun, moon and stars, mountains, rivers and earth, springs and streams, vegetation and jungles, wicked people and good people, evil laws and good laws, heaven and hell, all the sea, and the mountains of Xumi are always in the sky. The world's human nature is empty, and so is it.

Good knowledge, self-containedness is great. In all human natures, if you see all the evil and the good, you will not take away or get tainted. The heart is like a emptiness, and the name is great. So it is called Maha.

Good knowledge, charming speech, wise man's heart. There is also charming, empty-hearted meditation, thoughtless, claiming to be big. People of this generation should not talk to each other for evil reasons.

Good knowledge, broad mind, and pervasive Dharma circles. Use it to be clear, and use it to know everything. Everything is one, one is everything, to be free, mind and body without stagnation, that is, Prajna.

Good knowledge, all prajna wisdom, are born from self-nature, do not enter from the outside, and do not misuse the meaning, which is called true nature for self-use. Everything is true. Think big things, don't walk in the wrong way. I say nothing all day long, so I don't practice this trip in my heart. It's just like mortals claiming to be kings, they are not available at all, not my disciples.

Good knowledge, what is the name of Prajna? Prajna, Tang Yan is also wise. In all places and all times, the mind is not stupid, and the wisdom is to act prajna. One thought of stupidity is Prajna Absolute; one thought of Wisdom is Prajna rebirth. The world is stupid, not seeing Prajna. Talking about prajna in your mouth, always stupid in your heart, often telling yourself that I practice prajna, thinking about emptiness, not knowing the vacuum. Prajna is invisible, wisdom mind is. If this is the answer, then the name is Prajna wisdom.

What is Parami? This is the Western Mandarin, Tang Yan goes to the other side. Dissociation from birth and death. When the boundary arises and disappears, if the water has waves, it is named on this shore. There is no birth or death when leaving the border, as water always flows, it is called the other bank, hence the name Parami.

Good knowledge, charming oral thoughts, when thinking, there are wrongs and wrongs. Nian Nian Ruo Xing is the true nature of the name. Those who understand this dharma are prajna dharma; those who practice this practice are prajna dharma; those who do not practice are what is prajna. Practicing with one thought, oneself waits for the Buddha.

Good knowledge, ordinary people are Buddha. Worry is Bodhi. The first thought is an ordinary man; the second thought is a Buddha. Before thinking about the state, it is trouble; after thinking about leaving the state, it is Bodhi.

Good knowledge, Maha Prajna Paramita is the most respected, the highest, and the first. Great wisdom should be used to break the defilements of the five aggregates. Practice in this way and become a Buddhist path. Turn the three poisons into precept, concentration and wisdom.

Good knowledge, my method, from the ordinary, produces 84,000 wisdom. Why? There are eighty-four thousand dust labors for the world. If there is no dust and labor, wisdom will always be present, not without self-nature. The one who realizes this Dharma is non-mind. There is no memory, no memory, no arrogance, using self-truth as nature, contemplating with wisdom, in all dharma, without reluctance, that is, seeing nature and becoming a Buddha.

Good knowledge, if one wants to enter deep Dharma realm and prajna samādhi, one must practice prajna action and recite the "Vajra Prajna Sutra" to gain visibility.

Knowing the merits of this sutra is boundless and boundless. The scriptures clearly admire it, but I can't say it. This method is the best. Said for the Great Homo sapiens, said for the sage. Little Homo sapiens heard it, but didn't believe it.

Why? For example, if the dragon rains in Yanfuti, the settlements in the towns and cities are all drifting, like jujube leaves. If it rains the sea, it will not increase or decrease. If you are a Mahayana, if you are the most superior, if you hear the "Diamond Sutra", you will have an enlightened mind. Therefore, you know that your nature has the wisdom of Prajna, you use your own wisdom, and you often observe, so you don't fake words. For example, rain does not come from the sky. The essence is the energy of the dragon, which makes all sentient beings, all vegetation, sentimental and ruthless, all moisturized, and all streams flow into the sea and become one. The prajna wisdom of all beings is no different.

Good knowledge, a person with a small root, hears this sudden teaching, just like grass and trees. Those with small roots, if they are caught in heavy rain, all fall on their own and cannot grow. The same is true for people with small roots. Yuan has the wisdom of Prajna, and it is even more indistinguishable from the Great Homo sapiens. Why is it not enlightened by listening to the Dharma? Destiny sees serious obstacles, and deep-rooted troubles. It is like a big cloud covering the sun, no wind blows, no daylight appears. Prajna wisdom has no size. For all sentient beings, self-consciously perceive the difference. Obsessed with the outside world, practicing to find the Buddha, without understanding the nature, is the root. If you are enlightened, you don’t cling to external cultivation, but you always have a right view from your own mind, you will be troubled and dusty, and you will often not be able to get it. That is the view.

Good knowledge can not stop inside and outside, go freely, be able to remove attachments, be accessible without hindrance, and be able to practice this journey, which is no different from the Prajna Sutra.

Good knowledge, all the asuras, all the characters, the size two multiplication, and the twelve sutras are all set by people. It can be established only because of wisdom. Without the world, all dharmas would not exist by themselves. Therefore, knowing everything is self-sustaining. All scriptures, because people say there are. Among the people, there are stupid and wise. Stupid is a villain, wisdom is an adult. The fool asks about Homo sapiens, and the wise one speaks for fools. The fool suddenly realizes that he is indistinguishable from Homo sapiens.

Good knowledge, not enlightenment means that the Buddha is a sentient being. At the moment of enlightenment, all beings are Buddhas. So know everything in your own mind. Why not see the true nature from your heart? The "Bodhisattva Commandments" says: I am pure in nature. If you know one's own mind and see nature, all become Buddha's path. "Jing Ming Jing" says: Instantly, you have to be the original heart.

Good knowledge, I am at the monk's position, I will realize it when I hear the words, and see the truth as my nature. Therefore, this teaching method is popular, so that the learners will realize Bodhi, observe their own minds, and see their own nature.

If you don’t understand yourself, you must find great good knowledge, solve the best multipliers, and show the right way. It is good knowledge and has great causes and conditions. The so-called chemical guidance makes visibility. All good dharma, because of good knowledge, can initiate a cause. The Buddhas of the three generations, twelve sutras, are inherent in human nature. Can't self-understanding, need to seek good knowledge and give instructions.

If you are self-aware, you will not fake it. If you always insist that you need good knowledge and hope to be liberated, there is no merit. Why? There is knowledge and self-realization in one's heart. If there is an evil delusion, and the delusion is reversed, although the knowledge of foreign good is taught, it is impossible to save it. If there is real Prajna contemplation, all delusions will cease in an instant. If you are aware of your own nature, you will reach the place of the Buddha upon enlightenment.

Good knowledge, wisdom, contemplation, lucid inside and outside, knowing from the heart. If you understand the original mind, it is the original liberation. If liberation is achieved, it is Prajna Samadhi. Prajna Samadhi is non-mind. What name is Wu Nian? If you see all the Dharma, the mind is not tainted, it is non-mind. Use it everywhere, but not everywhere. But purifying the original mind makes the six senses, out of the six gates, in the six dusts, without stains and impurities, coming and going freely, universal without stagnation, that is, Prajna Samadhi, freely liberating. The name does not think about it. If you don't think about everything, you should make Nianjue, that is, the law is bound, that is, you can see by name.

Good knowledge, those who have no thoughts, know everything. Those who understand the Dharma without thinking, see the realms of Buddhas. Those who have enlightened the Dharma without thinking have the highest status as a Buddha.

Good knowledge, those who have obtained my Dharma for future generations, will teach this method, walk with the same vision, make a vow to be held, like the Buddha, who will not retreat for life, will be placed in the holy place. However, it must be taught, and since the beginning, it has been silently taught and divided, and the Dharma must not be concealed. If you don’t agree with your peers, you can’t pass it on in other ways. It is no benefit to harm his predecessors. Fearing fools to be puzzled, slander this method, a thousand tribulations and a thousand lives, cut off the kind of Buddha.

For good knowledge, I have a chant of nothing, each of which must be recited. Be a monk at home, but fix it accordingly. If you don’t self-study, but memorize my words, it’s not helpful. Listen to my chant:

Speaking and heart-passing are like the sun, in the void, only spreading the law of seeing the sex is born to break the evil sect

The law is no stop, and gradually get lost and realize that there is a delay

Even though it's reasonable, it's still the same

The evil comes to worry to the righteousness

Bodhisattva's self-initiated mind is delusional and pure, but the mind is in delusion, but there is no three obstacles.

If people in the world do everything they can to practice the Tao, why not always see that their own deeds are equal to the Tao

Colors have their own ways

Bobodu still feels regretful all his life and wants to see the true way

If you have no way, you can’t see the Tao if you don’t see the Tao.

If you see others who are not themselves but they are left

But I don’t want to get rid of worries, hate, and don’t care about lying on my feet

If you want to simulate the convenience of others, don’t make them suspicious.

Buddhism stays in the world

Right view is famous, but the world is full of evils, but the bodhi nature is full

This ode is the Dafa Ship, also known as the Dafa Ship,

The teacher replied: Today at the Dafan Temple, he said that he would teach all the people in the Dharma realm, and he would become a Buddha by seeing his nature. Shiwei's envoys and bureaucrats are all aware of what the teacher said. It is a moment of ritual, and everyone is happy, when the Buddha was born in Lingnan.

The third decision

One day, Wei Cishi set up a conference room for the division. Zhaifu, the history of Lai Shi invited the teacher to be promoted, and the bureaucrats and concubines, worshiped again, and asked: the disciple heard the monk's statement, it is incredible. There are few doubts today, and I would like to be merciful, especially for explanation.

The teacher said: If you have any doubts, just ask, and I will say it.

Wei Gong said: What the monk said is not the purpose of Master Bodhidharma?

The teacher said: Yes.

Gong said: The disciple heard that Bodhidharma first transformed Emperor Wu of Liang, and the emperor asked: What merits did I have for building temples and providing fasts throughout my life? Bodhidharma said: There is no merit. If the disciple has not reached this point, I hope the monk will say it.

