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Image de New multi-function card reader speaker built-in lithium battery mini speaker

New multi-function card reader speaker built-in lithium battery mini speaker

SKU: FS997167
New multi-function card reader speaker built-in lithium battery mini speakerwaterproof speaker OEM Bluetooth speaker
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Can be connected to the computer, MP3, MP4, IOPD, PC, NOKIA mobile phones, laptops and other audio output. Built in MP3 player, as long as the U disk, memory card, any mobile phone with U disk function, mobile hard disk and other plug on the speaker, you can enjoy the music.
Commodity description:
Digital power amplifier is the main role is to enable us to hear the soundtrack, the most authentic voice, more sweet song, sound more transparent air stronger sense of, and violin sound more real, the drum is more powerful, quiet background and low frequency power to shock the similar products cannot exceed the. Power utilization rate is high, super power, the outstanding performance of lithium mini speakers, a charge may be 3-5 hours of continuous play long, lithium battery life longer; product dynamic characteristics and good consistency, quality and stability; acoustic positioning accuracy: (THD-N) distortion 0.1%, completely into the audiophile music playback requirements; plug-in mini portable speaker phone, pocket size and its wonderful sound with "digital bass effect" will make you to be full of praise, this section sound box is now the latest fashions, adapt to the development requirements of the times. Easy to carry, so you in the journey or the outskirts of convenience to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.
1, can play your TF card, U disk, MP3 format audio files. Do not need to switch, remember to read automatically. Enjoy mobile music with powerful multimedia music speakers, perfect to listen to your phone's music player, support MP3, MP4, laptop, PC
2, designed for music mobile phones and laptops 3.5mm standard interface connectors, such as customer requirements, we can provide the interface
Connectors, while suitable for MP3/4, PC, iPod and various mobile phones. Therefore, the speaker can be applied to all music playing.
3, there is no need to consume mobile phone battery, its own rechargeable lithium battery, is a professional portable phone music equipment. Built in rechargeable
Electric lithium battery can work 3-5 hours, charging time 2 to 3 hours.
Parameter description:
1 maximum support 8GB TF Card /U disk memory card
2 speaker power: 4 3W*2
3 SNR: 85dB Audio: 150 ~ 18KHZ
4 audio interface: 3.5mm mini stereo plug
5 built in rechargeable lithium battery
6 charging time: 3 ~ 5h
7 power: output:3.7V 1000MA input:5V
8 with FM function, can automatically search for storage
IN LINE line
USB turn DC line
Specification (enclosed in box)