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Изображение Digital to 5.1CH RCA Decoder

Digital to 5.1CH RCA Decoder

Артикул: FS996019
Digital to 5.1CH RCA Decoder
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Interface Description:
1. DC/9V: DC 9 V 1 A power input adapter 
2. POWER: power, POWER LED red light 
3. OPTICAL: Digital Optical (OPTICAL) audio signal input
4. D1: When the signal input to digital optical audio signal input, D1 LED blue lights 
5. COAXIAL: Digital Coaxial (COAXIAL) audio signal input 
6. D2: When the signal input to digital coaxial audio input, D2 LED blue lights 
7. AUX: 3.5mm stereo analog input interface 
8. 5.1/2.1: Output channel mode switching button, Cycle 5.1 and 2.1 channel 
9. SW: switch the key input channel (optical fiber, coaxial, analog stereo) Cycle 
10. SW: Subwoofer output channels 
11. CE: in the center channel output 
12. SR: Right surround channel output 
13. SL: Left surround channel output 
14. FR: Front right channel output 
15. FL: Front left channel output 

Package include:
1 x Audio Decoder
1 x Power Adapter(DC 9V 1A)--Please tell us your standard of the Adapter
1 x Fiber Cable(1M)