The teacher said: There is no merit. Don't doubt the words of the first holy. Emperor Wu had an evil heart, did not know the right way, built temples to save monks, and set up fasts. The name is asking for blessings. Merit is in the Dharmakaya, not in cultivating blessings.

The teacher said again: Seeing one's nature is merit, and equality is virtue. There is no lag in mindfulness, common nature, true and magical functions, and it is called merit. It is merit to be humble in the heart, and virtue to the outsiders is to be courteous. The self-nature establishes ten thousand dharma is gong, the mind-body detachment is virtue. Being inseparable from one's own nature is work, and applying untaintedness is virtue. If you find the merit and Dharma body, but if you do it according to this, it is true merit. If you are a man of merit, his heart is not light, and he always performs universal respect. The heart is always light, and the self is continuous, that is, self-reliance. Self-nature is vain and untrue, that is, one has no virtue, is arrogant for ourselves, and often despise everything.

Good knowledge, uninterrupted mindfulness is gong, and straightness of mind is virtue. Self-cultivation is merit, self-cultivation is virtue.

Good knowledge and merit must be seen from one's own nature, not what is required for giving and offering. Because of the difference between merit and merit, Emperor Wu didn't know the truth. It was not my ancestor.

The governor asked again: His disciples often recite the Amitabha Buddha from monks and laymen and wish to be born in the West. Ask the monk to say, should he be born? Willing to dispel doubts.

Teacher's Words: Make the monarch good at listening, huineng and speaking. The Blessed One was in the city of Sravas, and he said that he would not be far away when he said that he quoted the scriptures from the West. If you talk about miles in terms of phases, there are one hundred and eighty thousand, that is, if you have evil and evil in your body, you are talking far. To say far away is the root; to say near is to get wisdom.

There are two kinds of people, and there are no different ways. There are special misunderstandings, and there are delays in seeing. Fascinating chanting of Buddha, surviving there; enlightening people to purify their hearts. Therefore, the Buddha said: Purify the mind with one's mind, that is, the Buddha's land is purified.

To make a man of the East, but a pure heart is not guilty. Although Westerners are not pure in their hearts, they are also frustrated. Where is the origin of artificial sin in the East and the survival of the West by reciting the Buddha?

Anyone who cannot be stupid of one's own nature, does not know the pure land in the body, wish the east and the west, and realize that people are everywhere. Therefore, the Buddha said: Henganle wherever you live. It is not far from the West that makes the king's heart and all good. If you have an unwholesome heart, it will be difficult to recite the Buddha and go to life. To persuade good knowledge today, first eliminate the ten evils, that is, do one hundred thousand; then eliminate the eight evils, which is more than eight thousand. Nian Nian sees the sex, often walks straight, to the point where you can see Amitabha.

To make the king do ten good things, why should he be more willing to die. With the constant evil heart, why Buddha came to welcome him? If you understand the method of non-regeneration, you can only see the West in an instant. If you don't realize it, how can Lu Yao achieve it by chanting to the Buddha to survive?

Huineng and the people moved to the West in an instant, and we see now. Do you want to see each other? Everyone bows to the cloud: If you see here, why would you be more willing to die. May the monk be merciful, and be seen in the West, and be seen by the common people.

Teacher's words: Everyone, the world is like a city, eyes, ears, nose and tongue are doors. There are five doors on the outside and intentional doors on the inside. The heart is the earth, and sex is the king. The king is on the ground. Sex is king, and sex goes without king. Sex exists in the body and mind, and sex goes to the body and mind to be bad. Do not ask outside the body when you are in the Buddha's direction.

The delusion of self-nature is the sentient beings, and self-consciousness is the Buddha. Compassion is Guanyin. Xishe is named Shizhi. Being able to be pure is Shakya. Straight is Amitabha. I am Sumi. The evil heart is sea water. Worries are waves. Poison is the dragon. Falsehood is a ghost. Chen Lao is a fish turtle. Greed and hatred is hell. Stupidity is a beast.

Good knowledge, always do the ten good, heaven will come. Except for me, there is no other way. Get rid of the evil heart, the sea is exhausted. No worries, the waves die. Poison is forgotten. Enlightenment Tathagata from the heart, magnify the light. The exterior photos of the six gates are clean and can break through the heavens of six desires. Self-introspection, the three poisons are removed. Sins such as hell were wiped out for a while. Clear inside and outside, no different from the West. Without this repair, how can I get there?

The public has heard that it is clear that they are all worshipping, and they all sigh good! Singing words: All sentient beings in the world of Dharma will be enlightened by those who hear it.

Teacher's Word: If you want to practice good knowledge, you can get it at home, you can't help it at the temple. It can be done at home, just as the Easterners are kind. If you don't repair it in the temple, you will be disgusted if you are in the west. But the heart is pure, that is, the self-natured West.

Gong Wei asked again: How to practice at home, and I am willing to be a professor. Teacher's words: I say that there is no phase to the public, but according to this practice, I often stay in the same place as me. If you don't make this repair, you can shave your home, and it will do you any good!

Song said:

Why do you work hard and keep the precepts and practice straight?

Let the inferiority and inferiority, and endure all evil, if you can drill the wood, make the fire and mud, and regenerate the red lotus

The bitter mouth is a good medicine, but it must be faithful to change your ears. Wisdom will protect the shortcomings. The heart is not wise.

It's not about giving money and bodhi, but just looking for what to do with your heart

I heard that practicing heaven in this way is only for now

The teacher replied: Good knowledge, you must always practice according to the sutras, see your own nature, and directly become the Buddhist path. The law does not treat each other, everyone is separated. I return to Caoxi, but if everyone is suspicious, they come to ask each other. At that time, the bureaucratic bureaucracy, good men and women, each had to be enlightened, believed in and practiced.

Dinghui product fourth

The teacher showed the public: Good knowledge, my method is based on concentration and wisdom. Don't be confused by the public, say goodbye. Dinghui is one, not two. Concentration is the body of wisdom, and wisdom is the purpose of concentration. That is, the time of wisdom is set in wisdom, that is, the time of concentration is set in wisdom. If you know this meaning, it is Dinghui and other studies.

For all the scholars, Mo Yan first contemplated and developed wisdom, and firstly developed concentration and wisdom, respectively. For those who see this, the Dharma has two aspects, speaks kind words, and is not kind in the heart. There is samādhi and samādhi in emptiness. If the heart and the mouth are good, the inside and the outside are the same, and concentration and wisdom are waiting. Self-realization does not lie in criticism. If you criticize one after another, it is the same charming. Constantly winning and losing, but increasing one's own method, staying true to the four aspects.

Good knowledge, how can Dinghui wait? It's like a light. When there is a light, it is light, and when there is no light, it is dark. The lamp is the body of light, and the light is used by the lamp. Although there are two names, the body is the same. This method of concentration and wisdom is also true.

The teacher said to all the people: Good knowledge, one who is one line of samādhi, walks, lives, sits and sleeps in all places, always walks and stays true. The "Jing Ming Sutra" says: Zhixin is the dojo, and Zhixin is the pure land. Mo Xinxing is flattering, but speaks straightforwardly, speaks one line of samādhi, not straightforward. But be straightforward, and don’t have attachments to all laws. Be fascinated by the Dhamma, cling to the samādhi of one line, sit still bluntly, and be unwilling, that is, the samādhi of one line. Those who make this explanation are sympathetic and ruthless, but they are the cause of obstacles.

Good knowledge, the Tao must flow, why is it stagnant? If the mind is unable to hold back the Dharma, the Tao will flow. If the mind stays in the Dharma, it is called self-binding. If you often sit still, it's like sitting in the forest at the Sariputta feast, but being interrogated by Vimalakirti.

Good knowledge, some people teach to sit, watch the mind and watch quietly, and can't afford to be immobile. If you don't be charming, you will become obsessed. Such are many. If we teach each other, we know a big mistake.

Teachers show everyone: Good knowledge, originally orthodox, without a sudden, human nature is self-interested and dull. Fascinating and gradual repair, comprehension of people. Know your own mind, see your own nature, that is, there is no difference. So Lipton gradually became a pseudonym.

Good knowledge, my method, since the beginning, has established no-mind as the sect, no-phase as the body, and no-dwelling as the foundation. Those who have no phases are separated from phases. Those who have no thoughts have no thoughts in thoughts. The non-resident is the nature of human beings. When the world is good and evil, it is ugly, and even when the relatives are wronged, the words will stab and deceive, and they will be empty, not thinking about rewarding harm. While thinking, not thinking about the future. If you read the present and the future, the thoughts and thoughts are continuous, which is called binding. Regarding the dharmas, one can't keep thinking, that is, there is no bondage. This is based on living without housing.

Good knowledge, away from all forms, is called non-phase. Being able to separate from the phase, the body of law is pure. This is the body without phase.

Good knowledge, in all realms, the heart is not stained, and there is no thought. In self-thought, often leave the realms, and don’t regenerate the mind in realms. It would be a big mistake if there is nothing to think about, and all thoughts are eliminated, one thought will die, and it is a big mistake to be born elsewhere. Learners think about it. If you don’t know the meaning of the Dharma, you can make mistakes, and you can persuade others. Lost in sight, and slandered Buddhist scriptures. Therefore, Wu Nian is the sect.

Good knowledge, why is it that no thought is the sect? It is only by the mouth that the view is charming, the mind is in the realm, and the wrong view arises when it is thought. All the delusions of dust and labor are born from then on. There is no way of self-nature. If you have gains, falsely claiming misfortune and blessings is an evil view. Therefore, the method is based on non-mindfulness.

Good knowledge, nothing can be done without one? What do you think? There is no duality, no heart of all dust and labor. The one who thinks is true as nature. Reality is the body of thought, and mindfulness is the use of truth. It's like thinking from one's own nature, not the eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. It's true if there is sex, so it starts to think. If it is true, the eyes and ears are bad at that time.

Good knowledge is true as mindfulness from one's own nature. Although the six sense elements are aware of seeing and hearing, they will not affect the world, but the true nature is always at ease. Therefore, the scripture says: Being able to distinguish the aspects of the Dharma kindly, and not moving in the first righteousness.

