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Picture of Smartwatch Watch Smartband Male Stepmeter SMS, built-in microphone and loudspeaker

Smartwatch Watch Smartband Male Stepmeter SMS, built-in microphone and loudspeaker

SKU: FS9101888
Smartwatches, with the help of modern functions, can improve the quality of our trainings and change the methods of communication.
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Smartwatch Watch Smartband Male Stepmeter SMS, built-in microphone and loudspeaker


Thanks to special software, they perfectly harmonize with smartphones, increasing their possibilities.

Smartwatches, with the help of modern functions, can improve the quality of our trainings and change the methods of communication.

The latest martwatch with body temperature measurement and the function of measuring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Great design will match many creations, and at the same time it will count your distance traveled, calories burned or other important aspects of your health.

Smartwatch Features:
MULTI-touch TFT IPS display full round display! 1.3 "
high resolution: 360 * 360 pixels
Bluetooth Call! built-in microphone and speaker
answering and making calls
call log + displays the number and name of the caller
dial: 5 themes to choose from
Bluetooth 3.0 + 4.0 (the ability to disable the BT call function from the smartphone position)
waterproof: IP67
The envelope is made in CNC technology from a metal alloy, covered with the IPS / IPG method, does not contain nickel, it is HIPO ALLERGY!
silicone strap, the strap can be replaced (22mm)
2.5 D mineral glass
Super Battery: 600 mAh! lithium - polymer!
cooperation with iOS and Android software
application: Fundo Pro
case dimensions: 46 x 48 x 12 mm

Functions :
8 sport modes
pedometer, calorie counter
HRS3300 heart rate measurement (pulse meter), blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen measurement (pulse oximeter),
sleep monitor
notification of incoming calls
notifications: Facebook, SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
alarm / alarm clock / timer
remote photos
control of the MP3 player in the phone additionally with the volume control function!
function: find phone / device
Material of the strap: silicone


The men's smartwatch is elegant in appearance, easy to use and full of features that make it unique
The serious look of the watch guarantees that it will fit any situation and outfit, no matter if you want to run or go to the ball. Practical to use for someone who cares about their health as well as for an athlete, businessman or student. The watch has an efficient, energy-saving processor, a color, full-touch IPS display with a resolution of 360x360 pix, sports sensors (pedometer, heart rate monitor, distance), 8 sports modes, sleep monitoring function, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, remote control of the camera and music with smartphone, and one charging is enough for 10 days of active use and up to 15 days with economical use of the smartwatch! The smartwatch is of course waterproof. It does not matter if you are surprised by the rain or want to swim with it in the pool, the IP67 waterproof class will handle it fully. The watch also notifies you of all incoming messages and calls.

The smartwatch surprised with the latest technology thanks to the ability to talk through the watch thanks to the built-in microphone and loudspeaker. We can also answer and reject calls

Men's smartwatch is easy and simple to use, it will be a great gift for people of all ages
The size and weight of the watch are so matched that the watch looks beautiful on both small and large hands. On the back of the envelope there is an indicator which is responsible for measuring the pulse, blood pressure and oxygenation of the blood.

The smartwatch informs about incoming messages and calls
The basic function of the smartwatch is to inform about new messages with the possibility of reading them without having to reach for the phone in your pocket. The dedicated application sends to the smartwatch:

Notifications of an incoming call with the name of a contact from the smartphone's phone book and the possibility of rejecting the call
SMS notifications - can be read on the watch screen
Notifications from social applications such as: Instagram, Youtube, Messenger, Gmail, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Who is this watch for?
- For physically active people
- For people who want to start their adventure with sport
- suitable for men, women and children.
- Suitable as a gift for friends and family and your baby
- For the elderly and the sick, it serves as a helpful and useful gadget for reminding in many aspects, and for a whole range of functions and measurements
- For go-getting and success people who value discipline and organization every day, at the same time being able to make the right choice when deciding to buy a gadget in this category.
- For those who love gadgets
- this is a GREAT GIFT for everyone

The set includes:
- original smartwatch
- charging cable
- user manual!
- elegant box