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The Forty-Two Chapter Sutra of Buddha Says

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The Blessed One is enlightened, and thinking is to think: to leave the desire to be quiet is the most triumphant
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The Blessed One is enlightened, and thinking is to think: to leave the desire to be quiet is the most triumphant. Live in great meditation and descend on all demons. In the Luyeyuan, the wheel of the Four Truths was turned, and Chen Ru and other five people proved Dao Guo. There are all the doubts mentioned by the monk, asking the Buddha to advance and stop. The Blessed One teaches the emperor, one by one is enlightened. Put your palms together and respect, and Shun Zun.

Buddhist words: Resign from relatives to become a monk, to understand the mind and to reach the foundation, to solve the inaction, the name is Shamen. Always practice two hundred and fifty precepts, advance and stop pure, for the four true ways, and become an Arahant. Arhats can fly and change, have a long life span, and move the world. The second is Anahan. Anaham, the spiritual god at the end of his life for nineteen days. Proof of Arahant. The second is Stuhan. The Stohan person will get an Arahant as soon as one pays it back. The second is Xu Tuohuan. Sudhahuan, seven deaths and seven lives, will prove to be an Arahant. Eros, like broken limbs, do not reuse it.

Buddhist words: A monk who is a monk has a desperate desire to love, knows from the source of his heart, attains deep understanding of Buddha, and realizes inaction. No gain inside, nothing outside. The heart is not tied to the Tao, and it does not graduate. No thoughts and no actions, neither repair nor proof. Without going to you, but admiring the most. The name is the way.

Buddhist sayings: Shamen shave your hair and shave your hair and shave your hair and shave your hair. One food during the day, one night under the tree, be careful not to stop! To make people fool, love and desire are also.

Buddhist saying: All living beings regard the ten things as good, and they also regard the ten things as evil. What is ten? Body three, mouth four, mind three. The three of the body, kill and steal prostitution. Four mouths, two tongues, evil mouths, false speeches, and verbal speeches. The three meanings are jealous and idiotic. If they are ten things, they are not following the holy way, and they are called ten evil deeds. It is the name of ten good deeds and ears.

Buddhist saying: People have many mistakes, without repentance, rest their hearts, sins come and go; like water returns to the sea, it gradually becomes deep and wide. If a person has had a past, he will clarify the wrong, correct the evil and do good, and the sin will be eliminated.

Buddhist saying: The wicked hear good things, so those who are disturbed, you should stop yourself, and there is no anger, and the evil ones come and evil themselves.

Buddha's words: Some people scold the Buddha when they hear about my abiding by the way and show great kindness. Buddha is wrong. He cursed, and asked, "The son obeys people with rituals, but if they don't accept them, the rituals return to their sons?" He said: Go home! Buddha's words: I am scolded by this son. Still responding to the sound, the shadow follows the shape, and will never leave, be careful not to be evil.

Buddha's words: The wicked hurt the sages, they still look up to the sky and spit. A virtuous person cannot regret, misfortune will destroy oneself.

Buddhist sayings: If you know how to love Tao, it will be difficult to understand it;

Buddhist saying: Seeing others do the way, helping them rejoice, and get great blessings. Shamen asked: Is this blessing full? Buddhist saying: For example, the fire of a torch, hundreds of people use torch to divide it, cooked food to eliminate the meditation, this torch is the same as before, and so is the good fortune.

Buddhist saying: It is better to eat a hundred wicked people, it is better to eat a good person; to eat a thousand good people, it is better to eat one with five precepts; to eat five precepts ten thousand, it is better to eat one Sudhahuan; It is better to eat one anahan for thousands of sturhams; to eat one hundred million anahs than to eat one arahat; to eat one billion arahats than to eat one buddha; to eat tens of billions and one buddha is not as good as one three generations of buddhas. Buddha: The Buddhas of the three generations of hundreds of billions are not as good as those who have no thoughts, no dwellings, no repairs and no certificates.

