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Picture of Buddha said the Eight Great Masters Enlightenment Sutra

Buddha said the Eight Great Masters Enlightenment Sutra

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As a disciple of the Buddha, I often recite the Eight Great Enlightenments to my heart day and night
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As a disciple of the Buddha, I often recite the Eight Great Enlightenments to my heart day and night:

The first consciousness: the world is impermanent; the country is fragile, the four great emptiness, the five yin without self, the birth and death variation, the hypocrisy, the heart is the source of evil, the form is the sin serval, if you observe, you will gradually leave life and death.

The second awareness: more desire is suffering; life and death fatigue, starting from greed, less desire and inaction, physical and mental freedom.

The third awareness: Insatiable in the heart, only to ask for more, increase the sin; the bodhisattva is not wise, always think of contentment, keep the way in peace, only wisdom is karma.

Fourth awareness: slackness and fall; constant progress, break away worries and evil, destroy the four demons, and leave the yin world.

Fifth consciousness: life and death of ignorance; Bodhisattva recites frequently, learns widely, learns more, grows wisdom, achieves talent debate, educates everything, and takes great joy.

Sixth awareness: Poverty and resentment make evil connections; Bodhisattvas give charity, waiting for grievances, not the old evil, and do not hate people.

Seventh consciousness: Five desires and troubles; although a layman, he does not enjoy the world's pleasures, often recites the three clothes, pottery instruments, volunteers to become a monk, keeps the way innocent, has a lofty brahma, and is compassionate to everything.

Eighth awareness: Life and death are fierce, and there are boundless sufferings; to develop the Mahayana mind, to benefit everything, and to be willing to take on behalf of all sentient beings and suffer boundless suffering, so that all sentient beings will be happy after all.

These eight things are all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who are enlightened, carry out the Tao, be compassionate and cultivate wisdom, ride the Dharmakaya, and reach the shore of Nirvana. Return to life and death, and save all beings. The eight things in the past enlighten all beings to make all living beings feel the suffering of life and death, give up the five desires, and cultivate the holy way of the heart. If a disciple of the Buddha, recite these eight things, in meditation, eliminate immeasurable sin, enter the bodhi of interest, speed up enlightenment, end life and death forever, and live in happiness.