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LG Rolly is a clever rollable wireless portable keyboard

28 августа 2015 г. Комментарии: 0 FontSize:TTT

LG Rolly Keyboard

Portable keyboards are quite a popular edition to a mobile workers bag. Typing on a touchscreen has improved greatly in recent years, but it still doesn’t compare to tapping away on real, physical keys for an extended period of time. So portable keyboards became a thing, and manufacturers continue to try and make them smaller while still offering an enjoyable typing experience.

Microsoft did a good job with its foldable keyboard recently, but LG has come up with a very different way of making their new portable QWERTY keyboard small enough to fit in your pocket, let alone your bag.

It’s called the LG Rolly Keyboard, and it rolls/folds closed to form a pocket-friendly stick. LG has managed to do this without compromising on key pitch. Your typical desktop keyboard has a key pitch of around 18mm. The Rolly achieves 17mm.

The Rolly Keyboard achieves its tiny size by folding four times along the four rows of keys. The block of plastic it folds up against holds the wireless Bluetooth receiver and battery compartment for a single AAA battery. LG says it will last 3 months during “average use.” You can also use this area as a stand for your smartphone or tablet.

LG has linked the unrolling of the keyboard with switching the auto-pairing on and off, which it can do with two devices. Switching between those two devices simply involves a key press.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but LG will be demonstrating the Rolly Keyboard at IFA 2015 being held in Berlin between September 4-9. You’ll be able to buy it in the US next month and then across Europe, Latin America, and Asia at some point in Q4 this year.

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