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Kano DIY PC gets a build-your-own display kit

Saturday, September 5, 2015 Comments: 0 FontSize:TTT


Kano’s Raspberry Pi-based DIY computer kit was aimed at introducing curious kids and adults to the world of computing and coding. Now they’re rounding out the experience with a display that you can assemble yourself.

It’s not a completely build-it-yourself affair. You won’t have to find a clean room to slap on polarizers or anything. The Kano Screen kit is designed with the same Lego-like simplicity of their PC kit. You’ll get a taste for what it’s like to build a display without having to muck around with the more intricate parts of the process.

The Kano Screen features a 10.1-inch HD panel — HD meaning 1280 x 800, not full 1080p. It comes with a power splitter that can send juice to both the Kano and screen at the same time, and the plastic chassis is cleverly designed to do more than just provide multiple ways to prop up the display. It also offers enough room in back to stuff the Kano keyboard inside for easy transport.

The new Screen Kit is up for pre-orders right now, and you can grab one on its own for $109.99 if you already picked up a Kano. If you didn’t, you can snag both for $249.99. It’s not a huge savings, but that’s still $10 you can put toward your next DIY project.

You won’t have long to wait for it to arrive, either. The first batch of Kano Screen kits is expected to be delivered before Christmas. Perfect timing if you’re looking for a geeky gift for the kids or you just want to “Treat. Yo. Self.”

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