Zen Zen Fifth

The teacher said to everyone: This way of sitting in meditation does not focus on the mind, nor the purity, nor is it immobile. If you talk about your heart, your heart is false. Knowing the heart is like an illusion, so there is nothing to write about. If words are pure, human nature is pure. The truth is covered by delusion, but there is no delusion, and the nature is self-purified. The heart is pure, but the pure is false. There is no place for delusion, and the author is delusion. The pure form is invisible, but the pure form is established. Words are time. The one who sees this is obstructed by one's own nature, but is bound by the net.

Good knowledge, if you can't cultivate, but when you see all people, you don't see the right and wrong of people, that is, your own nature is not moving.

Good knowledge, fascinating, although the body does not move, it will say that others are right and wrong, likes and dislikes, contrary to the Tao. If the mind is pure, it is also a hindrance.

Teachers show everyone: good knowledge, what is the name of sitting meditation? In this method, there are no obstacles and no hindrances, outside of all the realms of good and evil, you can't think of it, and it is called sitting. The inner self is immovable, and it is called Zen.

Good knowledge, what is meditation? The external phase is Zen, and the internal non-chaos is samādhi. If there is phase outside, the heart will be chaotic; if outside phase, the heart will not be chaotic. Self-purification by nature. Just to see the state, the state of mind is chaos. If you see those who are not in a state of confusion, it is true.

For good knowledge, the external phase is Zen, and the internal is not chaotic, which means concentration. External meditation and internal concentration are for meditation. The "Bodhisattva Commandments" says: My nature is pure and self-purified. Good knowledge, in mindfulness, self-seeing nature is pure. Self-study, self-improvement, self-development.

Confession Sixth

At that time, the master saw that Guang Shao Ji Qu Sifang Shishu gathered in the mountains to listen to the Dharma, so he rose to the seat and said to the public: Come, all good knowledge! This matter must start from the self. At all times, mindfulness purifies one's mind, cultivates one's own behavior, sees one's own Dharmakaya, sees one's own Buddha, self-precepts, and you will not be false. Since coming from a long distance and here for a while, they all have a common predestined relationship. Now they can all kneel down, first spread the five-point Dharma body incense for one's own nature, and secondly teach innocent confession. All Hu kneeled.

The teacher said: A ring of incense means that in one's mind, there is nothing wrong, no evil, no jealousy, no greed, hatred, no robbery, and the name of the ring incense.

The second setting incense, that is, seeing all the good and evil realms, the mind is not chaotic, and the name is fixed incense.

Three Huixiang, one's own mind is unobstructed, always observes oneself with wisdom, and does not create any evil; although he cultivates goodness, his heart is not attached, he respects the top and reads the next, is compassionate to the poor and the poor, and is named Huixiang.

The four incense of liberation, that is, the mind has nothing to climb, does not think about good, does not think of evil, free and unobstructed, the name is the incense of liberation.

Five liberating, knowing and seeing incense, the mind has nothing to climb up to good and evil, and it must not be left empty and silent, that is, you must learn more and learn more, know from the heart, realize all the principles of Buddhism, and lightly connect things, without self and no one, until bodhi, The truth is not easy, the name is free and the knowledge is sweet.

Good knowledge, each of this incense diffuses inside, don't look for it outside.

Today and you, etc., teach innocent confession, eliminate the sins of the three generations, and make the three karma pure.

Good knowledge, each according to my own words, a momentary saying: disciples, etc., thoughts in the past, thoughts of the present, and thoughts of the future, and thoughts are not contaminated by fools; all the evil karma, fools and other sins in the past, all repent, and I hope to be wiped out forever and never rise.

Disciples, etc., thoughts in the past, thoughts of the present, and thoughts of the future, the thoughts are not contaminated by arrogance; all the sins such as arrogance and arrogance in the past will be repented.

Disciples, etc., remember the past, the present and the future, so that your mind will not be tainted by jealousy; all the evil karma and jealousy and other sins in the past will be repented, and I wish to be wiped out for a while and never reappear. Good knowledge, the above is confession for no form.

What is the name of the cloud? What is Yun's regret? The confessor, confession is stunned. In the past, all evil karma, ignorance, arrogance, jealousy and other sins were all repented and never reappeared. It was called repentance. Those who regret, regret the later. From now on, all sins such as evil karma, stupidity, arrogance, jealousy, etc., have now been awakened, and everything will be forever broken, let alone repentance, which is called repentance. It is called confession. Ordinary people are stupid, only knowing to confess their former sorrow, but do not regret the future. In order not to regret it, the front will not be destroyed, and the later will regenerate. What is the name of confession if the former is not destroyed, and the latter is reborn again?

Good knowledge, both repent, and make four great vows with good knowledge. Each has to listen carefully: all living beings in their own minds have boundless vows, their own worries boundless vows and vows, the methods of one's own nature have endless vows and vows, and the supreme self-nature of Buddha and Dao vows to be fulfilled. Good knowledge, don’t everyone say that all sentient beings have boundless vows to save? Yun Mo Dao, and not Huineng Du.

Good knowledge, the sentient beings in the heart, the so-called wickedness, delusion, unkindness, jealousy, viciousness, etc., are all sentient beings. Each must be self-sufficient, which is the truth of the name.

What is self-independence? That is, seeing evil and silly sentient beings in their own minds will have a right view. With the right view, the Prajna wisdom can break the foolishness and delusion of all sentient beings, and save them individually. Evil comes with righteousness, delusion comes with understanding, foolish comes with wisdom, and evil comes with goodness. If it is a degree, it is called a degree of truth.

In addition, worries are boundless and vows to break, to prajna wise one's nature, except for vain thoughts. In addition, the endless vows to learn the method requires self-seeing and constant practice of the Dhamma, which is the name of true learning. In addition, the Supreme Buddha's vow is fulfilled. It is always able to lay down the mind, walk in the real, be detached from the awakening, and be born in prajna. Constantly thinking practice is the method of wishing strength.

Good knowledge is now issued with the Four Great Aspirations, and it is even more with good knowledge to teach the three reunification precepts. Good knowledge, sense of return, bipedal respect. Return to righteousness, detachment from desire. Return to the net, the most respected.

From today onwards, it is said to be a teacher, let alone to follow the evil spirits. Always prove yourself with the Three Jewels of Self. Encourage kindness to knowledge and rely on the Three Jewels of Self-nature. Buddha, feel it too. The law is righteous. The monk, the net also. Consciousness of self-reliance, evil spirits do not reproduce, less desire for contentment, ability to be free from wealth and sex, the name is bipedal. Return to righteousness from one's heart, think of innocent views, and see what is innocent, that is, no one can tribute to greed, love, and devotion. The heart returns to the pure, the state of love and desire for all dust and labor, and the self is not stained.

If you practice this trip, you are self-reliance. Ordinary people do not, from day to night, receive the three-guild precepts. If you return to the Buddha, where is the Buddha? If you don't see the Buddha, where should you go? Words become false. Be good at knowledge, observe separately, and don’t make mistakes with your heart. The scriptures clearly stated that one should return to the Buddha, but not to the other Buddha. Self-Buddha does not return, has nowhere to depend.

Now that you understand yourself, you must turn to the Three Jewels of your own mind. To adjust the mind inside and respect others outside is self-reliance. Good knowledge is based on the Three Treasures, each with its own ambitions, I and the three-body Buddha, so that you can see the three-body and understand your own nature. Always follow me: return to the pure Dharmakaya Buddha in the self-body;

Good knowledge, the body is a house, cannot be said. The three-body method of the Xiangzhe, in the self-nature, the world always has. Be obsessed with one's own mind, without seeing inner sex. When I look for the Three-King Tathagata, I do not see the Three-King Buddha in myself. You have heard that you are equivalent to seeing the three-body Buddha in your own nature. This three-body buddha is born from one's own nature, not from outside.

What is the name of the Pure Dharmakaya Buddha? The nature of the world is pure, and all laws are born from the nature. Think of all evil, that is, evil deeds occur. Think about all good deeds, that is, produce good deeds. Such as the various dharmas, in the nature, as the sky is always clear, the sun and the moon are always bright, covered by floating clouds, the upper part is bright and the lower is dark. Suddenly when the wind blows and the clouds are scattered, everything is clear, and everything appears. The human nature of the world often floats like a cloud in the sky.

Good knowledge is as wisdom as the sun and wisdom as the moon. Wisdom is always clear, in the outside world, it is covered by clouds of delusional thoughts, and it is not clear. If you encounter good knowledge, hear the true Dharma, get rid of delusions, clear inside and out, and in your own nature, all the Dharma will appear. The same is true for people who see sex. This name is the Pure Dhammakaya Buddha.

Good knowledge, self-reliance is reliance on self-nature, it is reliance on the true Buddha. The self-reliant, except for the unkindness, jealousy, contortion, selfishness, arrogance, petty, sloppyness, wrong view, tribute and all unwholesome actions in the self. Often see one's own mistakes, not to mention the likes and dislikes of others, it is self-reliance. Always have to pay attention and be respectful, that is, understanding and understanding, more free from hindrance, and self-reliance.

What is the name of perfect retribution? For example, one lamp can eliminate thousands of years of darkness, and one intelligence can eliminate thousands of years of stupidity. Mo Si moves forward, it's already out of reach. Think about it often, and think about it. Self-seeing nature. Although good and evil are different, their nature is the same. The nature of indifference is called reality. In the real nature, without getting involved in good and evil, this name is the Buddha of Sacrifice Consummation. One thought of evil from one's nature will destroy the good cause of all calamities; when one thought of good from one's nature, the evil will be exhausted. Until the supreme bodhi, mindfulness of self-seeing, without losing the original mindfulness, is called the samurai.

What is the incarnation of tens of billions? If you don't think about everything, your nature is like nothing. One thought is called change. Think about evil and turn it into hell. Miss good deeds and turn into heaven. The poison turned into a dragon and snake. Compassion becomes a bodhisattva. Wisdom becomes the upper bound. Stupidity turned into the bottom. There are many changes in the nature of self, charm can not be realized, thinking about evil, often doing evil ways. One thought back to goodness, wisdom is born. This name is the incarnation of the Buddha. Good knowledge, the dharmakaya is in itself, and mindfulness of self-seeing is the samurai Buddha. Thinking from the body of rebirth is the incarnation of the Buddha. Self-realization and self-cultivation, self-nature merits, are true refuge. The flesh is the body, and the body is the house, not to mention the refuge. But to realize the three kayas of one's own nature is to know one's own nature buddha. I have a chant of no phase, if I can recite it, the words will order you to accumulate robbery and guilt, and it will be wiped out for a while.

