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Foldable Aluminum Alloy Stent Bluetooth keyboard Support Android Windows ISO

products.sku: FS997265
Foldable Aluminum Alloy Stent Bluetooth keyboard Support Android Windows ISO
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Foldable Aluminum Alloy Stent Bluetooth keyboard Support Android Windows ISO


Tablet pc:10 inch
Support System:Android,Windows,ISO
Battery:152mAh(Lithium polymer)

Applicable models: 10 inch
Support System: Android, Windows, ISO
Battery capacity: 152mAh (Li-Polymer)
Working Hours: 60h
Material: ABS + PC

Product Features:
1, two-fold slim design, aluminum metal shell material, high-end fashion comfortable, open together when not in use to use, easy to apply but also easy to carry;
2, the magnetic sensor switch intelligent, and self-timer function with Bluetooth shortcut button, the box quality ABS plastic injection surface treatment chocolate waterproof silicone keys, use feel good and durable;
3, support for Apple ios system, Andrews android system and Microsoft windows system, the most common smart phones and tablet PCs intelligent and powerful.
Bluetooth connection methods:
(Turns off automatically after about 3 seconds) will be lit blue indicator 1. Turn the power switch to open (expand) Folding Keyboard power supply that is turned on, normal open power
2. Turn on the power and then press the Fn + c Bluetooth pairing switch, turn on Bluetooth indicator will display blue lights flashed, this time showing a normal Bluetooth connection can be paired.
3. Open the Bluetooth keyboard, then Bluetooth is to turn the machine on top (usually set up inside), after searching the machine Bluetooth Turn on Bluetooth Bluetooth keyboard (usually displayed bluetooth Keyboard English) and click on the connection can be connected ( no distribution of the password, the connection will be displayed if the machine is connected successfully, indicating a successful connection can use a Bluetooth keyboard.)

1. a Bluetooth keyboard
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