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Picture of Guo Leaking Master, after three or four years of recitation of the Buddha, he stood and left. After leaving, he stood for three days, waiting for Master Dixian to come and do his funeral

Guo Leaking Master, after three or four years of recitation of the Buddha, he stood and left. After leaving, he stood for three days, waiting for Master Dixian to come and do his funeral

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One sentence of Amitabha is called specialization, and it is the key to success
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Old Master Di said: Earlier I had an apprentice. This person is a craftsman. As the saying goes, "pot leak maker", that is, if the plate, dish, bowl, or magnet is broken, you can repair it with a saw before using it. There is no more at this time. . In ancient times, three or four bowls can be sawn on, and they can still be used the same way. Foreigners don’t know what Chinese saw bowls and basins are? This saw can still be used, people were frugal earlier. At that time, Di Lao was practicing Zen in Jinshan. He had lectured on sutras in his early years and had lectured for several years. People said that he hadn't participated in Zen, and his words were not effective. What does Di Lao think of Zen Zen? Di Lao lived in Jinshan for many years, where he went back to Zen, and only then did some people believe and listen to the scriptures.

He was a friend when he lived in Jinshan. One day, a fellow came from his hometown who was his playmate when he was a child. Di Lao Master was originally a businessperson and studied medicine with his uncle. At this time, he was a confidant in Jinshan, so fellow villagers came to him. The craftsman who saw the bowl asked him to become a monk and to recognize him as a master. The old Master Di said:'You can't do it! You are going to be a monk, you are so old! More than forty! If you haven't studied before, you can't study the Confucian classics, and you can't stand asceticism. Don't you become a monk and cause trouble? 'Persuaded him many times, he insisted that he must be a monk. I’ve known this since I was a child, and I am a fellow. Di Lao had no choice but to say: “You must be a monk, you have to listen to me, and I will accept you as an apprentice. '

He said:'Of course, I recognize you as a master, and I must listen to what you say. '

Di Lao said:'If you listen to me, you are so old! It’s too late to learn the classics, so just practice directly and just listen to me. '

He said:'I listen to everything you say, as long as you make me a monk. '

Di Lao said:'Earlier, there was a craftsman who became a monk and became a monk, so you can learn from him. '

He said:'You only need to accept me as an apprentice, what do you say, how do I listen. 'So Di Lao continued:'You don't have to take the precepts after you become a monk. I will find a small temple for you. Do not go out of the temple and recite the Buddha faithfully. I will find a few merit masters for you to support you and provide you with food. '

At that time, there were many people who believed in Buddhism in Ningbo in the south. There were small temples in almost every village, and there were people who worshiped and believed in Buddhism. I have been there and lived there for three full years. I will find you a small temple. You don’t need anything in it. All you need to do is to say the six words'Nanmu Amitabha'. If you are tired, you will rest. Read it again when you’re resting. Don’t worry about anything in the night and day. I’ll find a good deed for you when you have two meals. The old Master Di was also very famous (prestige) at that time. There were many believers, so he asked someone to do this, and taught him how to practice. It was retreat, also called convenient pass. A small temple lived alone, and there were old ladies every day. Come and cook two meals, and he won't do business (craftsmanship). The old Master Di told him that this practice must be a good way, and that one practice will definitely benefit him. He doesn't know what benefits he will gain in the future? Di Lao returned to Jinshan.

After three or four years of work, he did not go. He was brave and diligent when he first started his mind.

As the saying goes:'One year of being a monk, the Buddha is in front of you. After three years of being a monk, the Buddha is far away from Lingshan. '

When a person first starts his mind, he tells this method, and he is sincere and cultivates to the end. It's not a matter of slack after a long time.

He listened to Di Lao's words, as long as he woke up, he would recite the Buddha. He used to do craftsmanship to pick things, his legs were vigorous, so he walked around the Buddha and sat down when he was tired. Old Master Di doesn't know how he reads? Just read it for three or four years.