Buddhist words: People have twenty difficulties. Poverty and charity are difficult, noble and dignified, difficult to learn, to give up one’s life, to die, to see Buddhist scriptures, to live in the Buddha’s world, to tolerate lust and desire, to see good, not to be insulted, to be insulted, not to be insulted, to be powerful but not to be touched, touched It’s hard to do things without intention, to learn extensively, to get rid of me, it’s hard to get rid of me, it’s hard to do nothing but not to learn, it’s hard to be equal in mind, not to say right or wrong, to be good at knowledge, it is hard to see nature and to learn, it is hard to save people with change, to see the environment It's hard to stay still, and it's easy to solve well.

Sandman asked the Buddha: What is the cause and fate, knowing the destiny? Buddha's words: Pursue the heart and keep the will, but know the way. For example, grinding a mirror, the grime is clear and preserved; if you want nothing, you should be destined.

Sandman asked the Buddha: What is good? Which is the biggest? Buddhist words: the one who walks the way and keeps the truth is good, and the one who is in harmony with the way is great.

Sandman asked the Buddha: What is more powerful? Which is the most obvious? Buddhist sayings: Tolerance and humiliation, do not cherish evil, and add safety and health. Ninjas are evil and must be respected. Extinguish the grime, clean without filth, is the clearest. There is no heaven and earth, catch today; the ten directions have all, all without seeing, without knowing, without hearing, all wisdom, it can be described as clear!

Buddhist sayings: People cherish love, and those who do not see the Tao, such as clear water, stir it with their hands, and everyone will come together, and there is no one who sees its shadow. People are intertwined with love and desire, and their hearts are turbulent, so they don't see the way. Wait for Sandmon, and let your lusts go. The lust is exhausted, and the Tao is visible!

Buddhist words: If the husband sees the Dao, for example, if he holds a torch and enters the room of the meditation, the meditation will disappear, but the Ming will remain alone; learning the truth to see the truth, ignorance will cease, and the Ming will always exist!

Buddhist words: I have no thoughts and no thoughts, no actions, no words, no words, no cultivation and no cultivation. Those who meet are close to you, and those who are fascinated are far away! Words are broken, not constrained by things, the slightest difference, the moment to lose.

Buddha's words: Observe the heaven and the earth, think very much. Observe the world, think very much. Awareness of spiritual awareness is Bodhi. If it is knowledge, get sick!

Buddha's words: Remember the four great bodies in your body, each with its own name, and none of them. I have nothing, it's like a magic ear!

Buddha's words: People follow their passions and seek fame; fame is prominent, and they are dead! To be greedy for the common name of the world without learning the Tao is in vain. For example, burning incense, although people smell the incense, the incense is full of embers! The danger of fire is behind.

Buddha's words: Wealth is good for people, but people don't give up. For example, if the blade has honey, it is less than a meal; if a child licks it, there is a risk of tongue cutting.

Buddhist saying: People are tied to their wives’ house, rather than jail. There is a period of release from prison, and the wife has no desire to stay away. How can it be driven by love and eroticism! Although there is the danger of a tiger's mouth, the heart is willing and drowning in the mud, so it is called an ordinary man. Through this door, out of the dust Luohan.

Buddhist words: Eros is more than color. Sex is desire, it is nothing more than a thing. If the two are the same, the people of all heaven will be the ones who are incapable of doing the Tao.

Buddhist saying: Eros to people is like holding a torch and walking against the wind, there is bound to be burning hands.

The gods offer jade women to the Buddha, wanting to destroy the Buddha's will. Buddha's words: What are you doing here? go! I don't need to. The gods are more respectful, because they ask the Tao. The Buddha is an explanation, that is, Sudhahuan fruit is obtained.

Buddhist words: The husband is the Taoist, and he is still in the water, looking for the current to walk. Not to touch the two sides of the strait, not to be taken by people, not to be covered by ghosts and gods, not to live in drifting waters, and not to be corrupted, I guarantee this tree and decided to enter the sea. The person who learns the Tao is not deceived by lust, not by the evils, and is diligent and inactive. I guarantee that this person will gain the Tao.

Buddha's words: Don't even believe your meaning, your meaning is not credible. Be careful not to meet with sex, it will be evil. To have an Arahant is to be trusted.

Buddha's words: Be careful not to look at female sex, and don't talk together. If you talk to the speaker, you are thinking: I am Shamen and I am in a turbid world. I should be like a lotus, not muddy. Think of the old as the mother, the elder as the sister, the young as the sister, and the juvenile as the son. Born to get out of mind, to quench evil thoughts.

