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Picture of iPhone Android Mini Remote Control Car Toys

iPhone Android Mini Remote Control Car Toys

SKU: FS982456
iPhone Android Mini Remote Control Car Toys
Agents: HobbyTech
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Full function remote control series PVC material Cars , remote control car remote control car with ordinary appearance no difference , the main difference is that the operating device . Ordinary car racing is operated using the remote control , will be bundled with a remote control device antenna , remote control cars and even some of the tail will have a long antenna , not only ugly but also affect the equipment bag. And this remote control car can be operated by remote control when the IPhone or Android phone connection is a signal sent by a transmitter .
Reorientation is to accelerate forward, backward, turn left , turn right,
Software Download : Apple Mobile "App Store" , the Android phone "Google Play each search software " after A-Control " to download and install , according to the software prompts to control the car.
Charging Method:
4 AA batteries ( required since the purchase ) mounted on the charger when the car is in the OFF state to connect USB charging , and USB body while red ; while charging transmitter , USB and also bright red transmitter light , when their full , all the lights go out.
Charging time: 20 minutes
Time : 15 minutes
Remote distance: about 6 meters
1 * Car
1 * Charger
1 * USB cable
1 * Transmitter
1 * English manual
Racing colors random delivery!