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Picture of Leaning Aluminum Ladder 1x9 - 2.56m

Leaning Aluminum Ladder 1x9 - 2.56m

SKU: FS9101024
Aluminum ladder 1x9, length - 2.56 m (two-component feet with real rubber) + ladder hook FREE OF CHARGE!
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Leaning Aluminum Ladder 1x9 - 2.56m

Aluminum ladder 1x9, length - 2.56 m (two-component feet with real rubber) + ladder hook FREE OF CHARGE!

The most important technical data
ladder: 1x9 / one-piece ladder / 9 rungs
the longest length on the market - 2.56m
the largest working range on the market - 4.00 m
made of aluminum - strong and light at the same time
resistant to weather conditions
maximum load: 150 kg / rung
safety standards: TUV + certificate compliant with EN-131
possibility of professional use in industry
permanently fixed to the stringers, anti-slip grooved rungs
non-slip feet permanently attached to the profile
strong and durable two-component feet with a layer of real rubber
weight: 3.40 kg
side profile: 55x20mm / wall 1.3mm (± 0.1mm)
used aluminum alloy 6063 - the best material for the construction of ladders characterized by lightness and strength.

The ends of our ladders are made of two-component rubber elements. Thanks to this, we have gained excellent adhesion on both wet and slippery surfaces.

The rungs are exceptionally strong, durable and solid
The non-slip rungs of the ladders are suitably fastened to the stringers. During the 32-fold pressing and expansion, the rung is attached in an above all safe manner. A fully automated process takes place in one of the most modern factories in Europe. A very precise method of pressing and spreading the rungs allows for extraordinary durability and aesthetics of joints and finishes. It is not insignificant for the whole structure, because less made fasteners result in the rungs loosening, so that the ladder loses its rigidity and stability over time, making it unusable.

Two-component, non-slip feet covered with a layer of real rubber
In the case of the leaning ladders, we approached all details with due diligence. The greatest advantage of these designs is their endings. We moved away from plastic feet and using, among others rubber cover, we provide adequate adhesion and extended durability. Two-component feet with a layer of real rubber, several times more expensive, guarantee adequate adhesion of the ladder, even on slippery and wet surfaces. On the other hand, very solid mounting of the feet to the ladder stringers prevents them from falling out during the first use.

Instructions and instruction sticker included
Each of the ladders comes with an instruction manual (inserted into the rung), and there is a special sticker on the side profile with graphic instructions showing how to use the ladder properly.