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Windows 7 machines can be sold for one more year

vendredi 6 novembre 2015 Commentaires: 0 Taille de la police:TTT


Not too keen on Windows 10? Even while it’s being offered as a free upgrade? Well, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be able to buy a new computer running Windows 7 until 2017.

They might not be easy to find, but they’ll be out there. Microsoft has just informed its Windows OEM partners that they can continue putting new Windows 7 systems on the shelves until October 31 of 2016. The extended sales window only applies to one version: Windows 7 Pro. Other Windows 7 SKUs have already passed their sell by dates. New Home, Ultimate, and Basic systems were cut off last year around this time.

Since it’s limited to Windows 7 Pro, you won’t have a wide variety of configurations to choose from. You should probably also expect to pay a bit of a premium, as laptops and desktops that are “configured for business environments” tend to come with slightly padded price tags.

Interestingly enough, Windows 7 Pro will outlast its successor. Windows 8 was released to manufacturing in August of 2012, and it can’t be pre-loaded after June of next year. Windows 8.1 will stick around a bit longer, but OEMs have to stop loading it by the same date as they have to shelve Windows 7 Pro.

After that last batch of systems has been sold, holdouts who are in the market for a new Windows systems will have only one pre-installed Windows OS choice: Windows 10. It’ll be over a year old by that point, and Microsoft will be well on its way to hitting the goal of getting Windows 10 running on one billion machines.

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