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New USB LED Dual Charging Dock Charger Station with 2 Rechargeable Batteries For XBOX ONE S Wireless Controller

products.sku: FS997384
Gamepad Battery Dual Charging Dock
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1 Connect the USB cable to a device with a standard DC5V USB output or adapter.
2 Connect the MICRO connector of the USB charging cable to the MICRO connector of the battery pack to charge the battery pack directly:
3 to charge the battery pack, the battery pack indicator light, according to the size of the battery residual capacity, the normal charge time is about 4H,
4 This product is equipped with a battery pack for the monochrome indicator light, light color is green.
5 charge completed battery pack need to disconnect the power continuously, disconnect the power indicator light goes out.
6 battery pack is not installed in the handle, or have been installed on the handle can be used when the above charging;
     When mounted on the handle, the user can perform the game operation while charging.
7. Charge the battery pack with this product: (When the battery pack is installed on the XBOX ONE & S handle)
8 Connect the USB cable to a device with a standard DC5V USB output.
9 Connect the MICRO connector of the USB charging cable to the MICRO connector of the product. The lamp on the cradle is lit
     White light.
10 Finally, the battery pack has been installed XBOX ONE & S handle into the charging base of the product dual-charge slot, through the
     Product The dual-mount base charges the battery pack attached to the handle.
11 This double-charge in the handle on the battery pack is charged, the corresponding charge-bit indicator light orange, according to the handle on the battery pack residue
     Power size, the normal charging time is about 4 hours. Charging saturation, the seat of the indicator light on the white light.
12 This product can simultaneously charge two XBOX ONE & S handles that have a battery pack installed.
13 When you charge the XBOX ONE & S handle with this product, you must use the battery pack supplied with this product.
Third, the technical parameters
  1), the scope: for XBOX ONE & S original handle
  2), the input voltage: DC5V
  3), the charging current: 250 mA
  4). Battery pack output voltage: DC2.4V
  5). Battery capacity: 600mAh
  6), Material: imported ABS PA-757.
 7), product accessories: a double-charge base, a charging line. Battery Pack 2.