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Picture of Tactical Waterproof Survival Watch

Tactical Waterproof Survival Watch

SKU: FS9101889
It is a multifunctional watch that will satisfy every amateur of survival, field tactical games or travel.
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Tactical Waterproof Survival Watch

Tactical Watch
It is a multifunctional watch that will satisfy every amateur of survival, field tactical games or travel.

The movement of the watch consists of an analogue dial timer as well as a digital date, stopwatch and alarm.

The watch face has a backlight function.

The watch is equipped with a durable waterproof case (up to 50m).

The Tactical Watch has been equipped with many unique functions, such as a built-in tinder, allowing you to light a fire without matches or lighters.

The watch has a small (3 cm) blade hidden in the belt buckle with one flat and serrated edge. The blade is perfect for fast cutting of strings, tapes and lines. It can also be used as a scraper.

The watch strap is made of a paracord cord, which can be unwound in emergency situations and thus obtain up to 3 meters of a solid cord, e.g. for tying the elements of a hut.

The buckles of the watch strap also have additional functions, a metal scraper and a high-noise whistle (100 dB) have been attached to them.

In addition, the watch is equipped with a compass that allows for easier orientation in the field and a thermometer that measures the temperature in the range from -20 to + 50 ° C.

length with the shield 23-26 cm
disc diameter 34 mm
case diameter approx. 55 mm
envelope made of polyurethane and ABS
belt made of paracord rope, adjustable with Velcro
has a built-in chronograph, compass, thermometer, whistle, scraper, small blade and tinder
dedicated to military enthusiasts, travelers and paintball fans
powered by maxell CR2025 3V battery