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Picture of Free lunch at noon every day

Free lunch at noon every day

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Yuhuazhai is a spontaneous, public welfare, non-profit, free mutual aid vegetarian restaurant. The original proponent was the deceased elder Shi Wenquan, and people respect him as elder Yuhua. In 2011, Master Daxing, a disciple of Elder Yuhua, inherited and carried forward the spirit of Elder Yuhua’s compassion and love, and guided the establishment of the country’s first free mutual aid vegetarian restaurant "Yuhuazhai" in Hangzhou Jiande, and brought the excellent Chinese traditional culture The concept is integrated into the Yuhuazhai moral and righteous family. There is no organizational relationship, no personnel relationship or financial relationship, no requirements, control and management, and no economic exchanges between Yuhuazhai all over the country. It is entirely dependent on the spontaneous participation and self-organization of caring people from all over the country. In this way, Yuhuazhai continued for 8 years with the participation of more benevolent people. During this period, the number of Yuhuazhai did not decrease because it was free. On the contrary, it conveyed kind thoughts to more people and inspired more. Of people actively participate in this charity for the elderly. It is reported that there are thousands of Yuhuazhai free mutual aid restaurants all over the country, providing hundreds of thousands of free vegetarian meals to the society for each meal.
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A vegetarian restaurant in Huaide, free lunch every day at noon

 Small orange Fuyong people 2020-07-11

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Yuhuazhai: A vegetarian restaurant located in Huaide, which provides free lunch every day.


There really is a free lunch in the world

As the saying goes, there is no free lunch in the world.

In the past few days, Xiaocheng found a vegetarian restaurant in Huaide, Fuyong, which provides free lunch at noon every day.

The name of the vegetarian restaurant: Yuhuazhai.

As soon as they stepped into the store, the people in the store said warmly: Welcome home. They wear uniform green clothing, which symbolizes health and environmental protection. They have a smile on their eyes and a kind face, which makes me feel very kind and comfortable.

According to the patriarch (person in charge) here, Fuyong Yuhuazhai was established in 2015 and has a history of nearly 5 years.

Affected by the epidemic, the original dine-in meal has been packaged and taken away, and more than 1,000 servings are given out for free every day.

(Previously dine-in was very lively)

(Affected by the epidemic, dine-in meals are now cancelled and taken away instead)


Free volunteers and healthy and clean ingredients

The staff here are all volunteers.

Every day at 5 o'clock in the morning. They will appear in Yuhuazhai, doing unpaid "work".

With a joyful heart of free dedication, washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking, cooking, packing, cleaning, and cleaning, treat every family member who comes to Yuhuazhai sincerely.

Although it is a free meal, the choice of ingredients is very careful and strict to ensure that the ingredients are clean, hygienic, and healthy before they can be used with confidence.

(More than 1,000 dishes were cooked by a chef who has been a volunteer for five years)

Behind every meal is the heart of every volunteer. With altruistic and grateful hearts, they send love and care to those who need warmth.


Not only is the food free, but it also teaches people to be kind

Yuhuazhai not only provides free meals, but also teaches people to be kind.

The people who come here get not only a meal, but also a warmth, a care from others, and a heart full of gratitude.

(The side dishes here are very nutritious.)

When a group of strangers who don't know each other are grateful for something selflessly given, this kind of moving mood is beyond words.

Those who come here to eat include Buddhist believers, vegetarians, residents of surrounding communities, and some homeless people.

Yuhuazhai’s family members are very kind. They also helped homeless people become volunteers here, teach them to obtain food through labor, and bring convenience to others.

Because we are grateful, we cherish our good fortune even more. One meal and one dish are hard to come by, so people who come to eat will consciously finish all the food without wasting a grain of food.

(Xiaocheng took a home to eat, it was delicious, thank you!)

This is an ordinary place, because every day is rough tea and light rice.

But it is too extraordinary, because "one day of vegetarian food, one day of release", how many animals have been spared from killing, how many people are healthy physically and mentally.

(Yuhuazhai also organizes volunteers to assist the disabled,

Caring for the elderly, visiting nursing homes, etc.)

(The latest announcement of Yuhuazhai)

Yuhuazhai Fuyong Store

Address: Beside Huaide Village Committee, No. 136 Fuyong Avenue, Bao'an District

Meal time: 11:00-12:00 noon