Song said:

Fascinating, cultivating blessings and not cultivating the Tao, just saying that cultivating blessings is the creation of the three evils in the heart, offering blessings and offerings.

It is planned to repair blessings and desire to eliminate sins. The future generations will be blessed and the sins are still there, but the sins are removed from the heart and the conditions are true. Repentance

Sudden realization of Mahayana, true confession, elimination of evils, righteousness and innocence, and the doctrine of being always in the view of self-nature, which is the same type as the buddhas

My ancestor has only passed down this dhamma. I would like to see the identity of the sex.

Strive to see Mo Yo-yo and then read it suddenly

Teacher's words: Good knowledge must always be recited and practiced accordingly. Seeing under the line, although I have gone thousands of miles away, I am still on my side as usual. If you don’t understand this, you are thousands of miles away, so how come you come? Treasure, so go! The crowd listened to the Dharma, not enlightened, and happily followed them.

The seventh chance

He learned the Fa from Huangmei, and returned to Caohou Village, Shaozhou, ignorant. There was Liu Zhilue, a Confucian scholar, who was very courteous. Zhilue's aunt is a nun, the name is endless, and he often recites the "Great Nirvana Sutra". When the teacher listened temporarily, he knew the wonderful meaning, and then it was the explanation. Ni Nai asked the script.

The teacher said: I don’t know the word, but I just ask.

Ni said: I still don't know the words, how can I understand it?

The master said: The magical principles of all Buddhas are not related to words.

Ni was amazed, and the Qi in the report said: This is a man of Taoism, so please ask for support. Cao Shuliang, the great grandson of Wei Wuhou, and the residents competed for the feast. The ancient temple of Shi Baolin has been abandoned since the end of the Sui Dynasty. Then he rebuilt the Brahma and extended his residence in the old foundation. Russia Chengbaofang.

The teacher lived for the rest of September, and was chasing for the evil party. The teacher escaped from the front mountain. Was set on fire by him. The teacher stayed hidden in the stone to avoid it. Shi Jin has marks on the knees of his teacher and the patterns of his clothes. Shi recalled the five ancestors' instructions to stop Tibet, and then hid in Eryiyan.

Monk Fahai, also from Qujiang, Shaozhou. When I first came to the ancestor, I asked: the heart is the Buddha, and I am willing to give instructions.

The master said: The mind is not born if the first thought is not born, and the buddha is if the last thought is not extinguished. All forms are the mind, and all forms are the Buddha. If I say that there is no end to poverty, listen to my verse:

That is the name of the mind is wisdom, that is, the Buddha is concentration.

Dinghui waited and held, pure in mind.

Understanding this method depends on your habits.

Using the original to live without birth, double cultivation is righteousness.

Under the words of Fahai, I realized it and praised it with verses:

That is to say, the mind is a buddha, and it is self-defeating without enlightenment.

I know the reason of sedition and wisdom, and double cultivation of all things.

Monk Fada, from Hongzhou. He was a monk at the age of seven and often recites the Lotus Sutra. Come to pay tribute to the Patriarch, without head to the ground.

Zu He said: If you are not courteous, why not be courteous. There must be something in your heart, what's the matter?

Said: I have read three thousand books of the Lotus Sutra.

The ancestor said: If you recite the ten thousand parts, get the meaning of the scriptures, and don't think of victory, then walk with me. You don’t even know that you have taken up this career. Listen to my verse:

The gift book is folded slowly, and the head does not reach the ground.

If you sin, you will live, and you will forget your merits and blessings.

The teacher said again: What is your name?

Said: Fada.

The teacher said: Your name is Fa Da, why did Da Fa? The repetition said:

Your current name is Fada, and you never rest in recitation.

Recite empty but follow the sound, and call the Bodhisattva of Mingxin.

There is a reason for you now, I say for you now,

But believing in Buddhism was speechless, and the lotus flower uttered from the mouth.

After reading the verse, regretting and saying: From now on, be courteous to everything. The disciples recite the "Fahhua Sutra" without explaining the meaning of the scriptures, and they often have doubts in their hearts. The monk has great wisdom and would like to briefly explain the principles of the scriptures.

The teacher said: Fa Da, the Fa is very Da, and your heart is not Da. There is no doubt in the book, you doubt yourself. When you read this sutra, what is the sect?

Da said: Scholars have a dull and dull nature, and they have always recite in the text. Do you know Zongqu?

The teacher said: I don't know the words, so if you try to recite the sutra, I will explain it for you.

Fa Da means chanting aloud, to the metaphor, the teacher said: Stop! This sutra is based on the origin of karma. Even though there are many metaphors, there is nothing more than this. What is the cause? The scripture says: The Buddhas only appear in the world because of a major event. For a major event, the Buddha's knowledge and vision are also.

The world is fascinated by appearance outside and emptiness inside. If you can be separated from each other, you can leave the void in the air, that is, you will not get lost inside and outside. If you understand this method and open your mind with one thought, it is to open up the Buddha's knowledge.

Buddha, I still feel it. It is divided into four categories: enlightenment and perceiving, showing awareness and perceiving, enlightenment and perceiving, and enlightenment and perceiving. If you hear the teachings, you can enlighten. That is, awareness and seeing, the original truth has to appear.

Be careful not to misinterpret the meaning of the scriptures. Seeing his way to enlighten and enlighten, you are the knowledge and view of the Buddha, and we have no distinction. If you make this explanation, you are slandering the Buddha. Since he is a Buddha and he already knows and sees, why should he be more open? Today you should believe in the Buddha and know what you see, only your own mind, let alone a Buddha. Covering all living beings, concealing the light from oneself, greedy for the dusty state, disturbing from the outside and being driven willingly. So he took pains, starting from Samadhi, all kinds of bitter words, persuading to sleep, don't ask outside, just like the Buddha. Therefore, the cloud opens up Buddha's knowledge.

I also urge all people to open up the knowledge and views of the Buddha in their hearts. The world is evil, foolishness creates sin. Good mouths, evil hearts, greed, hatred and jealousy, flattering, slow, invading others and harming others, opening up the knowledge of all beings. If you can be righteous, always be wise, contemplate your own mind, stop evil and do good, you are self-enlightening the knowledge and vision of the Buddha.

You must open up the knowledge of the Buddha through Nian Nian, and don't open up the knowledge of sentient beings. To open up the Buddha's insights is to be born; to open up sentient beings' insights is to be in the world. If you are overwhelmed and obsessed with your homework, how different is it that you love your tail?

Da said: If so, but you have to explain the meaning, don't labor to chant the sutra?

The teacher said: What's the passing of the scriptures, will it block your mind? Just for the illusion in others, the gains and losses are at your own expense. If you recite your mind orally, you are turning your sutras; if you do not chant your heart, you are being transferred. Listen to my verse:

The mind is lost in Dharma and Hua, and the mind is enlightened.

Chanting is unclear for a long time, and is an enemy of righteousness.

No-mindfulness is righteousness, and thoughtfulness becomes evil.

Regardless of whether or not, Changyu White Bull Cart.

After hearing the verse, I feel sad and weep. The words were enlightened, and the teacher said: Fa Da has come from the past, and has never been transferred to Fa Hua, but was transferred by Fa Hua. Then he enlightened and said: Sutra: All the loudly heard and even the Bodhisattvas, all think and measure together, and cannot measure the wisdom of the Buddha. Now that ordinary people can only realize their own minds, they will be called the knowledge and views of the Buddha. I have also said that the three carts, the sheep and the deer cart and the white bull cart, how are they different? May the monk teach again.

The teacher said: The classics and meanings are clear, you are confused by yourself. The three-carriage people cannot measure the Buddha and the wise, and the suffering is the measure. Rao Yi tried his best to push together, turn to add a long time. Buddha said for ordinary people, not for Buddha. If he refuses to believe this reason, he will withdraw from the meeting. As everyone knows, he sits in a white bullock cart and looks for three carts outside the door. Besides, the civilization leads to you, there is only one Buddha vehicle, and there is no residual vehicle. If there are two or three or even countless conveniences, all kinds of factors, such as words and phrases, are all one Buddha vehicle. Why don't you think about it? The three cars are fake, for the past. One multiplication is real, for the present. Only teach you to go from the fake to the real, and after the real, the real is not named. You should know that all treasures belong to you, and you will use them. Not to think of the father, nor the thinking of the son, and it is useless to think. It is the famous "Law Sutra". From robbery to robbery, the hand does not release the scroll, from day to night, all time.

Inspired by Damon, he enthusiastically rejoiced and said with verses:

After reciting three thousand scriptures, Cao Xi died in one sentence.

Unknown decree of birth, Ning rests tired and mad.

Yanglu Niuquan set up, good after junior high school.

Who knows that Yuan is the king of law in the fire house.

The teacher said: You will only be named a Buddhist monk in the future. From then on, Tatsu led the profound decree, and continued to recite sutras.

Seng Zhitong, from Anfeng, Shouzhou. When I first read the "Langa Sutra", it was about a thousand times, and I didn't know how to have three bodies and four wisdoms. The ritual teacher solves its meaning.

The master said: The three-body person, purifies the Dharma body, and your nature is also. Your wisdom is also for the perfect retribution. Thousands of billions of incarnations, your trip is also. If you are away from your nature, let alone the three bodies, you will have the body without wisdom. If you realize that the three bodies have no self-nature, you are called the Four Wisdom Bodhi. Listen to my verse:

Self-nature has three bodies, invented into four wisdoms.

Inseparable from the fate of seeing and hearing, aloof ascend to the land of Buddha.

I say for you today, there is no fascination in truth.

Those who do not learn and seek, talk about Bodhi all day long.

Tong Zaiqi said: Can you smell the righteousness of the Four Wisdoms?

The master said: If you can understand the three bodies, you will be able to understand the four wisdoms. Why don't you ask? Don't talk about the four wisdoms if you are away from the three. This name has wisdom without body. That is wise, it becomes ignorant. The repetition said:

The big round mirror is pure in intelligence, equal in intelligence and disease-free.

