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Picture of Wang Sanhu on Diet Therapy·Pork and Pig Skin

Wang Sanhu on Diet Therapy·Pork and Pig Skin

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Pork, as the most commonly used meat food, is good for people's freedom, but most doctors don't think it is optimistic, and even think it is poisonous.
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Pork, as the most commonly used meat food, is good for people's freedom, but most doctors don't think it is optimistic, and even think it is poisonous. "Ben Cao Hui Yan" quoted the representative Shao Zhenren: "Except for the belly ointment, the pigs are all poisonous and sick, and people learn to do it without observing it. Those who are strong or temporarily eat harmless, and those who are sick must not know it." The harms are listed later, so I won't repeat them here. most of the radical remarks mentioned above can be imagined, or heard by others. But nowadays, the abundance of items is better to be believed.
 It is worth mentioning that the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing was the first person to make good use of pig bile and pig skin. It is not only used for laxative enema, but also used in Baitong Decoction and Tongmai Sini Decoction, which has become an emergency aid.
 Is pig skin a pig skin? Can't take it for granted. Wang Ji once verified: “Leather, the skin is thick inside the skin; the skin is thick outside the leather.” Therefore, Wu Shou was right: “It's also because you scrape the white dander from the hair when you suffocate a pig.” The reason why pig skin is explained is that it is unknown, so too few people use pig skin, and the mechanism is not clear.
"Treatise on Febrile Diseases" "  Shao Yin disease, diarrhea, sore throat, chest full of upset, pig skin soup is the main one." Fang uses "pig skin (one catty) right one flavour, take a bucket of water, boil five liters, and remove it. , Add one liter of white honey, five combinations of white powder, boil fragrant, and make each other, warmly divided into six servings." Duo Shunwen interpretation of this article. this is essentially the advanced stage of malignant tumors or multiple diseases, mixed with dryness and dampness, hot and cold at the top, and difficulties in medication, Zhang Zhongjing's magic trick.
"Changsha Yaojie" says: "Pig skin, benefit the throat, reduce swelling and pain, clear the heart and lungs and relieve troubles." In this case, no matter how good the medicine is, it will not be supplemented. Only pig skin is not greasy. , Can be accepted, and pig skin is cool and fur, good at clearing lungs, lung qi is clear, floating fire returns to the root, sore throat and irritability are relieved. Then use the sweet white honey to moisturize the dryness, and the sauteed white powder to astringe the intestines to relieve the benefits. To moisturize dryness and tonic in food, nothing more. In fact, at the time of a critical illness, all the delicacies of the mountains and the sea will be vomiting. Only the most digestible daily foods such as rice soup may be barely absorbed by the stomach, so the emergency is just in case.