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Image de Blue Skull Oil Painted Designer Skin Vinyl sticker for  PS4 console and  controller

Blue Skull Oil Painted Designer Skin Vinyl sticker for PS4 console and controller

SKU: FS996545
Oil Painted Designer Skin Vinyl sticker for PS4 console& controller
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Blue Skull Oil Painted Designer Skin Vinyl sticker for  PS4 console and  controller 

Product Description

  • High-end Oil Painted Decal. Color will not fade under any condition. Please look the close-up pictures on the left for the oil printing details.
  • Highest Quality. "Anti-Slip" Grip. Will not Scratch, or Peel.
  • Precisely Cut for Microsoft Xbox One and Day One Edition controller (Console not included). Easy Access for Buttons, Controls, & Connectors.
  • Easy Install & Removal. Leaves No Sticky Residue Behind.

Package Contains
One(1) Xbox One Console Skin 
Two(2) Skins fits Microsoft Day One Edition Controller. 
- Actual Xbox One and controllers not included.

1) Clean the unit's surface as thoroughly as possible. Use rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth to remove any grease or other contaminates. Most issues of non-sticking are due to some type of oil or grease that is on the unit PRIOR to installation. 
2) Peel one piece of the Skin from the paper liner. NOT to let the adhesive side touch anything. 
3) Determine the placement, apply the Skin to the surface using your fingers or the side of your thumb, starting from one corner and working your way across the surface. 
4) If a piece is not going on straight, you can gently lift it back up. Do not stretch it from its original size. 
5) If installed slowly and carefully, there should be NO air bubbles left under the skin. Any air that may become trapped under the skin during installation will go away in time. 
Optional: For the best result, apply hot air to the decal surface to activate chemical agent for better stickiness. Using a hair dryer is fine. 

Simply peel off the sticker. No sticky mess or residue left. 

Due to occasional heat, cold, or moist conditions at warehouse or during shipment, a few decals may lose some stickiness and cause peeling after applying. Please contact us directly by clicking Contact Seller button on Amazon order page. We stand behind our products and guarantee you a satisfactory solution.