Observe the wisdom and see the wrong things, and make the wisdom with the round mirror.

Five, eight, six, seven, the cause turns, but the famous words are not true.

If you don’t show mercy when you turn, you will always be in Nagading for prosperity and prosperity.

As above, change your knowledge to wisdom. Teach Zhongyun: Turn the first five consciousnesses into the wisdom of accomplishment, turn the sixth consciousness into the wisdom of observation, turn the seventh consciousness into the wisdom of equality, and turn the eighth consciousness into the wisdom of the great circle mirror. Although six or seven due to transfer, five or eight fruit up; but transfer its name, not its body. Through the epiphany and wisdom, he presented a verse and said:

The three-body elementary body, the four wisdoms and the original mind.

The body and intelligence are harmless, and everything should follow the shape.

All starters are acting rashly, and the bandit is really good.

The wonderful purpose was eventually stigmatized by the teacher.

Seng Zhichang, from Guixi, Xinzhou. Tiainian became a monk and wanted to see sex. Participate in the ceremony one day.

The teacher asked: Where did you come from? What do you want?

Said: The scholars recently went to Baifeng Mountain in Hongzhou to pay tribute to the monk Datong, and was shown the righteousness of seeing sex as a Buddha. Undecided, he came to give a gift from afar, and the monk Fuwang gave instructions.

The teacher said: What do you say, you can give it a try.

Said: Wisdom is always there, and after three months, there is no instruction. Because of the law, I entered the husband's room alone overnight. How is the mind of a certain Jiaben?

Chase Nai said: Do you see the void?

He said: See you.

He said: Do you see the appearance of Void?

He said: What is the appearance of the void and invisible.

He said: Your nature is like emptiness, nothing can be seen, it is right view. Nothing can be known, but the name is true knowledge. There is no blue and yellow length, but when the source is pure, the body is full and bright, that is, the name sees the nature and becomes the Buddha, also known as the Tathagata, knows and sees.

Although the scholar heard this, he was still undecided, and the monk begged to teach.

The teacher said: What the teacher said, there are still insights and knowledge, so you are not there. I now show you a verse:

If there is no way of seeing, there is no way of seeing, like clouds covering the sun.

Without knowing one law, keeping the empty and knowing, it's like being too imaginary to give birth to lightning.

This knowledge is glimpsed, and it is convenient to misunderstand.

When you know what you are wrong, your aura will always show up.

I often hear about myself, and my heart suddenly becomes clear. Nai Shu said:

Seeing for no reason, seeking Bodhi.

Feelings have a thought and enlightenment, and Ning Yue is lost in the past.

The source of self-consciousness changes with the light in vain.

If you don't enter the Patriarch's room, you will be at a loss.

Zhichang asked his master one day: The Buddha said that the three multiplication method is the best, and the disciple did not understand it, so he would like to be a professor.

The teacher said: You see from your own heart, and don't look at the outward appearance. There is no such thing as the Four Vehicles, and the human mind has its own disparity. It is the Hinayana to read and hear. Enlightenment and interpretation is the middle multiplication. Practicing according to law is Mahayana. All dharmas are perfect, all dharmas are ready, everything is not stained, and all dharmas have nothing to gain, and the name is the best. Multiplication is righteousness, not verbal argument. You must educate yourself, don't ask me too. In all times, self-nature is free. Always thank you for serving, the end of the life of the teacher.

Monk Zhidao, also from Nanhai, Guangzhou. Please say: The scholar is a monk, and he has read the "Nirvana Sutra" for more than ten years without knowing the meaning. May the monk speak.

The teacher said: Where are you still unknown?

Said: All forms of impermanence are the law of birth and death. Birth and death have passed, and death is joy. Doubt here.

The teacher said: Are you suspicious?

Said: All sentient beings have two bodies, which is called physical body and dharma body. The body is impermanent, there is birth and death. The Dharmakaya is permanent, ignorant and unconscious. Jing Yun: Birth and death have passed, and nirvana is a pleasure. Whoever dies if you don’t judge? What is it for? If the body is destroyed, when the body is destroyed, the four elements are scattered, which is totally suffering. Suffering is not happy. If the dharmakaya dies, it is the same as the grass, trees and stones. Who should be happy? Moreover, Dharma nature is the body of birth and death, and the five aggregates are the purpose of birth and death. One body and five functions, birth and death are constant. To live is to start from the body, and to kill is to use to return to the body. If you listen to rebirth, it means being sentient and so on. If you don’t listen to rebirth, you will die forever, just like a ruthless thing. If so, then all the dharmas are forbidden by Nirvana, and they are still unborn, so why is there any happiness?

The master said: You are a Shizi, so why should you learn how to judge the wrong views and discuss the best method? According to what you said, there is a Dharmakaya outside of the physical body, which seeks the death from birth and death; and also pushes Nirvana to perpetual happiness, and words have their effects on the body. Sinai clings to life and death, indulging in world music. Now you should know that the Buddha is all charming, recognize the five aggregates and the union as the form of the self, and distinguish all dharma as the external form. It is good to live and die, to read and flow, not to know dreams and falsehoods, to suffer reincarnation in vain, to turn to nirvana with constant happiness, to turn into suffering, and to seek all day long. The Buddha is stunned by this, it is the true happiness of Nirvana. There is no existence in an instant, no death in an instant, and no birth or death to die. If it is, nirvana is present. When present, there is no present quantity, which is called Changle. This kind of pleasure has no recipients, and no sufferers. Does it have the name of one body and five functions? What's more, Nirvana forbids all dharmas and makes them never live. Sinai slandered the Buddha and the Dharma. Listen to my verse:

The supreme nirvana, perfection, constant solitude, according to the death of all stupid words

Everyone who asks for two vehicles thinks that they have nothing to do with their affections. Sixty-two see the book

What is true and righteous to make false names

To know the five aggregates and the appearances of the five aggregates in the aggregate are like sound and sound.

Equality is like a dream

Always use the roots instead of starting to think about separation

The fire burns the sea, the wind, the drum, and the mountain are always nirvana, and Nirvana is like this

I’m now forcefully saying so that you don’t see evil and you don’t follow your words

After hearing the verses and enlightenment, eagerly retreat.

Master Xingsi, born in the Liu family of Ancheng, Jizhou. Hearing the prosperity of Caoxi's feast, he came to attend the ceremony. Then he asked: What should one do, that is, not to fall into class?

The teacher said: What have you done?

Said: The Noble Truth is not.

The teacher said: What class do you fall into?

Said: The Noble Truth is not yet, what class has it?

The master of the deep weapon makes thinking the first public. One day, the teacher said: You should divide one side, without order to sever.

Thinking about the established Dharma, he returned to Qingyuan Mountain in Jizhou to promote the Dharma. The posthumous name is Hongji Zen Master.

Zen Master Huairang, the son of Du Clan of Jinzhou. At the beginning, I visited the Anguo Division of Songshan, and Caoxi of Anfa visited. Let to worship.

The teacher said: Where did you come from?

Said: Songshan.

The master said: What is it, come here?

Said: Saying that it is like a thing is not in the middle.

The teacher said: Can it be repaired?

Said: Rehabilitation means not without, pollution means no.

The teacher said: Only this does not pollute, the thoughts of the Buddhas are the same as you, and the same is true for me. The Western Sky Prajna Dora knows you and produces a horse to kill the people of the world. It should be in your heart, and there is no need to say it quickly.

Let suddenly meet. Then he served for about 15 years, becoming more mysterious with each passing day. Afterwards, head to Nanyue to explain Zen Buddhism, and then to Zen Master Dahui.

Master Xuanjue of Yongjia, son of Dai clan of Wenzhou. Less study of the Scriptures, concise view of the Tiantai method, because of reading the "Vimalakirti Sutra", invented the mind and ground. Xuan Ce, a disciple of the puppet master, visited and talked with him. The words are in harmony with the ancestors.

Ceyun: Who is the benevolent master?

Said: I have listened to Fang et al. Later, in the "Vimalakirty Sutra", the person who understands the heart of the Buddha, has no proof.

Ce Yun: The King of Weiyin is already there, and the King of Weiyin is behind. There is no teacher to realize it, and it is all natural.

Said: May the benevolent be my evidence.

Ceyun: I speak lightly. There are six masters in Caoxi, who gather from all directions and are recipients of the Dharma. If you go, go with you.

Jue Sui came to participate in the same policy. Three turns around the division, vibrating the tin and stand.

The teacher said: The Shamen have three thousand majesty and eighty thousand fine lines. Where does the great virtue come from?

Jue said: Life and death matter big, and impermanence is rapid.

The master said: Why not take lifelessly, without speed?

Said: The body is lifeless, and there is no speed in the body.

The teacher said: so so!

Xuan Juefang has a majestic worship service. Say goodbye soon.

The teacher said: Returning too quickly?

Said: I can't move, is there any speed?

The teacher said: Who knows that it is not moving?

Said: The benevolent is self-reliant and separate.

The teacher said: You really have the meaning of lifelessness.

Said: Is Wusheng intentional?

The teacher said: Who is to be separated if you don't intend?

Said: The difference is not intended.

The teacher said: Good! Stay one night less. At that time, it was a night of sleep, and later the "Zhengdao Song" became popular in the world. The posthumous posthumous name is Wuxiang Master. It is called Zhenjueyan.

The Zen master Zhihuang, who first joined the five ancestors, said that he had received righteousness. Anju sits for a long time, accumulating for twenty years. The disciple Xuan Ce, traveled to Heshuo, heard the name of God, and asked: What are you doing here?

Huang said: Entering Ding.

Ceyun: Ruyun enters concentration, for the intention to enter, yeah? Unintentional? If you have no intention of entering, all ruthless grass, trees, tiles and stones should be settled. If you have a heart, all sentimental and insightful streams should also be settled.

Huang said: I am entering the time, and I don't see whether there is or not.

Ceyun: If you don't see the heart, it is constant samādhi. What's the difference? If there is a discrepancy, it is not Dading. There is nothing right. After a long time, I asked: Who is the teacher and heir?

Ceyun: I learned from the sixth ancestor of Caoxi.

Huangyun: What is the meditation of the Six Patriarchs?

