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Picture of Ladder Aluminum Articulated 4x2+ Platform

Ladder Aluminum Articulated 4x2+ Platform

SKU: FS9101040
The ladder can be used as a working platform (steel platform included, free-standing ladder and as a leaning ladder.
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Ladder Aluminum Articulated 4x2+ Platform

4x2 articulated aluminum ladder (with a platform in the set) 7in1

4x2 articulated aluminum ladder with a platform - it is the most universal ladder available on the market. The ladder can be used as a working platform (steel platform included, free-standing ladder and as a leaning ladder. The greatest advantage of the ladder is its multifunctionality and compact dimensions after folding. The 4x2 ladder opens a series of articulated ladders available in our offer.

Application: can be set in 7 positions
Number of rungs: 8 (4 elements, 2 rungs each)
Ladder weight: 14.5 kg
The width of the stabilizers: 60 cm
Maximum load: 150 kg / in accordance with EN-131
Safety: Declaration of Conformity EN-131
Transport dimensions: length - 68cm x width 36cm x height 25cm
Side profile: 60 x 20mm
Wall thickness: 1.30mm (± 0.1mm)
Rung cross-section: 28 x 28mm / thickness 1.30mm
Profiled, non-slip rungs
Wide stabilizer with non-slip feet
6 joints (strong, steel, galvanized)

A - working height * - approx. 2.70 m (position - working platform)
A1 - platform height - 0.70 m (as a working platform)
B - working height * - approx. 3.20m (position - free-standing ladder)
C - ladder height - 1.20m (position - free-standing ladder)
D - working height * - approx.3.50m (position - leaning ladder)
E - ladder length - 2.50m (position - leaning ladder)
Transport dimensions: length - 68cm x width 36cm x height 25cm
* The term “working height” is a term used to give the approximate height to which a ladder can be reached safely. These are checked, average values adopted by most ladder manufacturers.

The most multifunctional and compact 7-in-1 ladder on the market!
It does not matter if you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast - this ladder will surely be an indispensable tool in your workshop. Compact, robust, multifunctional - all in one ladder. You can easily transport it in the trunk, put it in a garage, workshop or even in an apartment. The use of 6 movable steel joints in the ladder allows you to set the ladder in as many as 7 different combinations - this makes it the most universal ladder on the market.

There can be many ideas for using a 4x2 ladder. The 4x2 articulated ladder can be converted into a working platform with a height of 80 cm and a working range of approx. 2.80 m. The ladder is equipped with a special anti-skid steel platform, which can be installed quickly. Thanks to this function, you will not have to use platforms or scaffolding. The height of the ladder will allow you to easily carry out most of the work in interior spaces. If you need to turn your ladder into a work table or a bench - no problem!

Do you know that some of our clients use our ladder in the following position as a mantle for cutting wood, and by laying a piece of board - you can get a quite ingenious work table, which will certainly work as a temporary solution at any construction site :)

A special galvanized steel platform with anti-slip perforation
The 4x2 articulated ladder is equipped with a special steel platform, thanks to which you can use the ladder as a platform or scaffolding. The steel platform, thanks to the perforated surface, is non-slip and very safe. Special hooks on the rungs prevent the platform from "sticking out" during use. Thanks to the galvanized coating, the platform is very durable and will serve for years. The platform intentionally consists of 2 parts - larger and smaller, thanks to which the ladder retains compact dimensions after folding, and moreover, the 2-part platform is much more durable and less susceptible to mechanical damage. The platform has special ribs, which stiffen the whole structure, and the embossed holes additionally have an anti-slip function.

Free-standing painting ladder with a working height of approx. 3.50 m
The 4x2 articulated ladder can also be folded out in the classic position, the so-called free-standing, also known as a painting position. This setup allows you to do most light work without leaning the ladder against the wall. The working height in this position is about 3.50 m. Note that a traditional painting ladder made of wood is several times heavier and much less durable, and most importantly - large and bulky to transport and store. This ladder will replace painting ladders as well as other cumbersome and bulky ladders with traditional constructions.

Leaning ladder that can be put away from the wall.
The articulated ladder can also be folded out as a leaning ladder (position of the longest ladder), thus reaching a length of 2.50 m and a working range of 3.50 m. This is a function of a traditional leaning ladder. Thanks to the joints, we can fold the last element, thanks to which we get a solution in the form of a distance from the wall, which often helps in work, increasing the convenience and comfort of work - such a solution is no longer available for a traditional leaning ladder.

Steel and indestructible joints - the greatest advantage!
The structure of the ladder is equipped with strong steel joints that enable smooth and quick change of the position of the ladder. The joints are riveted to the ladder profile, which also allows their replacement (as a movable - operating part). The joints are also a part of our ladders that distinguishes them from the competition.

Large, strong steel joints used in our ladders are characterized by high strength, durability and reliability. We have made every effort to ensure that our joints are of the highest quality. We can boast that they are reliable and the lightly working locking system ensures fast and comfortable service. Remember that as a manufacturer of these ladders we provide all replacement parts. Our joints are riveted to the ladder profiles.

It is a consumable part - when the need arises, you can easily replace the joints, which can be purchased from us as a separate part. We provide a full functionality guarantee for our joints!

Compact dimensions, easy to transport and store
When folded up, the ladder takes up little space and is easy to transport and store. It easily fits into the trunk of a car, workshop or garage. The compact design of the ladder makes its carrying and storage easy and pleasant. It is the clever design and compactness that make this ladder unique.

Safety in 1 place - stabilizers and non-slip feet
The HIGHER articulated ladder is much more stable and safe thanks to the transverse stabilizers. Additionally, to increase safety, the stabilizers are equipped with non-slip feet made of a special blend, which ensures safe and stable positioning of the ladder. Note that the places where the stabilizer is attached are specially sealed to prevent dirt from getting inside the ladder profiles.

Non-slip rungs - safe use.
The 4x4 articulated ladder, in accordance with safety requirements, is equipped with grooved rungs, which significantly increases the safety when using the ladder.

Compliant with the European Standard EN-131
The offered ladder complies with the EN-131 standard, which means that its structure has been developed to meet all safety requirements adopted by the standard for aluminum ladders.

Unusual 7in1 possibilities / one ladder - 7 uses!
Thanks to the use of 6 joints in 3 places of the ladder, it can be set up to 7 different combinations. The ladder can be freely folded, set in different positions, placed on the stairs. You can adapt it to the task you have to perform.