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Picture of Chaihu Guizhi Dried Ginger Soup

Chaihu Guizhi Dried Ginger Soup

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"The one who is good at curing the skin and hair", if the treatment is wrong, the minor illness is the introduction to the serious illness.
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Chaihu Guizhiganjiang Decoction comes from "Treatise on Febrile Diseases·Differentiation of the Sun's Disease and Syndrome and Treat it". Based on the premise that “thoracic disease is a metastasis to the chest and abdomen of malignant tumors”, it is the primary syndrome of typhoid fever that distinguishes the pulse of the sun and treats it, the middle is the combined syndrome, and the next is cancer. Therefore, from the beginning of the 128 questions about "the disease has the chest and the hidden knot, what is the condition" at the beginning of the diagnosis and treatment of the sun's pulse syndrome, to the 142th article, they are all about the chest disease. Subsequent Articles 143 to 145 are about heat entering the blood room, distinguishing and distinguishing from the position of the disease. 
      The Chaihu Guizhi Decoction Syndrome in Article 146 is "the heart is branched and the external evidence has not been removed", and Article 147 is the syndrome in which the external syndrome has not been resolved but the disease is caused by the method to cause the disease to enter the inside. Those who have sweated and come back down, chest and flanks are full, slightly knotted, have trouble urinating, are thirsty and not vomiting, but have sweaty head, and those who are upset by the cold and heat. "Microknot" is quite meaningful. It should be said that it is related to tumors, which is now the so-called precancerous lesions, but it is relatively mild. Unlike Article 167, it has become incurable: By the side, those who have painful abdomen to yin tendons are called visceral knots and die." From the point of view of the cause, it is similar to tuberculous disease, "has been sweating and relapsed." From the point of view of symptoms, yang-deficiency water coagulation causes "the chest and flanks are full, slightly knotted, and has difficulty in urination." The heat is fumigated and the body fluid is consumed, so "thirsty but not vomiting, but the head sweats...upset", and there is a combination of cold and heat. Like. "Coming back and forth between cold and heat" is also a manifestation of the struggle between cold and heat.
     "The one who is good at curing the skin and hair", if the treatment is wrong, the minor illness is the introduction to the serious illness. Although Zhong Jing did not explicitly say, his intentions are clear. It's like talking about malignant tumors first, and then talking about tumors and epithelial hyperplasias. The contrast is strong, meaning that there are minor diseases that should not be underestimated. I wonder if Professor Liu Duzhou, who pays particular attention to the meaning of the typhoid provisions, is in the spirit of heaven.
      In clinical practice, Chaihu Guizhi Ganjiang Decoction is used as the main prescription for advanced jaundice of hepatobiliary, pancreatic and splenic malignant tumors. Because these tumors have advanced to advanced stages, the liver, gallbladder, dampness, heat and blood stasis are not exhausted but the middle Jiaoyang Qi has been lost, or the transformation from damp heat to cold and dampness, forming a situation of cold and heat cementation, and there may also be a mixed state of yin deficiency and water stop . This is a special syndrome after the application of Xiaochaihu Decoction and Yinchenhao Decoction (I created Ruangan Lidan Decoction on this basis). This is also one of my general observations on the law of the transformation of syndromes in different courses from the perspective of disease differentiation.
      Then analyze the composition of Chaihu Guizhi Ganjiang Decoction. The original recipe evolved from Xiao Chai Hu Tang. The addition of oysters means "If the skin is hard under the flanks, then jujube is removed, and oysters are added." Jiagualou root is a must for "thirsty", and thirst is the result of heat. In this way, cassia twig and dried ginger dispel cold, scutellaria baicalensis and fennel root clear heat, and they are used to cement cold and heat in pairs. Guizhi transforms qi into water, and Gualou root produces body fluid to quench thirst. It also has the meaning of moisturizing and using for dryness. This melts the cold and heat and moisturizes the dryness in one furnace, and it won't work without licorice. Of course, Bupleurum is a king medicine, and the disease position is not allowed. The "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" says : "The main body of the stomach in the stomach, the accumulation of food, the cold and heat evil, the old and the new", just 20 words, except for the word "Lord" Apart from the abstract "introducing the old to bring forth the new", almost all the shadows can be found in my above discussion. Isn't it accidental.