One day, he told the old lady who was cooking:'Tomorrow you don't have to cook for me, I won't eat lunch. 'The old lady thought someone would invite him tomorrow. Haven't seen him go there for three or four years? He said that he has two relatives and friends in the local area. He said to the old lady:'You won't use it for cooking tomorrow morning. 'The old lady thought he was going out, someone must invite him to dinner tomorrow. The next day the old lady was worried about Master. When she was eating, she went to the small temple to see if he had come back? The small temple is poor and is not afraid of stealing. Although there are doors, the old lady said:'Master has returned from dinner. 'No one agreed.

Entering the room, I saw him standing under the bed, facing out the window, holding a number of beads in his hand. The old lady didn't answer when she asked him. She looked closely at the master was dead, standing dead, and Nian Buddhism standing dead.

The old lady was startled, and she said to the neighbors:'The master stood and died. 'Now a lot of people have come to see it. Seeing Master holding count beads in one hand and ash in the other hand , he opened his hand and saw that he had eight or nine yuan in his hand. (Note: Silver Circle). At that time, the spittoons used by southerners to spit were not of foreign magnetism, and there was a bit of water in them. It is a gray box, a square pallet, and a small ash is placed in the box. People spit in the ashes. If it falls the next day, it will be replaced with a new ash. Looking at the spitting gray box, there were small grays inside and out. He pinched a handful of grays in his hand, holding eight or nine yuan in his hand, showing the ocean. People understand that he must have saved a few dollars when he was doing crafts and doing business. At that time, Dayang money was very expensive, and there was no locker or lock for storing it, so he was buried in a sputum box. Whoever steals would never think of stealing it in a sputum box. He was afraid that others would not know after he died. He grabbed the money in his hand and stood chanting Buddha. He was prepared to take the money and let people see how to handle the funeral affairs. This should be the truth. This is what the old Master Di said.

Later, several of his guardians sent a letter to the old Master Di, saying:'Your apprentice stood and died. 'Die Lao came the next day by boat. It took him two or three days to see him standing like that, just standing straight like this. Only then did Teacher Di take care of the funeral for him.

After Ding Lao watched it, he was very amazed and said:'You are not a monk for nothing! No one can compare to you in your achievements, the great master who preaches the scriptures, and the abbot of the famous mountain and treasure temple! '

One sentence of Amitabha is called specialization, and it is the key to success.

I said that this old Master Di has two apprentices, one is practicing Zen and the other is practicing Buddha. You all compare, the Zen Zen practitioner has worked hard for several years and became a master of the land. This craftsman pot leaker, who chanted Buddha for three or four years, left when he stood, and stood for three days after he left! At last it is really good. I heard Old Master Di say twice, this is true and it can warn people. Today, I said this. Everyone should know that the method of reciting the Buddha is much closer than practicing Zen. As long as you are willing to recite, without doubt, mixing, and uninterrupted, you will surely be able to go to the kingdom of Buddha.

                                                       Master Gonglu Kuixu "Reminiscences of Shadows and Dust: A Buddhist Monk"

Master Suixu also talked about a Buddhist monk before he was alive when he taught the pot leaking master to recite the Buddha, which is also attached today:

Master Kuixu tells stories: Buddhist monks participating in Zen


I remember saying, I said it two years ago, but I rarely say it recently. A person who practices Zen and a person who recites Buddhism. Compare the two. I used to learn from the old Master Dixian, and studied with him. Listening to the old Master Dixian said: "It is good for yourself, and it is also good to talk to others. Those who don't work hard will work hard, and those who can work hard will use it even more. 'So I also talked about, there are also some that have been heard, and some have not been heard. Whatever has been heard is random, and what has not been heard should also be listened to.

Old Master Di Xian accepted two apprentices, and there was a big disciple. This person simply said that someone introduced him to a monk with Di Lao. Before he became a monk, he was married, had a wife, and gave birth to a little girl. The family discussed that he was going to become a monk. Of course, his wife was unwilling. It might be difficult to say that it was a good destiny in the future. He likes to participate in meditation, to participate in meditation, where to go to meditation? Our most famous temple in China is Jinshan Temple in Zhenjiang, which was built on a small island in the Yangtze River. He started to become a monk himself, and of course he was very sincere. He didn't want the family, and his wife became a monk first without discussing it. He didn't care, anyway, he was going to be a monk, and he didn't care if he was noisy to make a living. He went to practice, so the old Master Di sent him to Chushan Chantang to practice.

