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Picture of After reading it, you will never fight again

After reading it, you will never fight again

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In the world, "admitting one's mistakes" is the most precious treasure in the world; if you do something wrong without admitting your mistakes, it is the most annoying
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I'm telling you a joke now. In fact, this is true, and it is also to teach you how to live your life in the world. 

In the world, there are two neighbors on the left and right. The one on the left is noisy day by day, and there is noisy day by day. Not only does the couple and children quarrel with each other, sometimes the children also quarrel with their parents. Too much noise, everyone is annoying! And their neighbors next door are a very happy family with loving parents and filial filial children. 

One day, the noisy neighbor on the left came to visit the neighbor on the right. "Our house is really noisy. Why is your family so happy? Not only didn’t you listen to your noise, but you didn’t even speak loudly. What is the secret, please teach us to change the troubles in our family." 

"Actually, it's nothing! But if you want me to talk, I'll just talk, that is, your family is all good people, and my family is all bad people!" 

"What the hell does this mean?" 

"Your parents, children, and brothers are together. You do everything you do wrong, and you do what you do right. Your family thinks you are a good person, and you blame others for doing things wrong. But in our family, everything is done wrong by "I", "You" is not wrong, it is me who is wrong, I'm sorry! That's it." 

A person is not afraid that you do something wrong, a person is not a sage! Who is not at fault? You have to admit your mistakes when you are wrong. I'm most afraid of not admitting mistakes when I am wrong, and telling others that I am wrong, so that not only brothers quarrel, but mother, daughter, father and son will quarrel. 

The friendly family all said, "I am a bad person, and I did everything wrong!" Do you think this is a bad person? In the noisy house, they often say: "I am a good person, and he does everything wrong!" Do you understand this philosophy? 

For example, it seems like half of a cup of tea is drunk, and my brother just put it on the table. The little brother came and touched rudely, knocked off the cup, broke the cup, and burned his hands. 

The older brother scolded him: "Why did you break my cup?" The younger brother said, "Why didn't you put the cup away?" The two quarreled. 

If the elder brother sees his brother broke the cup, he will say: "Is this water hot to you? I blame it for not setting it up." The younger brother also said, "I accidentally broke the cup. I'm sorry!" Isn't the world peaceful? 

Everything has a cause and effect, and there is a current cause and effect: if you blame others for being bad, they will also blame you; if you condemn yourself for doing something wrong, then any mistake will be tolerated by others. Everyone keeps this concept well for others and the world, then you will be peaceful everywhere in the world. 

Don’t just know how to recite the Buddha and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, "the heart is the Buddha, and the Buddha is the heart"! Calm down in your heart first; just recite the Buddha, and it won’t work if the Buddha in your heart becomes unsettling. If you feel uneasy in your heart, you will become more annoyed when you recite the Buddha. In everything you need to go back to yourself, don't just blame others. This is true knowledge! 

Everyone is going to the mountain to get the treasure, the treasure of the Dharma must be collected, and the treasure of the world must not be dispensed with. In the world, "admitting one's mistakes" is the most precious treasure in the world; if you do something wrong without admitting your mistakes, it is the most annoying.