Ceyun: As my teacher said, Miao Zhan passed away, the body is used as such, the five yin is the emptiness, the six dusts are non-existent, not in and out, indefinite and in disorder. There is no dwelling in Zen nature, and there is no dwelling in Zen silence. Zen is non-born, free-born meditation. The heart is like emptiness, and there is no amount of emptiness.

Huang Wen said, came to visit the teacher.

The teacher asked: Where does the benevolent come from?

Huang has the front edge.

Teacher Yun: As said, your heart is like emptiness, without emptiness, application without hindrance, movement and no heart, all sacred emotions are forgotten, and there is no time when there is no time.

Huang enlightened, and the heart gained in twenty years had no effect. On its night, Hebei Shishu heard a sound cloud in the sky: Zen Master Chen gained the Tao today. After the ritual remarks, he returned to Hebei and enlightened the four peoples.

There was a boy named Mingshenhui, the son of Gao Family in Xiangyang, who was thirteen years old and came to attend the ceremony from Yuquan.

The teacher said: Knowledge comes from a long way to be difficult, but will it still have to be? If you have the foundation, you can get acquainted with the Lord, let's talk about it.

The meeting said: Based on non-residential, seeing is the master.

The master said: This novice monk contends to take the second language.

Hui Nai asked, "Do you see the monk sitting in meditation?"

The teacher hit three times with a stick and said: Does it hurt if I hit you? He said: It hurts and doesn't hurt.

The teacher said: I also see and don't see it.

God will ask: How to see and not see?

Shi Yun: In what I have seen, it is common to be too stunned, not to see the right and wrong of others, so I see also not. How about your words hurt and not hurt? If you don’t hurt, you will be with the wood and stone; Whether you see or not is on the other side; pain or not is birth and death. You don’t see your own nature, dare you to make people?

God will repent and thank.

The teacher also said: If you are lost in your mind, ask for good knowledge and find your way; if you have enlightenment, it means self-seeing and practice according to the law. You are lost in your mind, but come to ask me if I see it or not. If I see myself, how can I be a fan of you? If you see yourself, you will not be my fan. Why don't you know what you see, but ask me whether I see it or not?

God will pray for more than a hundred more prayers, please thank you for a while. Serve diligently and stay with you.

One day, the teacher told the people: I have one thing, no head and no tail, no name, no words, no back and face, do people still know?

The god will say: it is the origin of the Buddhas, the Buddha nature of the gods.

The teacher said: If you have no name and no words to you, you will call it the original Buddha nature. You always have Mao covered your head, and you are only an apostle of understanding.

After the ancestor died, he would enter Jingluo and Dahong Caoxi Dun taught. Significant Zongji, prevalent in the world, is called Zen Master Heze.

A monk asked the teacher: Huangmei's decree, who gets it?

Shi Yun: People who know the Dharma will get it.

Seng Yun: Does the monk still have to?

Shi Yun: I don't know Dharma.

The teacher wants to wash the clothes given to him for a day, but there is no Meiquan. Five miles behind the temple, seeing the mountains and forests lush, aura hovered. Shi Zhenxi Zhuo ground, the spring came out, accumulating like a pond. But kneeling on the stone. Suddenly a monk came to worship, and Yun Fang argued that he was from Xishu. Yesterday, I saw Master Bodhidharma in Southern Tianzhu and asked the side to argue quickly to Tangtu. I preached the Dajiaye Dharma Eye Collection, and Sangha Pear, which have been passed down for six generations. In Caoxi, Shaozhou, you will go to pay homage. Fang Bian came from afar and would like to see the mantle from my teacher.

Showed by the teacher. I asked the Master what career he did? Said: Good plastic. The teacher sternly said: You try to see it. Arguing in vain. After a few days, the truth will be formed, which can be seven inches tall, and the song is perfect. The teacher laughed and said: You only understand plasticity, but don't understand Buddha nature. The teacher Shu Shou Mo Fang argued, saying: Forever is a man of good fortune. The teacher still pays him with clothes. The defense clothes are divided into three: one is put on a statue, one is kept for oneself, and the other is wrapped in brown. The oath said: I will get this dress later, I am born, the abbot here, rebuild the temple. In the eight years of Song Jiayou, the monk first built the temple and dug the ground, and his clothes were as good as new. Like in Kosenji Temple, prayers are answered.

There is a Buddhist monk who says:

Hulun has tricks and can break a hundred thoughts.

I can't afford to be contemplative, and Bodhi days are long.

The teacher heard it and said: This verse is not clear. If you follow suit, you are bound. The reason is that one verse says:

Huineng didn't have any tricks and kept thinking.

Counting the state of mind, Bodhi is so long.

No. 8

At that time, the ancestor lived in Caoxi Baolin; Master Shenxiu was in Yuquan Temple in Jingnan. At that time, the two schools were prosperous, and they were called Nanneng and Beixiu; therefore, the two schools were divided into two schools. And scholar Mo Zhizong interesting. The teacher said that the people said: There is one law, and people have north and south. Law is just one kind, and there are delayed illnesses. What name is it? There is no gradual change in the law, and people are blunt, so the name is gradual.

Ranxiu’s disciples are often idiots who don’t know a word. What are their strengths? Xiu said: He has the wisdom of no teacher, and he has a deep understanding of superiority. I'm better off. Besides, how can it be in vain that I teach the five ancestors of the clothes? I hate that I can't go far and get close and accept the grace of the country in vain. You and others, don't stay here, you can go to Caoxi to participate in the battle.

One day, Zhicheng, the man who ordered the door, said: You are so clever and wise, you can go to Caoxi to listen to the Fa for me. If you hear something, remember it with all your heart and say it for me. Zhicheng gave his order to Caoxi, followed by the crowd, and said nothing. At that time, the ancestor told the public: There are people who steal the law today, and they might be here. Zhicheng immediately went out to worship, and it was true. The teacher said: If you come from Yuquan, it should be meticulous. He said: No. The teacher said: Why not? He said: If it is not said, it is yes, if it is said, it is no.

The teacher said: If your teacher is to show the public?

He said: He often refers to the public, stays attentive and pure, and sits for a long time without lying down.

The master said: Staying in the mind and seeing the pure is not a meditation. What is the benefit of sitting for a long time? Listen to my verse:

Born to sit or not, die to sit or not.

A stinky bone, what is homework.

Zhicheng worshipped again and said: The disciple has been studying the Taoism at Master Xiu for nine years, but he has no comprehension. When the monk Jinwen said it, he would follow his heart. The life and death of the disciple is big, and the monk is kind and more instructive.

The teacher said: I heard that Master Ru taught the scholars to prescribe the method of precept, concentration and wisdom, but what about the behavior of precept, concentration and wisdom without trial? Talk to me.

Cheng said: Master Xiu said that all evils cannot be called precepts; all virtues are called wisdom; self-purification is called ding. He said so, how can untrial monks teach others?

The teacher said: If I speak with the law and the people, that is to say that you are humiliated. But let's unbind with the party, pseudonymous Samadhi. As Master Ru said, precept, concentration and wisdom are incredible. What I have seen is goodbye to precept, concentration and wisdom.

Zhicheng said: There is only one kind of precept, concentration and wisdom, how can we make a difference?

The master said: You master dictates concentration and wisdom, and picks up Mahayana people; I prescribes concentration and wisdom, and picks up the best people. Different comprehension, see delayed disease. You listen to me, are you the same with him? What I say, inseparable from the nature, the dissociation of the body, is called phase theory, and the nature is often confused. It is important to know that all the dharmas start from the nature, which is the true precepts, concentration and wisdom. Listen to my verse:

The mind is nothing more than self-nature, and the mind is free from idiotic self-nature,

The mind is free of chaos and self-determination.

Do not increase or decrease from the Vajra, the samādhi of the body and the body.

Sincerely heard the verses regret and thank you, I present a verse:

Five aggregates phantom body, what exactly is illusion?

The recollection is true, the law is not clean.

Master Ranzhi. Fuyucheng said: Master Ru dictates concentration and persuades Homo sapiens; I dictates concentration and wisdom, persuades Homo sapiens. If one understands one's own nature, neither does Bodhi Nirvana nor liberation, knowledge and perception. There is no one method to establish ten thousand methods. If this meaning is understood, it is also known as the body of the Buddha, also known as the Bodhi Nirvana, and also known as the liberation of knowledge and perception. The person who sees the sex gains either by standing, or by not standing. Go freely, without stagnation and without hindrance. The application is ready to be written, and the answer is ready to answer. Universal incarnation, inseparable from self-nature, that is, gaining free magical powers, playing samādhi, is fame-seeing nature.

Zhicheng worshipped Master Qi again and said: How is it not righteous?

The teacher said: The self is nothing more than nothing, no delusion, no chaos, mindfulness of prajna contemplation, constant separation from the Dhamma, freedom and freedom, what can be achieved? There is no gradual progress in self-realization, enlightenment, and meditation, so all laws are not established. When are the dharmas extinguished?

Zhicheng worship, willing to serve as a minister, day and night.

Seng Zhiche, from Jiangxi, his surname is Zhang, and his name is Xingchang. Young man. Since the north-south split, although the two suzerains perished each other, the disciples competed in love and hatred. At that time, a native of the North Zongmen, the self-reliant Xiu Master was the sixth ancestor, and the ancestor to pass the clothes to the world was to ask Xingchang to stab the teacher.

Master the heart, foresee the matter. Set gold ten taels in the seat. At nightfall, Xingchang enters the ancestral home and will harm his desires. Master Shun the neck. Three of Xingchang's blades were unscathed.

The master said: Righteous swords are not evil, and evil swords are not righteous. Only bear Rujin, live up to your life. Xingchang was shocked, and Fang Su after a long time begged for regret, and then he was willing to become a monk. The teacher then and Jin said: Let's go, lest the disciples will hurt you. You can change form in the future, I should take it. Xingchang ordered to escape at night, and later cast a monk to become a monk. Be vigilant and diligent.

One day, remembering the words of the teacher, coming to courteously from afar. The teacher said: I have been thinking of you for a long time, why are you late?

Said: Yesterday, the monk gave up his sins, but now he is a monk, and he will never repay his virtue. The disciples often read the "Nirvana Sutra" without knowing the impermanence of permanence. The begging monk is merciful, a brief explanation.