He practiced very seriously. He has practiced for more than ten years. He has a reputation for practicing meditation. He also accepted a lot of apprentices and became the first seat. There are apprentices and some provide for them. There is no shortage of food, clothing, and housing. Greed arose in my heart, and there were food, housing, and respect, and I felt a little complacent in my heart. When you see that Zen is not easy, he will be delusional and triumphant. Don't you know that when he became a monk, the ghost of his wife followed him for more than ten years. His wife did not agree, and did not want him to become a monk. The ghost followed him and tried to disturb him. He really has the skill to practice meditation, and he has the blessing of the Dharma protector, and the ghost cannot approach and confuse him. As soon as he was delusional, greedy, and complacent, his Taoism and deeds retreated.

When the guardian god is gone, the ghost will succeed, and immediately pounce on him, fascinated by him and ask him to throw him into the river. He was unable to rule because of greed and deceit. Jinshan Temple is surrounded by water, sunny, and the mountains are like the sky, in the Amaterasu River. He was going to be thrown into the river. He was possessed by a ghost, and he couldn't help being thrown into the river. Someone saw him and rescued him, saying what's the matter? He doesn't know what's going on? A few days later, he was thrown into the river again, and he was rescued again. The monk Jinshan abbot said:'This is not good! The first seat is enchanted. He doesn't understand water, don't drown! Hurry up and report to him, Master Di Lao, and ask Di Lao to pick him up. '

At this time, his master Dixian, the old master, was building a temple in Ningbo, and the temple collapsed and was rebuilt. Jinshan Temple sent a letter and said:'Your apprentice has voted twice with us. Jiang did not die. Ask him what's going on. Confused, please take him away! 'The old Master Di thinks that he is his apprentice, and others can't go there. The old Master Di only has to go to the Jinshan Temple in person. Let him come and he won't come yet, let him go and don't go. This is all heard from the old Master Di, and it's all true.

In fact, he just threw the ghost on him and got confused. Normally, he was like a good person and said good things. He didn't know when he said that he was throwing into the river! Di Lao said:'Let's go! Don't mess up, everyone is a cultivator. You can go back to Jiang on the left, and go back to Jiang on the right. Come with me! '

At that time the ship was flat-bottomed, walking in the river, there were two sleeping bunks in the ship, one at the bottom and one at the top. The old Master Di slept underneath, he was on top, and he went back to Guanzong Temple in Ningbo by boat without incident. Because he has been in Jinshan Temple for more than ten years, he is a person of identity and the first one. Of course, there is a squatter. This will be fine. One morning when he had a meal, he did not go to eat. The old Master Di was worried about him. He asked the servant to look for him. There was no one in his house, and the back window was open. The old Master Di said, "It's broken! not good! The door of this room is closed, he goes out through the window, it's not good! This may be thrown into the river or into the river. '

At this time, call the public in the temple to find it separately! There is a moat near the temple and the water is deep enough for sailing boats to enter. First of all, they found no one in the temple, and the public looked around along the river. The river surrounded the temple and passed through the city. After searching for about half a mile, they found that he had drowned in the river. Carry it back to the monastery and chant the scriptures for him to bury it.

At this moment, his youngest daughter when he was a monk has grown up, and her daughter is married. In previous years, his father was a monk and his mother died, so he lived with relatives and grandma. Today his daughter came, and Di Lao was sending people to deliver letters to his daughter, both in and outside the city. Seeing his daughter crying, he told Di Lao that I had a dream at night and that her parents took office today. , Di Lao asked what job? She said that her father was the landlord in the Dili Temple and her mother was the grandma of the land, so Di Lao suddenly realized and understood the reason. Just outside the temple, a land temple was recently built,

At this time, the fellow initiates chanted to him, and his daughter cried. Di Lao said:'You become the Lord of the Land today, and we supersede you, you must also show us your spirits! 'At this time, there was a whirlwind, which was very big. After a long time, Di Lao said that this must be his manifestation. The old Master Di said that these are for example the difference between the thoughts of the Zen people, and it ended up like this.