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250W Electric Bicycle 20inch Folding Ebike with 36V 7.5AH Removable Lithium ion BATTERY

250W powerful motor boasts top speed of 25km/h and tackles 30° hills with ease
PublishDate : 2021/08/23   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9101260  
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Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 15W Portable BATTERY Pack PD 5000mAh

Fast wireless charging to 15W
PublishDate : 2021/07/19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9101003  
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Magnetic Wireless BATTERY Pack USB-C 12W 5000mAh Powerbank

Connections compatible with MagSafe and USB-C
PublishDate : 2021/07/19   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100993  
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Universal Wireless LCD Display Button BATTERY Cars Trucks TPMS Vehicle Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System Stable Monitoring

DC8VDC30V Universal Car Truck TPMS Automotive Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring
PublishDate : 2021/07/12   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100926  
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Car BATTERY Charger 6 A 12 V Fully Automatic Charger with LCD Screen

Connect the power to charge automatically, precise control plus multiple protection, full charge will stop automatically, do not hesitate to use
PublishDate : 2021/07/09   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100909  
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Desktop UPS BATTERY Backup 850VA Uninterruptible Power Supply

The device shall cooperate with power supplies having an active power rating enhancement system (APFC)
PublishDate : 2021/07/01   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100825  
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500VA Interactive UPS BATTERY Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

A USB charging port (2A) for mobile phones and other portable electronic devices
PublishDate : 2021/07/01   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100824  
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850VA UPS BATTERY Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS serves as an emergency power generator that provides power to all connected receivers (via batteries) during a sudden power loss
PublishDate : 2021/07/01   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100819  
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1600VA Sine Wave Power UPS BATTERY Backup

Back up for BR 1600VA, Sinewave,8 Outlets, AVR, LCD interface
PublishDate : 2021/07/01   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100818  
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MicroSD AUX BT Wireless Headphones 1000mAh BATTERY Capacity Noise-canceling Microphone

High-definition omni-directional noise-canceling microphone ensures clear voice quality and eliminates noise.
PublishDate : 2021/06/26   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100753  
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Bone Conduction 5.0 TWS Headphones for iOS / Android, Built-in 180mAh BATTERY

Bone vibrator vibrates the ear bone to transmit sound without current disturbance, the music output is pleasant to the ear.
PublishDate : 2021/06/24   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100736  
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Wireless Protective Headphones with Built-in Mic 1500mAh BATTERY

The headphones are the perfect solution for people working on construction sites, production lines, in logistics centers, carpentry shops, construction machinery operators, etc.,
PublishDate : 2021/06/22   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100702  
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IPX5 Waterproof Earphones Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with 16H Long-lasting BATTERY Life

Equipped with 6mm pure low-frequency drive unit, full of pure ultra-low-frequency extension and ultra-high-frequency resolution.
PublishDate : 2021/06/21   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100678  
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Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones with Long BATTERY Life

The headphones are equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 interface. Certainly not without significance is the noticeably lower appetite for energy.
PublishDate : 2021/06/17   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100660  
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True Wireless Earphones BT Headphones with Chargig Case, Long BATTERY Life and Two Microphones

The TWS Earphones have 20 hours of total battery life, clean connections thanks to two microphones with ENC technology, automatic pairing and connecting.
PublishDate : 2021/06/15   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100646  
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Professional Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth Headset Binaural in-ear Earphones Standby BATTERY Life Mobile Phone Game Earbuds

Colorful lighting effects: smart equivalent, visual interaction, status prompts, clear at a glance .Bluetooth 5.0: Bluetooth 5.0 Smart is widely compatible
PublishDate :   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100531  
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Replacment BATTERY for Dyson V6

Perfectly compatible with V6, DC58, DC59, DC61 DC62 SV03 SV04 SV05 SV06 595 650 770 880 Animal DC72, DC74 series handheld vacuum cleaner
PublishDate : 2021/01/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100511  
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Replacment BATTERY for Dyson V10 SV12

High Capacity 2600mAh 25.2V battery for longer life
PublishDate : 2021/01/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100510  
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Replacment BATTERY for Dyson DC72 DC74 SV03 SV04

The capacity given in milliamps is real and provides a long working time
PublishDate : 2021/01/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100509  
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Replacment BATTERY 4000mAh 21.6 V for Dyson V8

High capacity 4000mAh lithium battery for Dyson cordless power tools
PublishDate : 2021/01/27   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100508  
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Replacment BATTERY for Dyson V7 SV11 3Ah 21.6V

Details: Li-ion 21.6V 3000mAh, for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Battery
PublishDate : 2021/01/27   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100507  
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Replacment BATTERY for Dyson DC16 Cordless Vacuum

Dedicated to vacuum cleaners:for Dyson DC16
PublishDate : 2021/01/27   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100506  
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Replacment BATTERY for Dyson DC62 SV03 SV05 SV07 Vacuum Cleaner

Lithium-Ion battery has no memory effect, can be charged or discharged as needed without losing capacity
PublishDate : 2021/01/27   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100505  
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Portable Fan With BATTERY

The ability to use a fan from a computer USB or other electricity
PublishDate : 2021/01/13   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100484  
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1100mAh Controller BATTERY for Xbox Series X S

Does not work with the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Pad
PublishDate : 2021/01/07   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100471  
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1000mAh Controller BATTERY for Xbox Series X S

This product is suitable for Xb Series X / S handles while charging and playing
PublishDate : 2021/01/06   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100465  
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Charger BATTERY Pack for PS5

Battery power detection function is set inside the product
PublishDate : 2020/12/29   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100437  
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Solar Power Bank 12000mAh Solar Emergency BATTERY

The solar power bank is designed for all devices that support the Qi standard and all phones, tablets, laptops, etc. powered via USB.
PublishDate : 2020/12/28   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100402  
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Solar Panel Solar BATTERY 5V 33W 30 50 12

PublishDate : 2020/12/26   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100381  
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Solar Panel Solar BATTERY 5W 12V Regulator Length 3 m

Solar cells convert energy from the sun into electricity. They are used to charge batteries or to power electrical devices directly.
PublishDate : 2020/12/26   SalesVolume:  
SKU : FS9100380  
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