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Image de New smart wifi portable wireless waterproof speaker

New smart wifi portable wireless waterproof speaker

SKU: FS997138
New smart wifi portable wireless waterproof speaker
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Product Specifications

Wireless standards: 802.11b / g \ n, 1T1R frequency range: 2.412GHz-2.484GHz

Theoretical power: 3W * 2 Rated impedance: 4Ω

Signal to Noise Ratio: ≧ 85dB Frequency Range: 200HZ-20KHZ

Operating voltage: 3.7V WIFI transmission distance: 110M

Battery capacity: 4500MAH Charging voltage: DC5V

Music playback time: about 3-4 hours sound rated charging time: about 5-6 hours

WIFI Audio built-in rechargeable battery before first use, we recommend first WIFI sound fully charged. Plug the charger into the charging socket WIFI sound, then connect the charger best friends

Current power supply or a personal computer. When the red charging indicator, charging is completed, the indicator light turns off.

* Use only output DC 5V charger or computer USB *

WIFI audio connection

Use APP audio guide added WIFI network

1, the phone must be connected to a portable WLAN hotspot router or phone.

2, open sound long press the power button for 3 seconds at the sound just above the green light turned on, then the green light flashes, pay attention this time is starting WIFI system can not connect to WIFI. About 20 seconds after the power to hear

Sub-tone system startup is completed before they can search the audio connection.

3, APP Download

Using a mobile phone in the Baidu Web Search "MUZO Player" option to download the client "MUZO Player"

Audio guide added WIFI network

1: Open MUZO player on the phone, APP clients will automatically search WIFI audio equipment, audio equipment if there is on the same network has been connected to the current device will be displayed, if the current network

Audio equipment, click on the "Add Device" as shown below
2: At this time press "WPS" button for 3 seconds on the stereo, or "" button, the device will enter the audio configuration WIFI network status on the speaker. On the phone click "Continue" in the following figure.
3: When connected to WIFI Audio search, enter the password of the current WIFI network connection settings to connect, as shown below
4: After a successful connection device click "Finish" to enter MUZO player to play songs or select DLNA entrance music player offers various choices speaker for playback, as shown below


Phone WIFI Direct Connect

1: Sound power 20 seconds after hearing the electronic beep system startup is complete.

2: Open the phone system comes with the "WLAN" search for audio equipment, audio equipment name: YF801 _ ****. Click the connected device.

* Before the device name four stereo model is, after four audio is WIFI network MAC address, each sound has a separate MAC address *

3: After a successful connection, you can play "a local song" in MUZO Player "My Music" inside. You can also use the phone's other players. Due to differences in the various players, the player default

Play phone, you need to manually switch to WIFI audio player.

4: The same sound can make more than one phone connection.


AUX audio input

1: Insert a 3.5 audio cable to play music on your phone or computer.

2: Audio AUX input can be the same

1-- Press switch, short press to pause.

2-- press a key networking, press play APP preset a group of songs.

3-- long press one, press the volume increase.

4-- long press on a short press the volume down.

5-- status indicator, charging indicator.

6-- external audio input jack.

7-- charging socket DC-5V.


WIFI Audio Feature Description

Relations MUZO player and sound: APP is actually an advanced audio interface: The APP can be customized to suit a particular sound application environment. You can use the audio device keys

, APP control playback, select favorite radio station or music source (can be switched to a preset radio station or song category).
As shown in FIG favorite music or radio station preset operation

1: Select your favorite song to listen to in the single player or radio in MUZO in

2: After selecting the radio or choose to enter the song you want to hear

3: Then you can see in the far right song or radio station has a speaker symbol, click on the go can be preset

4: Click on an option to determine the preset is completed, play any song or radio station in the sound, as long as the short press "" button on the audio device you can immediately switch back to the preset song in a single track or electricity



WIFI Magical Sound

Since sound comes WIFI hotspot, WIFI sound can also help you expand WI-FI signal range, so that your music is not dead and WIFI signal in your home

① confirm WIFI audio has been connected to the network

② audio settings to find WIFI hotspot in the phone settings page WLAN or WI-FI

③ Click WIFI hotspots audio connection, (WIFI sound default no password, click on the connection)

④ complete, this mobile hotspot supports up to eight devices simultaneously access, please Enjoy

Modify APP play page can also be language and password: As shown in FIG operation



People share a WIFI Audio

The family bought a stereo after WIFI, usually a few people in the room to listen to music together. Everyone wanted to hear their own songs, each other will recommend favorite tracks. If we use blue

Teeth sound system only one person up to two people connected with Bluetooth audio, audio player when the current track, other people want to hear the song you want to play only disconnected, so that speakers connect to another

A mobile phone.

But if WIFI stereos, mobile phones have every audience APP, can be connected to the audio at the same time, share a playlist. For example, the next song I want to hear a song first designated, just from the APP

Select Add to Playlist to (of course, you can also directly switch), the owner of the APP will be able to see this song.

This is WIFI sound many advantages, WIFI technology inherently support multi-device connections, solve the problem of multiple audio control. Meanwhile, WIFI sound itself is a computer-based

EC, the hands of users phone, tablet, laptop just a remote control, to add to the playlist just the speaker issued a link to online music, mobile phones are not directly involved in the play, and not

There is a connection has a problem.


WiFi phone speakers will not take up the audio channel (video)

This is determined by the phone itself, but if you are using WIFI sound, the sound itself is able to work independently and did not take up the phone audio channels. The phone can play video will not be subject to any

Influence, neither pause the music will not let outside voices into the sound, the two are completely separate sound, as long as you want, you can always have around background music.

This is WIFI sound features, sound is working independently and does not take the phone audio channels, is no phone system will amplify sound out


1) Do not put this on the car stereo airbag position, because when the airbag system could cause serious injury.

2) Do not allow children to play with the sound, small parts may be a choking hazard to young children.

3) hospitals, blasting areas or places in potentially explosive atmospheres, the user may be required to turn off electronic equipment and radio.

When entering within a specific range, please note the relevant instructions.

4) Before boarding the plane, please turn off the Bluetooth audio, the aircraft can not be used in this sound.

5) To better protect your hearing, do not put the volume too high.

6) Do not attempt to make any modifications to the sound.

7) When the state of charge, do not clean the sound. Should first audio and charger separately, and then clean up.

8) Do not force open this audio built-in battery.