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Picture of Air smart wireless mouse remote control  full keyboard functions for PC tablet and TV box

Air smart wireless mouse remote control full keyboard functions for PC tablet and TV box

SKU: FS996803
Air smart wireless mouse remote control full keyboard functions for PC tablet and TV box
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Air smart wireless mouse remote control  full keyboard functions for PC tablet and TV box


This is a double-sided 2.4GHz wireless air mouse and keyboard. With the latest six-axis technology, this wireless mouse brings users better control experience. The mouse supports somatosensory game on the both sides and wireless music play. Have it, you have mouse, keyboard, remote controller, game joypad and sound box 5 in 1.

Multifunctional: Mouse, keyboard, remote controller, game joypad and sound box 5 in 1.
Six-axis sensor for accurate and fast control, creating better control experience.
Support somatosensory game on the both sides.
Wireless sound data transmission, built-in 3.5mm headphone jack, enjoy high quality music from the mouse. 
2.4G wireless technology, support long distance control.

Frequency: 2.4GHz wireless
Charging time: 2-3hours
Battery capacity: 320mAh
Support system: For Win XP, for Win 2000, for Win 7, for Win 8, for Win Vista, for Linux, for Android 4.x, for iOS, for Mac OS X
Color: Black 
Material: PC
Item size: 15.8 * 4.6 * 1.6cm

User tips:

1. Plug the USB receiver into the USB port of device .

2. Press the power button on the keyboard and the blue light will flash slowly. The light will flash with your every pressing on any key.

3.Traditional remote control function

Use the top sensor in the world : the six-axis sensor of the the supplier ST,which can be controlled fast and accurately by hands.  

◆ Long standby time.Theoretically, the standby time can be up to 2 years.  

◆ Built-in high-quality lithium batteries,with over-current protection function,that improve the lift of the device greatly . 


4.Wireless Mouse function:

Handling the wireless keyboard, you can move the cursor freely by moving hand in the air. Left key and Right key of the mouse can be operated like the keys of computer mouse. Press the Mouse key to turn off / on the mouse function.

◆ Multi-function remote control with keyboard , support to use the mouse both sides.

◆ Use the 2.4G wireless technology,support the distance can be up to 30m.infrared dual modes, support to use the infrared to wake up and standby

 ◆ The confirmed key and the left key of the air mouse can be adaptive each other ,easy to use.

◆ Mouse, keyboard and dame function can be switched by one key ,more convenient . 

◆ The left and right button are designed individually.The positioning is so accurate and the response is very sensitive. 

5.Wireless full Keyboard function:

A. Caps Lock: Press the Caps Lock to change over capital form and ordinary form. The red light is turned on to indicate capital form and turned off to indicate ordinary form.
B. Fn: Press Fn, when the red indicator lights, you can input the red part on the upper right corner of keys. 

QWERTY American standard full keyboard design. Inputting letters ,and playing games can becontrolled easily

6. Sound function:

Plug the USB receiver into device (such as computer, etc.), sound played in computer can be out from the wireless mouse. The sound data can be transferred in wireless way. The wireless mouse has built-in 3.5mm headphone jack. You can enjoy the CD-quality music through the headphone.

Voice function:

High- quality voice(the down sampling rate is 48KHz). The user can enjoy the CD-quality music though the headphones l 

◆  The input audio of the MIC uses the 16k sampling rate ,can guarantee a good call quality.
◆  MIC+Headphone+Handset. This high-end configuration can make you use it like a mobile phone.
◆  One key to switch the sound output from the local ones and the TV.

Headphone function

Built-in 3.5mm headphone jack ,high quality audio output .

7. Skype function:

Used with android TV stick, android smart devices or computers, you can make voice communication with your friends by Skype, MSN, QQ or other chatting software. Press the voice key, when the red light is turned on you can start to speak. When you want to stop the function press the key again, the red light will turn off to stop the use .

8. Game function:

Press the GAME key, when the indicator light is turned on the game joypad modes starts. Press the GAME key again to turn off the game function.

Somato sensory game function

◆  Support Somatosensory game on the both sides

◆  Support all kinds of games which need to click the mouse or touch the screen

◆  Use with MEASY media player , can support to play any games

9. Charging by USB:

When it is lack of power, the red indicator light will flash again and again. You need to charge the battery. Please connect the USB cable to PC or other devices. After full charge, the red indicator light will be turn off.

10. Pairing:

Press the left key and the right key at the same time. The blue indicator light will flash quickly to indicates pairing state. Please plug the USB receiver into the USB port of deice. After successful pairing, the blue light will be turned off.

The button function of the air mouse


Installation instructions:

Package list:

1 * Wireless mouse
1 * USB receiver (inside)
1 * Charging cable (USB to Micro USB)
1 * User manual