Buddhist words: The husband is the Taoist, if he is covered with hay, he must avoid the fire when he comes. The Taoist sees his desires, he must be far away.

Buddhist sayings: Some people suffer from adultery more than ever, and want to cut off their yin. The Buddha said: If you break the yin, it is better to break the heart. The heart is like a master, and if the master stops, the followers will rest. If the evil heart is not stopped, what is the benefit of breaking the yin? The Buddha's Sayings: If you want to be born in your mind, the meaning is born in your thoughts, each of your minds is silent, neither color nor action. Buddhist sayings: This verse is the sayings of Buddha Kassapa.

Buddha's words: People grow worry from lust, and fear grows from worry. If you are away from love, why worry and fear?

Buddhist words: The husband is the Taoist, such as one person fighting against ten thousand people. Hanging armor to go out, the mind may be weak, or retreat halfway, or fight to death, or win and return. To learn the Tao, Shaman should stick to his heart, be diligent and brave, defy the predicament, destroy the demons, and gain the fruit of the Tao.

Shamen chanted Kassapa Buddha's posthumous teachings in the night, his voice was sorrowful, and he wanted to retreat. The Buddha asked: What kind of karma was Ruxi at home? He said: I love to play the piano. Buddha's words: How is the string slow? He said: Don't call it! How is the string anxious? He said: The sound is absolutely extraordinary! How is the rush? He said to the opposite: Every sound is Puyin! Buddhist sayings: The same is true of Shamen's Taoism. If the mind is adjusted, Tao can be gained. If Yu Dao is violent, violent is tired. If the body is tired, it means annoyance. If the mind becomes annoyed, the action will retreat. Once his actions have retreated, the crime must be increased. But pure and peaceful, the way is not lost.

Buddhist words: If a person forges iron and turns it into a device, the device is refined. Those who learn the Tao, get rid of the stains of the heart, and the action is pure.

Buddhist saying: It is difficult for people to leave the evil way. Being a man, it is difficult to be a woman or a man. Having been a male, the six roots are completely difficult. With six roots, it is difficult to be born in China. Having been born in China, it is difficult for the Buddha to live. Since it is worthy of the Buddha's life, it is difficult for those who encounter Taoism. Having met the Tao, it is difficult to rejoice in confidence. It is difficult to develop bodhichitta if you have confidence. It is difficult to develop bodhicitta without cultivating and without proof.

Buddha's words: If the Buddha leaves me thousands of miles, remembering my precepts, he will gain the fruit of the Tao. Around me, although I am common, if I do not obey my precepts, I will not be able to do it in the end.

Buddha asked Sammon: How many lives are there? He said: a few days. Buddhist words: The son does not know. Repeated question to Shamen: How many lives are there? The opposite said: the meal room. Buddhist words: The son does not know. Repeated question to Shamen: How many lives are there? He said: Breathing room. Buddha's words: Goodness, I know it!

Buddhism: Those who study Buddhism should follow what the Buddha says. For example, if you eat honey, both the middle and the sides are sweet; I am also ill.

Buddha's words: Shamen walks the way, it is nothing like grinding an ox; though the body walks the way, the heart way is not good. If the heart and the way are going, why is the way the way.

Buddhist words: A husband who is the Tao is like an ox with a heavy burden. Walking deep into the mud, Tiji did not dare to look around. Sammon should watch lust, more than silt. If you think straightly, you can avoid suffering.

Buddhist words: I see the position of a prince, like a dust in a gap. Regarding the treasures of gold and jade, such as rubble. Depending on the clothes of the sisu, such as the paw. Regarding the Great Thousand Realms, it is like a myrobalan. Look at the water in the Aren’s pool, such as applying foot oil. As the convenient door, like a treasure gathering. Regardless of the superior, like a dream Jinpa. Seeing Buddhism and Tao is like a flower in front of you. See meditation, like Xu Mi Zhu. Seeing Nirvana is like day and night. Look right, like a six dragon dance. Regarding equality, as it is. See Xinghua, like Four Seasons Wood.