The master said: The impermanent means Buddha nature; the permanent means that all good and evil dharmas have different minds.

Said: What the monk said is a big violation of scripture.

The master said: I pass on the heart seal of the Buddha, but Ann dare to violate the Buddhist scriptures?

Said: The sutra says Buddha nature is permanence, but monks say impermanence; good and evil dharmas, and even bodhicitta, are impermanence, but monks say permanence. This is contrary to this. Let the scholars turn to doubts.

The teacher said: "Nirvana Sutra", I used to listen to the Nirvana Zang read it once, just for speaking, there is no word and meaning that does not fit the scriptures. Even for you, there is no difference.

Said: The scholars are ignorant of knowledge, and I hope that the monk will give advice.

The teacher said: Do you know? If the Buddha's nature is constant, let alone the dharmas of good and evil, or even poverty, no one has a bodhicitta. Therefore, when I say impermanence, it is exactly the way the Buddha said the truth is constant. In addition, all dharmas are impermanent, that is, everything has self-nature, tolerates life and death, and true permanence has its own place. Therefore, when I speak of permanence, it is the Buddha who speaks of truth and impermanence. Fobi is an ordinary person who clings to evil and permanence, and all the two vehicles are impermanent in permanence, and they are totally inferior. Therefore, in Nirvana's doctrine, the prejudices are broken, and the true constant, true happiness, true self, and true purity are manifested. You Jin relied on his words to destroy impermanence and confirm death, but misunderstood the roundness of the Buddha and the last minute words. What is the benefit of scanning it a thousand times?

Xingchang suddenly realized that he said:

Because of the impermanence mind, the Buddha said that there is constancy.

For those who don’t know the convenience, Youchunchi picks it up.

I am not doing any work today, but the Buddha nature is here.

I didn't get it from the teacher.

The teacher said: Rujin Tetsuya, aptly named Zhi Tetsu. Thanks and retired.

The teacher saw that the sects were difficult to ask, and he felt sick. In many episodes, I stunned and said: Those who learn the Tao, all good thoughts and evil thoughts should be eliminated. The namelessness is named for the self-nature. The nature of indifference is the nature of name and reality. In terms of practicality, establish all teachings. You must see for yourself. Everyone has heard that they always do ceremonies and ask things to be a teacher.

Dharma Protector Ninth

On the first year of the Shenlong Yuan Dynasty, Zongzhao Yun in the sky: I ask the second division of Anxiu to provide support in the palace. Every time you have a lot of opportunities, you can multiply it. The second teacher pushes the cloud: There is an Neng Zen master in the south, who secretly teaches the clothes of the master Ninja and imparts the heart seal of the Buddha. Please ask him. Today, Xue Jian, the servant, is dispatched to welcome you. May the teacher be kind, go to Beijing quickly.

The teacher said that he was sick and wished to end Lin Lu. Xue Jian said: The virtues of Zen in the capital are all cloud: if you want to know the Tao, you must sit in meditation; if you don't get liberation due to meditation, there is no such thing. What did the unexamined teacher say?

The teacher said: The way is enlightened from the heart, is it still sitting? Jing Yun: If you say the Tathagata, if you sit and lie down, you are doing evil ways. Why? Nothing has never been, and nothing has gone, there is no birth and no death, it is the pure meditation of the Tathagata. The emptiness of all dharmas is the pure sitting of the Tathagata. It is undocumented, how about sitting there?

Jian said: When the disciple returns to Beijing, the master must ask. May the teacher be compassionate, instruct the heart, preach the two palaces, and the scholars in the capital. For example, if one light turns into hundreds of thousands of lights, the dark ones are all illuminating, and the illuminating is endless.

Teacher Yun: Tao has no light and shade, light and shade are the meaning of metabolism. Obviously endless, but also endless. Treating each other to establish names, so the "Jing Ming Jing" says: There is no way to compare, and there is no reason to treat each other.

Jian said: simile wisdom, metaphor troubles. If a cultivator does not use wisdom to break his worries, life and death without beginning, how can he leave?

The teacher said: Worries are bodhi, there is no difference. If you use wisdom to illuminate the troubled person, this is the dual view. Sheep and deer waited for the opportunity, and the wisdom of the roots, it is not as good as it is.

Jian said: How is Mahayana insight?

The teacher said: Ming and ignorance, ordinary people see two. A wise man has the same sex. The nature of indifference is reality. The real person is stupid and not diminished, not increasing in virtuous people, staying in trouble but not chaos, staying in meditation and not being still. Constantly infrequent, not coming or going, not in the middle, and inside and outside. Immortal and immortal. Permanent residence does not move, the name is Tao.

Jian said: Master said that there is no birth and no death, so what is the difference?

The teacher said: What is said by the outside world that is immortal and immortal, will cease to be born, and be manifested by birth, but not be destroyed, but birth is not born. I said that those who do not live or die are not born and immortal today, so they are different from outsiders. If you want to know what you want, but you can't think about all good and evil, and you will naturally get into a pure mind and body. Zhan Ran is always silent, and Hengsha is magical.

Jian Meng's advice, suddenly realized, the courtesy return to the fault, and the teacher's language. On September 3rd of his year, there was an edict to reward the teacher saying: "Teacher resigns from the old and ill, cultivates the Tao for me, the country's Futian. If the teacher is pure name, enlightenment, interpret the Mahayana, spread the minds of all Buddhas, and talk about the indifference. Master Xue Jian taught the Tathagata to know and see. I accumulate good fortune and stay with good roots. When the teacher was born, he had a superior epiphany. I am grateful for the teacher's grace, wear it without end, and give it to the robes, and the crystal bowl, the governor of Shaozhou, the decoration of the temple, the old residence of the teacher, and it is the Guoen Temple.


One day, the teacher called Fahai, Zhicheng, Fada, Shenhui, Zhichang, Zhitong, Zhiche, Zhidao, Fazhen, Faru, etc., and said: You and other different people, after I die, each will be a teacher. . I teach you to say this without losing the ancestry.

You must first cite three disciplines, use thirty-six pairs, and move away from both sides when you come and go. If you talk about everything, don't be away from your own nature. Suddenly someone asked Rufa, uttering a variety of words, all taking the right method, coming and going for the same reason. After all, there is nowhere to go.

Those who have the three disciplines, enter the Yin world. Yin is the five yin: Appreciation, thinking, and consciousness are also. The entrance is twelve entrances, the outer six dusts: color, sound, fragrance and touch; the inner six gates: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body intentions are also. The realm is the eighteen realms: the six dusts, the six gates, and the six consciousnesses are also. Self-performance contains ten thousand methods, and name contains Tibetan consciousness. If you think about it, you will change your knowledge. Six consciousnesses are born, six gates are born, six dusts are seen, such as the eighteenth realms, all start from the nature. If one's self-nature is evil, it will raise eighteen evils. If you use it badly, you will use it, and if you use it well, it will be used by the Buddha. What is the reason for it? There are five pairs from the nature of the self. There are five pairs of ruthless external conditions: the sky and the earth, the sun and the moon, the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, and the water and the fire. This is the five pairs.

Twelve pairs of Dharma and Dharma language: language and Dharma, right and wrong, color and colorless, opposite and non-existent, omission and omission, color and emptiness, movement and stillness, clear and turbidity, Where is right with the sage, the monk and the common, the old and the young, the big and the young, this is the twelve pairs.

Self-nature use nineteen pairs: long and short, evil and right, ignorance and wisdom, fool and wisdom, chaos and concentration, benevolence and poison, renunciation and wrong, straight and tune, reality and imaginary Yes, danger and peace, trouble and bodhi, permanence and impermanence, sadness and harm, joy and anger, sacrifice and saving, advance and retreat, birth and death, Dharma and physical body, incarnation and retribution Right, this is nineteen pairs.

Teacher's Statement: These thirty-six pairs of dharma, if they are interpreted and applied, it means that the Tao runs through all the sutras, and the entrance and exit will leave both sides.

The self-nature uses and speaks together, the outer part is separated from each other, and the inner part is empty and empty. If you are in full view, you will have evil views. If you are all empty, you will be ignorant. Those who are in the air have slander, and they don’t need words to speak frankly. There is no need for words, and people are not linguistic. This language alone is the appearance of words. It is also said that there is no writing, that is, if there is no two characters, it is also a writing. When you see what someone says, you slander him. You wait to know, you can be fooled, and slander the Buddhist scriptures. Don't slander the scriptures. There are countless crimes.

If you look outside and seek the truth, or build up the dojo and say that there is no fault, the person who is like this will be tired and invisible. But listening to practice according to the law, and not thinking about everything, and suffocating Taoism. If you hear that you don't cultivate, it will make you feel evil. But to practice according to the law, there is no residence law. If you wait for your understanding, say, use it, walk it, and do it this way, you won’t lose your sect.

If someone asks you righteousness, ask yes, there will be no right; ask no, there will be right; ask what is right, ask the holy, ask the holy, ask what is right. Because of the two ways, morality and justice are in life.

Like a pair of questions, Yu Wenyi does it accordingly, which is not unreasonable. Someone asked: What is dark? Answer to the cloud: The light is the cause, the darkness is the condition, the light is dark, the darkness is obvious, and the darkness is obvious. That's all I asked. You are equal to the post-demonstration, and teach in this way, without losing the purpose.

In the first year of Tai Chi, I learned from Renzi, Yanhe July, and ordered the doormen to build a tower at Guoen Temple in NSW. Still order to promote work. It was completed at the end of summer the following year. On July 1, the disciples said: I am in August, I want to leave the world. If you have doubts, you must ask each other long ago, to solve your doubts and make you fascinated. After I go, no one will teach you. When Fahai heard it, everyone cried. Only God knows, his expression is still, and he doesn't cry.

Teacher Yun: The gods will be a little teacher, but they have to wait for good or bad. How did you cultivate in the mountains for several years? You Jin weeping, who is it for you? If I don’t know where to go, I know where to go. If I don't know where to go, I won't predict it to you. You wait for grief and weep, and cover it as not knowing where I am going. If you know where I'm going, you won't be weeping. Dharma nature does not come and go, you wait and sit, I will say a verse with you, the name is: true and false moving and static verses. When you recite this verse, it is the same as mine. Practice according to this, without losing the purpose.

