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Picture of Strong Aluminum Ladder 3x8 Universal Higher

Strong Aluminum Ladder 3x8 Universal Higher

SKU: FS9100976
Aluminum ladder 3x8 high: as many as 7 different positions in 1 ladder! Super universal, durable, multifunctional!
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Strong Aluminum Ladder 3x8 Universal Higher

Aluminum ladder 3x8 high: as many as 7 different positions in 1 ladder! Super universal, durable, multifunctional! Ladder hook FREE OF CHARGE!
7 different uses (described below)
placed on the stairs / universal
has polyamide rollers / durable
adaptation to stairs

Brief technical description:
ladder model: 3x8
3-piece ladder x 8 rungs each element
aluminum - resistant to weather conditions, light and strong
maximum load: 150 kg / rung
the ladder can be placed on the stairs
multifunctional - up to 7 different applications and working positions
universal - can be used on any surface
strong and durable fittings (ladder guides)
system of proper ladder unfolding
complete - delivered with a stabilizer bar and screws
grooved non-slip rungs
strong, durable anti-slip feet permanently attached to the profile
replaceable non-slip stabilizer feet
side profile: 58x23mm / wall 1.3mm (± 0.1mm)

The use of 6063 aluminum alloy in the construction of ladders, which, thanks to its properties, is the best material for light and durable structures.

Technical data:
total width of the narrowest element: 34cm (A)
total width of the middle element: 40cm (B)
total width of the widest element: 44cm (C)
stabilizer width (ladder base): 95cm (D)
ladder length when folded (transport / storage): 2.20m (H)
Ladder dimensions and possible settings

The working height is a guide showing the expected height that can be reached from the ladder. The working height shows the possible range of the ladder and is an approximate value used by most manufacturers.

non-slip feet and finishes permanently attached to the ladder's stringers - it is worth choosing a ladder, where all the safety elements (feet, plugs) are permanently attached to the guides. Our ladder systems use stamped fittings, making them durable and very heavy to remove.

Adaptation to stairs, i.e. HIGHER®️ STAIRS SYSTEM
A simple solution is used in the ladder, which makes it possible to set the ladder not only on a flat surface, but also on unevenness (stairs, slope). The system can be briefly described in 3 steps:

step 1 - you take out the last (narrowest element of the ladder), which will act as a height leveler
step 2 - place the ladder in a free-standing position
step 3 - the removed element is attached to the bottom using the mounting hooks / the adaptation is ready.
Thanks to this possibility, the ladder is very versatile. This practical solution will be useful to everyone.

The greatest advantage of 3-element ladders is their versatility. The ladder has as many as 7 different applications, which makes it a very wide and diverse application. Examples of applications and technical parameters are presented in the pictures.

Strong steel guides (fittings)
Strong steel embossed guides, galvanized and coated with powder paint, ensure the correct and safe use of the ladder. The guides allow the ladder elements to be kept in the correct position to ensure a high level of safety.

Safe and durable ladder spacing system
Strong, durable and weather-resistant polypropylene belts prevent the ladder from spacing too much, the so-called The "falling apart" of the ladder and guarantee the correct spacing. The ladders feature fastening of the straps on special steel movable buckles, which is the best and safest solution on the market.

Special plastic covers in the base of the ladder
Plastic overlays constitute the ending and protection of the aluminum elements of the ladder. They protect the sharp ends of the ladder profiles against accidental injury and prevent dirt from getting inside the ladder. The lower part of the ladder is particularly vulnerable to the ingress of dirt (soil sticking in when using the ladder on the lawn).

Safety tips with a special reinforced skeleton structure are made of very durable plastic. Special pads perform one more - very important function: they protect the place of fixing the stabilizer to the ladder stringers. There is no friction between metal and metal, thanks to which the stabilizer will last much longer.

Non-slip feet + wide anti-roll bar
Rubberized feet of the ladder and the stabilizer with an appropriate triangular structure and non-slip structure prevent the ladder from slipping. The feet are permanently attached to the aluminum elements of the ladder structure, which ensures increased safety. The stabilizer ladders is attached with 4 bolts for greater safety and stability.

Compatibility with accessories for ladders
The ladders are compatible with a number of available accessories that facilitate the use of the ladder, making it more safe and comfortable.

Strong rungs - extremely durable and solid fixing
HIGHER ladders use strong anti-slip rungs with a 25x25mm square cross-section. The rungs are attached to the stringers in the process of 32-fold pressing and expansion. It is one of the stages of a fully automated production process in one of the most modern factories. Thanks to the very precise processes of pressing and expanding the rungs - they are permanently connected and finished very aesthetically. The durability of the connections is very important because, in the case of poorly made fastenings, the rungs let go and the ladder slowly loses its stiffness, suitable only for replacement.

Ladders convenient for transport and storage
Universal 3-element ladders are foldable to a relatively small size. This allows for easy transport or storage of ladders. After folding, the ladder can be stored in the garage or utility room. A good way to store them is to hang the ladders on the wall on special hooks - it saves a lot of space.