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FirstSing website FAQs

1, To help companies make profits is tenet of Firstsing company.

All on the platform of Firstsing is free and will operate with the lowest cost.

Firstsing company attaches great importance to each detail of our orders.


The distributor's Web site, product quality, cost accounting, delivery time guarantee and the security of payment are completed by Firstsing. What distributors need to do is just to develop sales channels.


2, Purchase from a factory will be cheaper, why we must work with your company?

Many customers put all their efforts into the factories and always require the factories to produce their unique products.

As a result, we always want to earn more. But we always find that we are very tired, with

large inventory, others earn much more than us.


Whether the product can make profits and how much it can make are determined by the market, not by the factory.


Every day we only need to spend a little time to perfect the market, then we can ultimately help the factories to gain a stable development.


3: The platform of your company is too big, how do you plan to develop?


People live in this global village not only need the exchange of substances and information…

If you want to eat Italian food, if you want to work for the Americans, if you want to meet friends from the UK,

FirstSing company can locate the information to the city where you want to go, help you to meet friends all over the world.

Quickly join in the FirstSing platform, let the world know what you know.


4: Does your company's platform can supports PayPal recharge? What is the condition of recharge? What are the advantages?


All on the platform of Firstsing is free and will operate with the lowest cost

The platform does not accept PAYPAL or other online payment methods to recharge the account at present.

We know that the PAYPAL charges for recharge and withdrawals. And the fees for the account transfers are very high.


The recharge of FirstSing account is free, only the amount of actually arrive count.

Transfer between accounts is free.

Account withdrawals charges 35$ every time.

Withdrawal is free for HSBC bank account. (free areas charge is increasing)

China mainland RMB withdrawal is free.