The monks make rituals, and ask the teacher to make verses. The verse says:

Nothing is true, not to see the truth, if you see the truth, you see all the truth.

If you can have the truth of your own, you will be true when you leave the false.

Being sentimental means unmoving, and being ruthless means not moving. If you do not practice, you will be ruthless and not moving.

If Mi is really still, there is no movement when it moves, and if it doesn't move, it is still, ruthless and without buddhas.

Being able to distinguish each other kindly, the first righteousness does not change, but seeing as it is, it is true as it is useful.

To report to all scholars, efforts must be intentional, not in the Mahayana school, but clinging to life and death.

If the words correspond to each other, it means to discuss the Buddha's righteousness together.

This sect has no accusations, accusation means failure of the way, insists on rebelling against the accusation method, and enters life and death.

At that time, the disciples heard that the verses were over, and they all made rituals. They also learn from each other's minds, practice according to the law, and dare not criticize them. Master Naizhi lived soon. At the seat of the Fa Hai, he prayed and asked: After the monk is destroyed, who should be paid for the law of clothing?

The teacher said: I said in the Dafan Temple, so much so that nowadays, Chaolu is popular, and the head says: Dharma Treasure Altar Sutra. You guard, pass on from one to another, and save all the lives. But according to this, it is the name-rectification. This is what you say today, without paying for his clothes. Gai Weiru and others are familiar with the roots, and the decision is undoubtedly worthy of a major event. However, according to the ancestor Master Dharma, Fu Shui's verses are not in harmony with the tradition. The verse says:

I was originally here to teach the Fa to save my passion. One flower blooms with five leaves, and the fruit grows naturally.

The teacher replied: Every kind of knowledge, you and others have their own pure hearts, listen to what I say. If you want to achieve this kind of wisdom, you must achieve one-phase samādhi, one line of samādhi. If you don’t live in any place, there is no hatred, no choice, no consideration of things such as the degeneration of benefits, peace and tranquility, emptiness and turbulence, this name is one phase and three maidens. If you walk, stay, sit, and lie in all places, have a pure heart, do not move the dojo, you will truly become a pure land, this name is one line of samadhi. If a person has two or three madnesses, like the earth has seeds, it contains Tibetans and grows up, and it is mature. One phase, one line, and so on.

My statement today is like the rain in the rain, and the earth is universal. You and other Buddha-natures, such as the seeds, will all happen when they meet each other. Those who follow my purpose will win the bodhi; those who follow my path will prove the fruit. Listen to my verse:

The heart contains all kinds of things, and all the rain is cute. The epiphany of Chinese sentiment has made Bodhi fruit by itself.

The teacher said that the verse is complete, saying: There is no difference in the law, and so is the heart. The way is pure, and there are no phases. Be careful not to observe quietness and empty your mind; this mind is pure and has no choice but to work hard and let it go. At that time, the disciples retired.

On the 8th of July, the master suddenly said, "I want to return to New South Wales, and you will be able to manage the boat soon." The public mourned very firmly.

The master said: The appearance of the Buddhas is still a sign of Nirvana. There is always a reason to come. My appearance must be something.

The people said: The teacher will go from here, and you can return sooner or later.

The teacher said: Ye Luo returned to his roots, and he had no mouth when he came.

Then he asked: Who will pass the Fa-rectification to the hidden eyes?

The master said: Those who have the Tao will get it, and those who have no intentions will get it.

Asked: I don’t know that the Buddha from the top should have come now, taught for several generations, and I would like to teach.

Teacher Yun: The ancient Buddhas are in the world, there are no more, and they can't be counted. Today starts with the Seven Buddhas. In the past, we solemnly robbed Vipassi Buddha, corpse abandon Buddha, and Vaishali floating Buddha; now Xianjie detains the grandson Buddha, curbing Nahamuni Buddha, Kassapa Buddha, and Sakyamuni Buddha as the seven Buddhas.

The Shakyamuni Buddha first preached Mahakaya Venerable, second, Venerable Ananda, third, Venerable Shangna and Xiu, fourth, Venerable Upa Judo, and fifth Venerable Titus, Sixth, Venerable Mishaka, seventh, Venerable Venerable, eighth, Venerable Buddha, ninth, Venerable Futuomi, tenth, Venerable, eleventh, Venerable Fu Na Ye She, twelfth, Master Ma Ming, thirteenth, Venerable Kapimora, fourteenth, Venerable Nagarjuna, fifteenth, Venerable Kana Diva, sixteenth, Rahulata, seventeenth, Sangha Nandhi, eighteenth, Gayashata, nineteenth, Kumarata, twentieth, Jayata, second 11. Venerable Poxiu Pantou, 22nd, Venerable Monara, 23rd, Venerable Herna, 24th, Venerable Master, 25th, Venerable Bashes Multi-Venerable, twenty-sixth, inferior to Mi Multi-Venerable, twenty-seventh, Prajna Tara, twenty-eighth, Bodhidharma, twenty-ninth, Master Hui Ke, thirty-seventh, monk Master Can, 31st, Master Daoxin, 32nd, Master Hongren, Huineng is the 33rd ancestor. The ancestors from the top have their own inheritance. You wait and pass it down from generation to generation, without making any mistakes. Everyone believes and accepts it, and retreats individually.

Asked again: Is there any difficulty in the future?

The master said: Five or six years after my extinction, there should be someone to take my head. Listen to my notes:

Raise your relatives on your head and have a meal in your mouth. In the face of difficulties, Yangliu became an official.

It also goes: I have been there for seventy years. There are two Bodhisattvas from the East. One is a monk and the other is at home. At the same time, Xinghua established diplomatic relations with my clan, established Jialan, and Changlong Dharma heir.

The master was born at the age of Gui Chou in the second year of his birth. On the third day of August, he fasted at Guoen Temple.

Fahai Baiyan: What teachings do monks leave to make future generations fascinating and to see the Buddha's nature?

Teacher's words: You wait for the truth to listen. The descendants are fascinating. If you know sentient beings, it is the nature of the Buddha; if you don't know sentient beings, it's rare to find a Buddha in a thousand tribulations. I now teach you to know the sentient beings of your own mind and to see the Buddha-nature of your own mind. Want to see the Buddha, but know the sentient beings; only for the sentient beings to lose the Buddha, not the Buddha to lose the sentient beings. If the self-nature is enlightened, all beings are buddhas; if the self-nature is lost, the buddhas are all beings. Self-natures are equal, all beings are Buddhas; self-natures are evil, and Buddhas are all beings. If your mind is perilous, that means the Buddha is in all living beings; if one thought is straight, it means all beings become Buddha. I have a Buddha in my heart, and I am the true Buddha. If there is no Buddha mind, where can you seek the true Buddha? You are not suspicious if you think you are a Buddha. There is nothing outside that can be established, and all are the ways of the original mind. Therefore, the scripture says: The mind produces all kinds of methods, and the mind dies out of all kinds of methods. I will leave a verse today, and wait for you, the name is the true Buddha verse of my own nature. People of future generations will know this verse, see their heart, and become Buddha.

The verse says:

True self-nature is the true Buddha, the evil view of the three poisons is the devil, the devil is in the house when the evil is delusional, and the Buddha is in the hall when the right view is.

Seeing the three poisons in the evil nature means that the devil comes to live in the residence, and the right view is to eliminate the three poisons, and it is true that the devil becomes a Buddha.

The dharmakaya and the incarnation, the three bodies are originally one body.

Purity is born from the incarnation, and the purity is always in the incarnation. Sex makes the incarnation go the right way, and it should come to perfection and infinity.

Obscene sex is originally a pure cause of sex. Excluding sex is pure sex. The five desires in sex are separated from each other, and the moment you see sex is true.

In this life, if you encounter the school of Buddhism, you will suddenly realize your own nature and see the Blessed One.

If you can see the truth in your heart, the truth is the cause of Buddhahood. If you don't see your own nature and look for Buddha outside, you will always be crazy.

The teaching method has been left now. To save the world, you must study by yourself. If you are a scholar, you will not see it.

The teacher said that the verse is over, and he said: You wait for a good stay, after I die, I will not let the world weep and weep, and be questioned by others. Dressed in filial obedience, he is neither my disciple nor Fa-rectification. But knowing from the heart, seeing from the nature, no movement and no static, no birth and death, no going, no coming, no right and nothing, no dwelling and no past. I'm afraid you will wait and get lost, and won't know what I want, I will ask you again today and let you see your sex. After I die, practice according to this, as if I am in the sun. If it violates my teachings, it will not be beneficial to allow me to live. The repetition said:

Wuwu does not cultivate goodness, and he does not do evil. Ji Jijue saw and heard, but he didn't know what to do.

The teacher said that the verse was finished, and he sat until the third watch, and suddenly said that the doorman said: I am going to go. Suddenly relocated. When the time is different, the room is full of fragrance, and the white rainbow belongs to the land. The trees turned white, and the animals wailed.

In November, the bureaucrats of the three new counties in Guangshao, the monks and laymen, struggling to meet the real body, and never decide what they want. It is burning incense and praying: The cigarette is pointed to the place, and the teacher is going to Yan. At that time, the cigarette went straight through Caoxi. On November 13th, moved to the shrine and returned. On the 25th of July of the following year, he was in a niche.

Remembering the record of taking the head, the doorman first used iron leaf varnished cloth to protect the teacher's neck into the tower. Suddenly inside the tower, white light appeared, soaring to the sky, and then dispersed in three days.

Shaozhou played it. The stele was erected by the emperor, and the teacher would follow the path. Shi Chunqiu has six in seventy years, passed clothes in twenty-four years, and sent thirty-nine wishes, saying that he is good for thirty-seven years. There are forty-three persons who have obtained the decree and inherit the law. No one knows the number of transcendents who are enlightened. The letter from Bodhidharma, Zhongzong bestowed the grinning bowl, and the truth of the Fangbian sculptor, and props, etc., the body of the servant of the main tower, Baolin Taoist Temple in Yongzhen. Spread the altar sutra to show its purpose. These are all three prosperous treasures, Puli Qunsheng.